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As you can see, my Photography Assistant was very involved today and insisted on either being in several shots or on batting dangerously at the camera, causing it to sway and teeter alarmingly while I was 7 feet away, on the other side of the room.
It seems it’s true what they say about working with children and animals…
I am ambivalent about this dress– it is not terribly flattering, but I adore the pattern of sort of naively-drawn roses. It looks like a 10 year-old drew them with oil pastels. 
(I love oil pastels!)
Once again, it is a wrap dress, one of my stalwart regular choices. What I used to love about this outfit was the pairing of the floral dress with the leopard print pumps, trimmed with rosy velvet ribbons. It used to seem like a daring mix, but I must admit that I find it a little tired these days.
So, not the most inspired look ever, but it did the trick of being seasonally appropriate and consisting of some pieces I quite like. (Earrings– LOVE! Shoes– should really retire them, as they are looking a bit worn, but they are like old friends now….)
LHR and I are committed to finding out how to take less grainy shots, dear Reader
I will enlist BMad for (yet another) “how the hell do I use my camera anyway?” crash course.
Fishnet stay-ups: ? (my tights stash)
Earrings: Somewhere on Sherbrooke St. in Montreal

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LHR: Dressing Like YYZ Today

After the chastizing from YYZ, I knew I had to get my act together and post an actual outfit. Plus, I needed to be quick as I had a dentist appointment at 9am and could not be late. So, I thought to myself “what would YYZ do?” I ended up with these 5 steps:

  1. Start with the dress
  2. Add colour through tights
  3. Grab some Mary Janes or a Peak-a-boo toe shoes – or both 🙂
  4. Thread it together with matching colourful accessories
  5. Ta-dah, I’m done!

I tried this approach. However, now that I see the photos I’m thinking I went too far with the tights and as a result my matching accessories were not so matching. Oh well, next time.

Here’s the elements and photographic evidence. I think some of it works and some could be improved but that is the point of the blog (at least for me).

1. Start with the dress.
What better dress to choose than one that was a castoff by YYZ herself. This little brown wool number is from Zara. I love the fact that it looks good with and without a belt and I never feel fat in it. Thanks YYZ!

Here’s another shot – gratuitous I know. I just had to put this shot in as I discovered if you shoot yourself from above, on an angle and suck in at the same time, it makes you look like a twig. [Can everyone please look at me from above on an angle through a camera from now on?]

2. Add colour through tights
I was going to pick pink, but then was inspired by YYZ’s blue tights. So I went with blue [plus I couldn’t find my pink ones]
I’m not sure the blue tights and belt work. It is important to note that I believe my tights are brighter in these photos due to flash, but they are definitely royal blue and the belt as you see below is a dark dark blue almost black.

3. Grab some Mary Janes or a Peak-a-boo toe shoes
I grabbed these cowboy inspired wedges that blend nicely with the brown flecked wool of my dress. I’ve had these babies for some time. They’re by Seychelles (whoever?). I believe (YYZ correct me please) that I bought them at Winners with YYZ. Have you noticed a theme in my posts? All I have to say is thank Godess for YYZ.
4. Thread it together with matching colourful accessories
I chose this belt trying to be a bit French (not matchy matchy), but I think the navy and the royal just clash. However, the tortoise shell/bakelite buckle and bangle at least connect those elements.

The belt I bought on Ossington at I MISS YOU with you guessed it -YYZ. The bangle I picked up for £5 ($10 Cdn) which I thought was a good price at a stall in Broadway Market a month or so back.
The earrings may have been that extra accessory too many are hand-threaded discs that I bought with BMAD in NYC at a small jewellery shop in Tribeca back in ’07.

There you go. Done. Wow, that took a lot of effort. All I want to know is if YYZ has any new castaways for me? I do love this dress.

PS. I just thought that perhaps someone out there who doesn’t know us will fall upon this blog and pronounce my Best Friend why-why-zee, but please don’t she is why-why-zed.

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YYZ: THAT’S better!

