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Paris is HOT!
Musee d’Orsay, fancy lunch, lingerie splurge, lots of walking, Pont des Arts, ferris wheel in Les Tuileries, apricot-chili pepper glace….
Tonight? Up the Eiffel Tower, after some falafel.
(I had to shower and change because– did I mention?— it is so HOT here!)

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LHR: Pastels Revisted

Way back when I was in grade 7 (i.e. 12 years of age) I discovered the idea of “in fashion”. Never before had I noticed that something was in or out of fashion. But in grade 7 I was somehow aware. It was also the year I met YYZ. A coincidence? I think not.

It was the year of pastels. In fact, I remember YYZ and I visited  Ottawa (on our junior high road trip) decked head to toe in a different shade of pastel – pink, mauve, yellow, green.  We had arranged to meet YYZ’s incredibly cool Aunt . She was a PUNK don’t you know. I had heard so much about her and was nervous to make a good impression. I wore my ice pink corduroy trousers (pants really, but I live in the UK and must adapt to their terminology). I thought I was totally hip.

So what do I do? Moments before I meet her, I drop (help me here YYZ?) either a french fry covered in ketchup  or some chocolate ice cream on my beautiful pink pastel corduroy trousers. Some things never change. I’m typing this in today’s outfit and just dropped a bit of my pesto covered pasta on my salmon coloured skirt. Sheesh!

As the title says, today was Pastels Revisted. Everything I had on today is rather old (save the necklace – purchase from my trip to Brighton this weekend) plus everything is in a different pastel colour. It is all very 1981.  Here goes:

full image





What I wore:
Shirt: Big Fish (originally a dress that my friend Paul spilled a glass of red wine on it the first time I wore it. I never managed to get the stain out so I cut it off and mad it in to a shirt), Parade (Toronto circa 1996). I couldn’t find a reference to either the clothing line or the store anywhere online. (too old)
Skirt: Ruth, (turns out that YYZ’s friend from school had the same one.) I like it because of the – you guessed it – the overstiched, unfinished look of the flower you can see the details above) (Toronto circa 2004)
Shoes: Green and Cream Sling backs by Pertu , Venise (London, 2006)
Necklace: Off-white, beaded necklace (recent  purchase on a day trip to Brighton)
Ring: Antique ring given to me from my Mum but I believe it was my Aunt Ruth’s (Mum? please confirm)

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YYZ: I Love Paris…

I felt a bit retro in this today– maybe because the pattern I used to make the dress is from the 50s?
LOTS of walking, some lunching, some vin rose and now for a rest and a bit of a spritz to get cleaned up before some dinner.
The sandals I am wearing (I do have two feet…) have been great so far today, though they are not nearly as WHITE as they were when I left this morning.
I do love Paris, but she is gritty!
(Photo credit to my 12-year old cousin– good work, no?)

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LHR: Beat It

What does MJ have to do with our trans-atlantic fashion blog?  Well, if you haven’t figured it out already YYZ and I are 80s girls. And there was a time in my life when I was absolutely obsessed with Michael Jackson. My room was a shrine to him including a big poster of him in a pale yellow cardigan on one wall and my Thriller album proudly on display. (I’m going to go through my old photo albums to see if I can find the evidence)

I was so jealous of my friend – Cindy S. – from theatre class – she could do the entire dance from Beat It. What? You don’t remember the dance? Here it is in its original form:

Here’s MJ doing it live:

Are you still wondering what the connection with MJ might be or am I just using recent events for blog fodder? Oh no. It goes back to our grade 10 high school trip to New York City. Can you imagine the excitement for us? We were 15 and we were going to NYC – the home of the real FAME school,  Cats, the Rockettes and a whole lot of shopping.

That trip I bought my first walkman (not Sony just one from one of the hundreds of electronic shops around Times Square), my first purchase at Saks 5th Avenue (a pair of knickers) and a load of clothes. The one thing I didn’t buy but had my heart set on was a Michael Jackson BEAT IT jacket.


In fact, I dragged my friends all over New York City looking for a Beat It jacket. We found loads of fake jackets but even at 15, I knew anything less than leather would not do. So, we kept on searching. I eventually did find that jacket EXACTLY like my idol’s -it was super soft red leather with the pre-requisite zippers. While it was absolutely perfection, my common sense kicked in when I looked at the price tag. If I recall correctly, it was almost $300.  Remember it was 1983 and I was only 15.

So, in MJ’s honour today I wore red and black – reminiscent of MJ’s Thriller and Beat It looks. Beat It Full View

In Motion

Red Shoes

What I wore:
Shirt: Red cotton shirt with puffed sleeves
Skirt: Black Preen Skirt (details of this skirt can be seen in this post)
Shoes: Red Harlot shoes from Mudfoot & Scruff (in Stoke Newington, London)
Necklace: Moldable Necklace (thx to J and Anne)
Earrings: silver studds (thx to J)
Ring: Silver Caviar Ring (thx to me)
Bag: Ana Kaszer (Paris purchase)

I wanted to include this shot which was taken on Friday evening on my back patio talking to YYZ who was getting ready for her trip to Paris.  I’m sure we were talking about the real important stuff likes clothes.

Talking to YYZ

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I did it.

I wore yoga gear on the plane. I felt like I was out in public in my pyjamas, but I was not alone:    there was only one person on the whole flight who wore “proper” clothes. She arrived looking fresh as a daisy, so clearly she is some kind of superhuman to whom the realities of regular human existence do not apply. In spite of my yoga gear, I arrived looking like something the cat dragged in.

Upon arrival at our sweet little flat, we had cold showers (hot water heater takes a few hours to get up to speed….) and got dressed in fresh clothes.

Here we are in Buttes de Chaumont park, on a glorious sunny day!

The dress cost a whopping $17.50 at H&M.

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YYZ: Rollergirl

It was when I was in Grade Six that rollerskating took our small town by storm and we got our very own roller rink. I went to a tough school and the other girls were all what my mother kindly and euphemistically described as “a little more socially advanced” than I was. In other words, I was still playing with dolls (and making them some killah outfits, I might add!) while the other girls were playing Seven Minutes in Heaven with the boys in closets at parties to which I was not invited.

It was with the advent of the roller rink, where my “socially advanced” friends were allowed to spend a LOT more time than I was, that it first dawned on me that there was a standard of beauty out there that I was supposed to emulate. 

That standard?
Farrah Fawcett. 

At the rink, all the girls had Farrah hair and Farrah jeans and Farrah t-shirts and Farrah eye make-up (eye make-up! I was allowed to wear CLEAR LIPGLOSS! As for my hair, ask LHR what it was like when she met me, a year later….).  It took a lot longer for me to realize fully the extent to which Farrah’s leggy, slim, California-girl beauty would be forever unattainable by the likes of me. In the meantime, I tried her haircut (unsuccessful);  tight, flared jeans (oh, dear); and t-shirt (how to accentuate one’s chubby, pre-pubescent figure in one easy step…).

You cannot imagine my relief when I discovered punk and could quit trying to look like something I am not.

To me, and to many others, Farrah remains the embodiment of wholesome, American 70s glamour and beauty— not really my style, but  beautiful none the less. 

R.I.P., Farrah.



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…over Chantal Thomass (who is the epitome of Parisienne style: severe black bob, pale face, tres soignee & elegante).

You can bet your bottom Euro that I will be stopping in at her shop next week. In fact, if they’ll have me, maybe I’ll just move right in.

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