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How is it that I did not already know about this movie? I mean, I have a vague memory of it from back in the day, but I guess I never saw it due to my aversion to Keanu (marathon, repeated viewings of Speed in Manta with Tanja and Eric aside– here, Eric would want me to mention that his friend went out with Sandra Bullock and she dumped him to focus on her career and that was when she was cast in Speed…. I digress.).
Anyway, the movie is sure to be bad, but, OH! The CLOTHES! I am in love!  Add this to my list of faves– I don’t CARE what it’s about or anything. 
(Later: it IS a bad movie, but I forgive it. Because of the CLOTHES!)
 All I care about is the CLOTHES!
In particular, Debra Messing’s fantastic 1940s undies, complete with full girdle/garter belt are just gorgeous. Later in the film, the heroine’s filmy silk nighties are divine. 
Makes me want to wander around vineyards in my underthings, flapping makeshift silk wings…

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YYZ: Here Comes the Bride

As you all know, the only reason I can really think of to get married is 
the dress. 
I am not at  all interested in the stress and drama of wedding planning; I know lots of women really love it, but it just makes me tense and anxious. Since tense and anxious are pretty much my usual state of being, I think it is best (for everyone!) not to heighten that in any way. 
But for the right dress, I’d do it. 
Thus, earlier this week,  when the dress of my dreams
 mysteriously disappeared from the display window of the shop who swore they would never sell it, (I suspect that they just meant they would never sell it to ME– it’s that kind of shop. Grr.),  I was (AM, really) brokenhearted.  I am trying to be strong about it, so I tried to think, “Well, okay, no worries. Not like I am getting married anyway and now there’s no reason to, as I have nothing to wear…”   
But my brave words are all just a sham. 
I know I will never fully recover.
But,while it does not come CLOSE to my perfect, darling, gorgeous dress-of-my-dreams, this little number just might be thawing my frozen, shattered heart:
Vintage 50s Draped Lace & Tulle Wedding Evening Dress Small bust 37"
Vintage 50s Draped Lace & Tulle Wedding Evening Dress Small bust 37"
Click on over here to see the details (blogger cuts off the first photo, alas), including a photo of the lining
The workmanship is truly incredible– I’d want to wear it inside out sometimes, just so people could appreciate the skill of the dressmaker.

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I am in love with this fascinator (and almost everything else!) made by the talented Bailey Tomlin.

Tulip Headpiece


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LHR: Flouncy Skirt Friday

It wasn’t my last day of classes, but we did have an exciting day as it finally felt like the first day of summer. Yay!

Here’s the back story of my cute flouncy skirt day.

Last night I started to unpack my summer clothes and what did I find but a skirt with green polka-dots that would PERFECTLY match the green shoes. I had forgotten about this skirt because it has been tucked away all winter. Now I had a perfect match. Oh dear, what to wear up top.

This morning’s play by play:

  1. White shirt. Pulls on white shirt and realizes the skirt is oh-so-off white. Definitely can not get away with it.
  2. Looks for navy stretchy tee. Remembers she threw it out last season due to over-wearing
  3. Starts to panic. Decides to iron skirt and contemplate about what to do about the lack of top
  4. Ironing takes an aweful long time as she realizes beaded bits are a bitch to iron
  5. Tries to iron from the inside. Nothing works — should have steamed skirt.
  6. Time running out.
  7. Hmmm. shirt? Finds another blue shirt. [commentator: Is this colour called Cerulean or teal or what?] She decides to go with it. It isn’t exactly the same blue as in the skirt, but feels it works.
  8. Finds a big bobble green necklace (thinks she nabbed it from her Mother’s jewellery box years ago) and throws it on.
  9. The outfit seems to work but she remembers that in typical LHR style she has yet to alter the skirt. Used a safety pin instead.
  10. She runs out the door without a coat and realizes that when the sun goes down she’ll regret it. So she grabs a wool (yes wool) kelly green cardigan from the 50s. Similar to the skirt the cardigan had lots of embellishments – beads, sequins and pearls. Talk about matchy, but figures it’ll work for warmth.
  11. Ta-Dah!

Back to the first person… Later that day, when it was getting cool on the terrace at work, I threw on the crazily vintage cardie. The reaction (at least by one) was — “oh i like the outfit so much better with the cardigan.” Hmmm.

Anyway, I think the skirt is a perfect match for the shoes and the bounciness of the skirt makes me feel rather cute. Take a look for yourself.

Artie shot where all the imperfections disappear.
This was the outfit I wore all day. Realizing I need to do some crunches immediately.
With cardigan

End of day relax.