Okay, last night I was hit by a brainwave involving my pretty new tights.  
As a result, I feel better about today’s look than I did about yesterday’s.  
(Aside: do you feel better when you wear something new than when you wear stuff you’ve had for ages?)
It is still a bit chilly here today, so this outfit is an attempt to bridge the cool temperatures and the calendar date.
Shoes:  9 West
Skirt & Cardigan: Jacob
Polka-dot silk camisole: Joe Fresh
Earrings: Gift from LHR
(they are new earrings, made from vintage jewelry)

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This morning I caught up on our blog and realized I am not holding up my end of the bargain. So, I promised myself that I would post tonight. That put a lot of pressure to put on a decent ensemble.

So let’s see it…
I ended up with something that I thought was a bit Ellen inspired i.e. tuxedo trousers (MEXX) that bags a bit at the ankle (perhaps they aren’t supposed to but I kind of like the look) Then I paired it with a cyan blue cotton jersey. This is where I went wrong. In fact I asked J what he thought and he said “booooring”. Now J is the master of jeans and t-shirt. He also dresses rather monocromatically so this was a bit of a concern. However, I was frustrated and couldn’t go for another look. I threw on a vintage 3-strand beaded necklace brought to me by my gramma and Aunt Ruth and my saddle shoe-inspired flats.

Did it work? No. I looked chubby and the shirt material was a bit too casual for the trousers and I’m sure YYZ would shake her head to herself. I’m feeling a bit depressed.

So since I wanted to share something today. I thought I would share some beautiful ‘outfit’ illustration by Tania Howells. I found this on her blog and she kindly let me use it for my homework. Interestingly the pattern in the tunic was styled after bricks in an illustration she did. If you know Tania, you know how cute this would look on her. I personally love the socks.

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YYZ: Golden Years

So not feelin’ it today. 
I did like this outfit when I first wore it a few weeks ago; foray into light-shoes-dark-tights felt pretty good. 
Hate hair– have “repair” appointment booked for tomorrow. 
Nothing can be done about the colour until next time, but I did choose this one, so….) 
Hate having to wear layers & feeling bulky (it’s 10 degrees out there today).
Top & Skirt: Club Monaco
Cami: Smart Set
Belt: Vintage; thank you, Grama!
Tights: Secret
Shoes: 9 West
Earrings: Meg
Cuff: H&M

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YYZ: Rebel Rebel

This is my friend and colleague K. She is one of those people who is so cool that merely being in her presence calls into high relief all my own nerdiness and geekiness.  But she is so cool that she would never deliberately make anyone feel nerdy or geeky, a fact which only serves to heighten her coolness. 
We all know people like this.
K is an artist and her fashion sense is that of an artist. 
K tells it like it is, but not in confrontational way.
She does not play by the rules, she makes her own. 
She loves clothes and shoes and never blends into the scenery in her entirely original, spirited and colourful outfits, each of which is emblematic of her personality and her artistic talent.
She is also an amazing teacher: you cannot believe the work she gets her students to produce.
The woman is a force of nature.
Today’s ensemble breaks all the dress code rules: yoga  wear and leggings! 
 As you can see, she looks smashing and does it without following anyone– instead, she blazes the trail. 
Go, girl!

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YYZ: Re-run

Today when I left the house, I was wearing a coat and gloves. But the temperature is supposed to go up to 27 degrees Celsius…. How does one dress?
Well, once again I turned to footless tights as the solution: a nod to summery weather, but still keeping my scary-pale legs out of the public eye.

Get used to this dress: my summer work wardrobe is very limited because I only need summery work clothes for a very short time each year. What I wear every day in summer at home is very different from what I wear to work, largely because of the dress code restrictions/basic professionalism by which I must abide for the few weeks each year when work and summer overlap.
So, same old, same old: standy-by wrap dress with pop of spring colour provided in the form of electric (80s!) blue.
Dress: H&M
Cami: Smart Set
Tights: Nordstrom
Shoes: 9 West
Cuff & earrings: H&M, I think.

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