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This year J and I made the trek home to YYZ for Christmas. It was fun to think we were following the path of this blog i.e. leaving from LHR (Heathrow) and ultimately (after a quick stopover in ORD) arriving in YYZ. Given the opportunity for disasters with air travel at Christmas time, we did fairly well getting back on time. The worst occurred when we found out one of our suitcases did not arrive.

I have had my luggage delayed 4 times before so I knew the drill. Complete the form and then wait for the bag to turn up at your home some time in the next 24 hours. Well, it was Christmas and we did pass through ORD (one of the busiest airports in the world) so what could I expect? I was a bit worried as I had alot of our gifts in the case but more importantly 3 of my party dresses. So, as Christmas Eve day came and went I thought it was a lost cause to expect arrival on Christmas. However, early on Christmas morning there was a knock on the door and my very own Sikh Santa delivered my bag to me.

Yay!  Party Dresses.

Christmas in Borington

What we wore?
He: jeans, Tee (from G-star) and H&M Jacket
She: Kurt Geiger Shoes, Polka-dot Dress from Jigsaw, raspberry tights from Uniqlo, gold ring (prezzie from J bought in Shoreditch) and gold fringe earrings bought on eBay

There was one more fashion surprise at Christmas Dinner. My niece opened her cracker and found a measuring tape which she quickly made in to a belt. Only a 16 year old with out the years of festive drinking and desserts could broadcast her hip size through a belt.

Measuring Tape Belt

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In true festive spirit, my Aunt Barb’s dog arrived on Christmas day in a Santa Claus outfit.  What more can be said?

What is your feeling on clothing for dogs?

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YYZ: R.I.P. Photography Assistant

The love of my life has gone and nothing will ever be the same again.

I miss you, beloved friend.

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Yay! Today, was my last day of work before my Christmas holidays. And, we topped off the day by attending a small get together on our  street. So, I figured I should dress for the occassion. That’s why I pulled out the good old gold shoes which I wore yesterday (with my new Style:Shake dress – which I discussed here) and also last week for our Xmas party.

The other element of this outfit I wanted to point out is the belt. I’m sure you noticed skinny belts on YYZ here or here, she has perfected the look of skinny belt cinching a dress and has inspired me. I’ve stolen her look. I think it works. What do you think YYZ? Your look and  your dress? How could I go wrong?

My Christmas Shoes

The Yellow Ribbon Belt

What I wore:
Shoes: Kurt Geiger, online
Tights: Wolford bought at Vente-Privee
Dress: Zara, thanks to YYZ
Belt: YYZ inspired look, bought at Peacocks
Bracelet: Gold Cuff, thanks to Nicky from work (my secret Santa)
Earrings: Gold, bought in NY in 2007 with Bmad and Bass

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Today was a *snowy* day in London Town. I know my friends back in Canada would howl with laughter if they saw what constituted *snowy*. Basically, it snowed for a few hours and nothing accumulated, but it was considered *snowy*. That being said it was chilly, so we were all bundled up even inside the office.

I’ve talked a little bit about China before. She’s one of my colleagues. She’s hilarious, fantastic, full of energy and has some amazingly unique looks. I also must remember that China is about 15 years younger than me and I must not even think about wearing what she wears for many reasons.  (i’m sure you can figure out what those might be). ANYWAY… today she was wearing this kooky fur hat in the office. (she tells me it is vintage – not sure – but still, it’s fun. Poor fox.)

Hat and Necklace Combo is a 2009 Classic

As for me, I wore a hat today too (0n the route to work, not at work).  This was my outfit designed to keep me toasty in the *snowy* London weather.

Gray, Purple and Black

Aubergine Booties

My Silly Hat Photo

What I wore?
Hat: Gray Beret, from little shop in Columbia Road
Blouse: Full Circle, Stone, Islington, London
Vest: Smart Set, Thanks to YYZ (she gave me it – yay!)
Skirt: Preen, bought in Toronto with YYZ (worn a few times before here & here)
Tights: Gray, I’ve had them a long time
Boots: Spice, London
Earrings: Silvery/Gray bobbles, Harrogate
Ring: Silver/Gold/Bronze Mushroom Shaped; Kew, London

PS J just mentioned that perhaps I should wear more eye make-up like YYZ. Oh dear. I need lessons!

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YYZ: Hosanna In Excelsis

I have taught my last class for the DECADE!
Bring on the Christmas holidays!

Okay, wait until I get the house cleaned and THEN the holidays can begin: wrapping, baking, sewing– yes, please!
The Christmas tunes will be playing, the wine will be mulling, the candles will be flickering, the cats will be snuggling, friends and family will be visiting, the alarm will not be going off at 5:30 a.m. and I can watch Madmen reruns to my little heart’s content.

So, final pre-holiday outfit. I may not wear themed sweaters,

but I do make a sartorial concession to the holiday spirit in the final week of classes every year.

Did you notice it?

Dress: Club Monaco
Tights: No idea– they are ancient. Maybe Designer Depot on a binge with LHR many moons ago?
Shoes: Two Lips, via Winners
Zipper Flower Choker & Bracelets: As seen here

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Red tights alone = too sheer and too boring.
Red fishnets alone:  too hoochy. Solution?
Red tights under red fishnets.



Dark, dark red leather sole with one of those great little nail heads to prevent the toe wearing out. The soles mighta been what sold me on these babies.


This is one of my favourite pairs of shoes.  They are Italian*, so of course the quality is sublime and the details are what made me fall head over heels (pun intended) for them.  I love how European they are, with their slightly inverted wedge heel and hyper-extended toe box.  I also love how witchy they are: very appropriate for an English teacher whose main mode of transportation is a broom!


Dress: Costa Blanca
Turtleneck: Joe Fresh
Tights: No idea– standbys from the stash
Bracelets: H&M
Brooch: handmade by me
*Shoes: Diego Montefusco– I thought they were Spanish, as I had a hard time finding them on the internet and must have gotten some misinformation in my search. How lucky, then, to have Diego Montefusco himself comment on this very post to let me know that they are, in fact, Italian. Thank you, Diego!
(Weirdly, there is no web presence for these fantastic shoes…)

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