The details again:
: KG – way more details in this post, Liberty’s
: Eucalyptus, Some shop in London (I think)
: Smart Set 🙂
Necklace: Green Bobble Necklace -Mom’s jewellery box (30years ago or so)
: Huppert, 64 Regent Street London (that’s what the label says) – Vintage. I can not remember where and when I bought it

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YYZ: Back in Black

TGI the last day of classes! 
Today’s outfit was driven (as is often the case with me) by my desire to wear a pair of shoes I just love.  
Why do I love them so? 
Well, I think it is partly because they are very high, but not too uncomfortable. But the main reasons I love them are that 1) they were a total bargain! 2) they really are very accurate in their classic vintage espadrille details, from the rope soles and platform wedge heels, to the crocheted toe-covers. 
When I wear them, I feel like I should be riding an old-fashioned bicycle down a cobbled street in France or a winding laneway in Tuscany.  
Wait– shouldn’t I be doing those things, regardless of what I’m wearing???!
Since the dress with which I normally wear them is far too mutton-dressed-as-lamb, particularly with my new ‘do, I had to find something else to wear with them.  
What else to choose on a Friday morning? 
Of course.
I was thrilled to rediscover my silly white polka-dotted red hoop earrings and baubly red bracelet: they remind me of Carmen Miranda
So do these shoes, now that I think of it.
Shoes: Mossimo for Target (I told you they were a bargain!)
Dress: The Gap (same as this one)
Bracelet: H&M
Hoop Earrings: Ardene

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LHR: Dressing for YYZ

Today, a few of my colleagues asked me “what are you doing tonight?”. I embarrassingly answered *nothing actually*. They followed up immediately with “oh, who are you meeting?”, again I embarrassingly said *no-one*. Perplexed looks all around. I quickly moved the conversation on.

Why all these questions and these rather uninspiring answers? It must have been as a result of today’s choice of a rather formal (at least for the dotcom in East London world) outfit combined with the fact there was no apparant rationale for it. That is at least something I would admit publicly. Yes, it is true I couldn’t bear to do another post wearing the the same Dish jeans again. I already had brilliantly solved the same issue earlier this week by posting J’s new TEE.

Today, I admit I dressed for YYZ. Sadly, I didn’t manage to get one photo of the entire outfit. You’ll have to use your imagination and stich these photos together. In addition, I waited to shoot the outfit at the end day. Bad decision when wearing a linen-blend (only 64% linen) skirt which wrinkles and crumples easily. Again, use your imagination to remove the rather crumpled look I acquired through a day of back-to-back meetings topped with a bike-ride home.

Finally – the outfit: I actually think this outfit is a bit formal or too stiff or too *put-together* for me. It isn’t really my natural style. I felt like I was playing dress-up. It made me loook and feel rather grown-up (which I am so glad I’m not in real life) like a high powered lawyer or banker (which I definitely am not). It was fun to pretend for the day.

The Details (from the top):
Brown Knit Tank: More & More, Munich
Brass Asymmetrical Circle Necklace: NY Street Vendor
Black Tie Linen/Blend Skirt: Zara Woman bought at random European airport (2-3 years ago)
Salmon Coloured Bobble Shoes**: Richard Tyler, Toronto at Winners with YYZ

** I believe YYZ has a pair of black babies exactly like these ones

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I read somewhere last year that the bubble skirt was SOOOOO last Tuesday, so I slavishly filed this dress away, vowing not to wear it again. 
For some reason, it escaped being relegated to the Value Village bag.
Thus, this morning, when I was completely frantic about finding something to wear, I dragged it out, thinking, “Trends be damned– I’m desperate!”  
I also convinced myself that bubble skirts are twice-retro: 
1950s AND 1980s, 
two of my favourite fashion eras! 
(go here for a fellow blogger’s post in which she roundly maligns the bubble skirt and posts photos of some as visual evidence to support her arguments)
In the past, I wore this with leggings (gasp!), but even though the hotly-contested and much-debated Great Legging Ban of 2008 has been frequently flouted by many of my colleagues this year, I am just not ready to die on that particular hill. 
I don’t like this dress anymore, but I am out of options, so I had to fall back on it.
Green Slingbacks with Kitten Heels (by far the best part of the outfit– they are lined in green with white polka dots!):  Sirens (I know!)
Dress & Cuff: H&M
Necklace: Cobbled together from bits and bobs in my jewelry stash
(Bad hair day. I hate damp weather.)

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