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YYZ: Go Ask Alice

O & M were snuggled up on the sofa in my usual photo shoot locale this morning, so I had to move to the living room.
The angle of the camera makes it look like I am a giant in a doll’s house.

I wish I had a pill– not to make me bigger or smaller, but to make me feel better!

I am sick today, so I did not care too much about my outfit as I was getting dressed this morning– I just wanted something cosy.
I chose a loose dress and long cardigan with low-heeled boots
(which are looking a bit in need of some TLC– I can’t see that in person, only in the photos… Hmm… Time for some polish!).
Same belt as yesterday.

IMG_0273.Cardigan: Anonymous Clothing Co.
Dress: Comrags (it must be 8 years old by now!)
Boots: Feet First
Belt: Jessica Simpson


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Another stand-by wrap dress (do I have a signature item? I think so…) today, as the temperature continues to dip but it remains too warm for tights.

I had a heck of a time with this outfit– could not get the belt right.  Tried on three or four (as the clock ticked steadily towards, “YOU ARE REALLY LATE!”) and then remembered this one. I nearly took it back a few days after I bought it, but have decided that I love it and am so glad that I let it stick around.

The best part of this rather boring look?  The vintage leather shoe clips from my grandmother; they look like clown pom-poms!


Dress: Winners
Belt: Jessica Simpson (at Winners)
Cuff: H&M
(BMad said it reminded him of Avedon’s photo of Nastassja Kinski
clearly he meant the cuff and nothing– pardon the pun– else!)
Earrings: Ardene
Shoes: Le Chateau
Vintage Shoe Clips: Thanks, Grama!


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Fall is arriving, but slowly.  The summery temperatures make an appearance every day, but for shorter periods. The leaves have started to turn.  And the rain has begun.

So, it is time to ease back into autumnal outfits, but I got out all my fall/winter stuff yesterday and it all looks so drab and dreary.
I thought this dress would make for a good transition. I wear it in the winter with tights and boots, but today it was warm enough to wear with bare legs. I thought these shoes might lighten it up a bit and keep the summery vibe to go with the bit of sun and blue sky and the warm temperature that made a brief appearance this afternoon.  
Then I needed something to make the green shoes make sense– thus the necklace.

(This urge to match things is absolutely a throwback to the 80s and someone today even told me that my outfit reminded her of the 80s…
I did not take it as a compliment, but I like this outfit in spite of that.
Is it my favourite?  
No, but this dress is a no-brainer standby and there is something comforting about that.)


Dress & Cuff: H&M
Shoes: 9 West
Necklace: grosgrain ribbon with heart pendant,
cobbled together from bits and bobs in my stash 


This song has been running around my head lately, and it goes with my necklace.

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LHR: Fashion IS Danger

I just spent 10 and half hours on a transatlantic flight. On these flights,  I always indulge in at least 3 movies to help the time pass more quickly.  Today was no different but after watching 3 movies,  I still had 45 minutes left to burn. Lucky for me, I found  a Flight of the Conchords show I had not seen. (I love these guys as I’ve mentioned before here and again here)

What made this find even better is that the show that was on deck was the episode where Brett and Jermaine become addicted to hair gel. Can you sense a connection yet?

Back Story: You may think this blog is called YYZ-LHR. However, it’s REAL name is Fashionisdanger.com. The song featured in this episode is – you guessed it – Fashion IS Danger (which was the reason we found that URL for this blog). Every time I see this video, I picture YYZ and me in the height of the 80’s. I hear the music we loved and the posing we did at Gord’s (few references available for this amazing bar on the internet as it was long dead before the interweb came along).  And the clothes are perfectly 80’s.  As the title says – fashion is danger. Here are some stills that provide you a little taste of what’s to come.

Picture 7

Picture 11

Posing with My Leg

Posing with My Leg

What was even funnier than the fact I saw this video today and planned to write a post was what I saw when  I came over to our blog. What do I see? But, a beautiful 80’s inspired pair of shoes on YYZ’s feet.  I  guess we’re both making a little trip down memory lane. Don’t get me wrong, I wish they were mine. Hey, I’m an 80’s girl too.

So, if you haven’t seen our theme song yet, you MUST watch it. If you have seen it before on my other blog, lucky you, you get to watch it again. (my favourite part is – posing with my leg – yours?)

If you want to sing along with Brett and Jermaine. Here are the lyrics but remember it’s  not cool to be seen singing on the dance floor.


L-L-L-Look Look Look

I’m avant-garde, I’m the heir, I’m the Vogue
Im the she she ohh ee hee
I’m the man a la mode
I’m the edge
I’m the chic
I’m the taste
I’m a larger than life with just a hint of lace

Pr-Pr-President Reagan
Thatcher Th-Th-Thatcher

Oooooh oooh oooh ooh
You think you know fashion, well fashion’s a stranger
You think fashion’s your friend, my friend
Fashion is danger

(Posing) Posing at the bar
(Posing) Posing sitting down
(Posing) Posing in the distance
(Posing) Posing with my arm
(Posing) Posing with my leg
(Posing) Posing like a swan
(Posing) Posing for a portrait
Posing a threat!

Hey H-H-Hey Hey
Yeah Yea Yea

You think you know fashion, well fashion’s a stranger
You think fashion’s your friend, my friend
Fashion is danger


New York City
N-N-N-N-N-New York City


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YYZ: Jolly Roger


Yes, I have the sartorial sensibilities of a 14 year-old.  These shoes are completely inappropriate to my decade of life and I do not care at all.  
Not a whit.  

I love them.
They remind me of my teenaged years and they make an appearance as part of my weekend wear every now and then.  
They add a bit of cheek to the jeans-and-a-t-shirt ensemble of which they are part.  

And they make me smile.


Jeans: Ethanol
Shoes: Mia 


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YYZ: Look Up

LHR is the tech-y half of this relationship
(I am still using metaphorical training wheels, but am gaining confidence where technology is concerned)  and I would hate for her handiwork to go unnoticed. Check out our new banner, up above this post. 

There we are, the 1950s version of LHR and YYZ!  Great skirts, girls!


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I mentioned in this post that I had a bit of a shop on my trip to Hampstead last Saturday. I will definitely share some of my purchases in upcoming posts.

One thing I am quite pleased with is a black jacket which will be a main staple in my wardrobe this winter. I figure I pair it with different colour tanks, skinny jeans and heels. I gave it a test whirl on Tuesday at the MOO party; I teamed it with black tank and my red heels.  I don’t have a real photo of it but you can kind of see me here telling some poor woman that she can only have 1 cupcake or here chatting to China. Anyway, it’ll be perfect for work travel.

Back to the decision at hand. Last week, I visited Jigsaw which frankly is overpriced but has some nice clothing in it.  I was attracted to the dress below. I liked it but I’m not 100% sure.

Warning – they’re wrinkly as they have been folded in the bag for a week.

Purple Polka Dot Dress

Purple Polka Dot Dress

Gathers on Back

Gathers on Back

Caught Me




  • Blue and Brown Polka DotBlue and Brown Polka Dot
  • The back has gathers

    The back has gathers

    Front View

    Front View

    Close Up of Fabric

    Close Up of Fabric

    So, I’ll tell you what J thinks and then you can tell me what you think. He *likes* it but doesn’t really like the polka-dots and feels the dress is a bit young.  However, he likes the brown better than the purple. Your thoughts? I need comments by Saturday as I have to take them or one back to get my money back.

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