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Okay, so she’s not 16, but I could only think of this song title, so we’re stuck with it.
Really, though, with a campy vintage performance like the one below, who can complain?
I don’t even mind that the sound and Neil’s lips aren’t in synch…

Today, of course, we had to wear our Hallowe’en costumes to school.  If handing back papers is the number one drawback of my job, today is the number one perk, as far as I’m concerned. Hallowe’en is one of the biggest events of the year where I work: of the nearly 900 students and 80 or so staff at the school, a mere handful do not dress up.
It is COOL to dress up.
Even those who are too-cool-for-school dress up.
EVERYONE dresses up.
Most of us admit to starting to think about our costumes for the next year as soon as school is over each Hallowe’en day.

LHR would love it; like me, Hallowe’en is her favourite holiday. Is anyone surprised that two grown women who post daily photos about their outfits love a holiday that involves dressing up?!

My brilliant and clever hairstylist, M, gave me the idea for this year’s costume.

Everyone knew who I was as soon as they saw me. Well, okay, all the students, women staff members and gay men on staff knew who I was– straight men thought I was a devil… I am sure the copy of Vogue and my oversized sunnies had them mystified…

I faked a copy of "The Book" with last year's September issue. Sadly, I did not get my copy this year-- sob!

I faked a copy of "The Book" with last year's September issue. Sadly, I did not get my copy this year-- sob!

The grads even nominated me to get in the costume competition during morning assembly. I didn’t win, but you know, it’s true what they say: It’s an honour just to be nominated!

Taken before my hair got exposed to downpour.

Shot taken before my 'do was exposed to downpour...


I even had a tail.


Anna sans devilish accoutrements. 'Do post-downpour exposure.

Anna never has a hair out of place, so I’m glad I got soaked AFTER school!

Dress: Club Monaco
Belt: H&M
Earrings: Gift from LHR
Fishnet Stay-ups: Secret
Shoes: Pour la Victoire
(Alas, no Prada…)

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Today is MY birthday. So, as part of my day, I thought I might treat myself to a little vente-privee shopping (not that it needs to be my birthday for that). So, I surfed on over to see what sales were happening. One of the sales was for Huit Lingerie.

YYZ will attest that whenever I’m in the mood to buy new bras and undies, I should jump on that urge as it doesn’t happen often. I guess I figure few people get to see this bit of our attire so I’ve never been a lingerie fanatic like others I know. However, when I surfed through the wares on sale, there were lots of pretty things that I wanted.

… but here is my confusion. All the bras and undies I like have little ruffles. Are they not really meant to be worn under clothes. Wouldn’t all the ruffles on the shoulders get crumpled and make the outfit look bad.

COME ON PEOPLE. I like these and need an excuse to buy but can’t without some explanation.  Is there one? I know you guys have advice as you  were so helpful with my last dilema (returned), previous one (chose purple) and the other one (which I still haven’t worn).

Picture 10

I love the two-tone colours and ruffles

Picture 11

Don't you love the jetson style undies?

Picture 12
More ruffles on the shoulders
Picture 13

I can probably deal with the ruffles here

PS In case you are wondering, this is not a shot of me modeling the lingerie (had you guessing didn’t I?)

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There is NOTHING that can destroy a productive, lively class like handing back assignments.

Today I had to do it in all three of my classes. I do it at the end of the lesson, but it still just ruins the atmosphere in the classroom.  I hate it even more than I hate marking– and that is saying something!

Immediately upon receipt of the marked assignments, students dissolve into tears, mutterings and evil looks directed at me, their perceived adversary.  They rarely read  the comments I have so painstakingly written, with the goal of helping them to understand what they are doing well and what they can do to improve.  Instead, they react instantaneously and negatively to the number on the page, which, no matter how high it is (and believe me, they are all HIGH), it is never as high as they feel they deserve.  And then the endless emails about “I am not happy with my mark” begin,  even though no one has taken the time to read the comments, reflect on them or think about how to use my feedback as a tool to help her improve for next time.  The whole process is so draining and disheartening and I just absolutely dread it and hate it.  If only we could just give them feedback and not have to attach a Ministry of Education-determined grade to their work.  I wonder whether that way would be more conducive to actual learning, rather than encouraging them only to care about their marks the way the current system does.

Thinking of becoming a teacher?  Take the above into account, and consider the physical and emotional toll it takes on a person.
I’m serious.
It is a great job, but sometimes I wonder: at what cost?

Anyway, I should have suspected that the day might not go well when, as I was getting dressed this morning, a button fell off my dress. I was already running behind (anyone noticing a pattern, here?) and so I had to decide: sew on the button or just grab something else to wear. I opted for the latter, even though it meant wearing something pretty dull and uninspiring.  You’ve seen variations of it many times before.


Dress, Earrings & Baubly Bracelets: H&M
Cami: Smart Set
Shoes: Two Lips



Props to BMad for suggesting this song title while I whined on the phone to him after work; I just listened to the song again and, while BMad and I were thinking of the line about being “happy in the haze of a drunken hour,” it turns out the entire song is perfectly, hilariously apt!  So, while it is tempting to head off to get myself into the state mentioned by The Smiths in the line that inspired BMad to come up with the title of this post, I think I will drown my sorrows in Hallowe’en costume prep instead!

(I don’t dare do any marking in this state of mind.)

((I must be the only person on the planet who gets CHEERED UP by The Smiths!))

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LHR: Industrial Action

Today Royal Mail workers i.e. Posties took industrial action. So did I. Well actually my outfit did  ….

My Industrial Action: Belt Buckle Extraordinaire

YYZ knows this belt well. She gave it to me in a moment of short-sightedness when she figured she would never wear it. YYZ’s  theatre teacher gave it  to her. Fun story and amazing belt buckle.

Obviously, there was more than just a buckle today. Here is the overly brown outfit that I wore with the buckle


My Preloved Top was Brown
More Brown: Boots
Industrial Action: It’s Always About the Money!
Even my jacket was brown.

What I wore:
Jeans: Mango; bought in the SF airport a month back
Top: Brown Reconstructed Shirt by Preloved
Belt: YYZ’s Donation
Earrings: Soooo old, I forget where I got them
Jacket: Brown Leather Jacket from BCBG (bought with G in San Jose about 3 years ago)
Boots: Winners (bought with YYZ – there is a theme with my purchases)

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YYZ: Roxette


Today is a Very Important Day where I work:  it is Open House Day.
This is the day on which prospective students and their families come to visit and check us out.  Of course, they are also checking out every other independent school as well, so we are under a lot of pressure to be our best and brightest, to mix and mingle, to have particularly impressive and scintillating lessons going on, etc., etc.

You can imagine how important the outfit is in this situation.
I opted for one of my faves, what my colleague L described as “a very updated school marm” look.
I love corsets and would wear one every day if I could, so I am always happy when I get to put this baby on. Here was my reasoning for today’s sartorial selections:
Pinstripes and T-strap shoes = serious and scholarly.
Organza ruffle, oversized black peony corsage and lacy paisley not-quite-fishnets = fun and a bit fancy!
Still gotta be me, after all!


Menswear-inspired Shirt: Holt Renfrew Private Label (now defunct, alas!)
Corset & Corsage: H&M
Skirt: Sisley
Tights: Hue
Shoes: Tahari

What do you think? Does this look say “dressed for success” ?

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LHR: Ready for Halloween

On Friday afternoon, I had a meeting at the private member’s bar/restaurant:  SOHO House located in the Meatpacking district. If you’ve never been there before, there is only one word to describe it – TRENDY. It was uber cool or as the kids say – Sick (is it spelled that way?).

At any rate, you can imagine how embarrassing it was when I turned up for my meeting in a heavily branded Tee. So, when I had a chance to go back to my hotel and change before coming back for drinks and dinner, I jumped at the opportunity. I’m glad I did as we had a star siting as soon as I re-entered the building – Vanessa Williams (in case you are wondering I didn’t recognize her).

Here’s some shots of the venue:

Picture 8

Picture 9

The Bar at SOHO House

Picture 10

The Service was SLOW so this was what our table looked like most of the evening.

As mentioned, I ran home between my meeting and dinner to try to make my outfit more appropriate for the venue. I ended up in Halloween colours but I’m sure I looked much more at home than the branded TEE. As warned before my photos are dark and murky but you get the idea:


Nothing NEW Here; All Separates Worn Before


Out with Boys After SOHO House - You can see my built in corsage.


My Raincoat WAS essential!

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YYZ: You Say It’s Your Birthday


…well, it’s my birthday, too!

You may think you recognize this look from here, but you are mistaken.
Believe it or not, this is a different skirt.
I know, I know– the difference between the two red, silk, Asian-inspired skirts is all but imperceptible to the naked eye, but the discerning fashion observer will note that today’s version has slits up the sides and no print other than the writing down the left front side, whereas this version has no side slits, a longer hem at the back and a cherry blossom jacquard print.
HUGELY different.



Cardi: Jacob
Cami: Smart Set
Silk-Screened Silk Skirt: Smoking Lily
(bought on a visit to YVR many years ago!)
Necklace: Le Chateau
Shoes: 9 West

A lovely day of being spoiled all around, by friends, colleagues, even students.
Thanks, everyone– you made me feel special!

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