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YYZ: New York State of Mind II

I bet you didn’t know The Catcher in the Rye had a fashion connection.
But it does:
Holden’s iconic (and, of course, literarily significant) red hunting hat.

In honour of J.D. Salinger:

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You have seen today’s outfit before, so I thought I’d share with you some of the wonderful treats I discovered over at my latest interweb obsession TheFrock.com.  I cannot afford most of the dreamy stuff at the site (After all, I dream in couture, dahlings!), though there are some non-couture items I might go for if I had
a) a very special occasion,
b) a 24-inch waist…

They have a section on the site that I just LOVE: a “Celebrity Clothing” section. I have chosen a few treats from there to show you in a future post or two, but I thought I would dedicate today’s post to my wonderful, late grandmother.

My paternal grandparents, on their wedding day. Sorry it's so blurry-- it's the only one I have!

My paternal grandmother (along with my maternal grandmother) is part of the reason I love clothes; she was a snappy dresser and she also spent countless hours with me, sewing and crafting and letting me drink “coffee-milk” (which is pretty much what it sounds like, except that it contains more milk than coffee…).  She was the only person I knew who owned  a fur coat, something I found wildly glamourous. She always wore matching everything and, even when she was in a house-dress, she had her make-up and jewelry on. Her nails were pretty much always polished, fingers and toes.  She also passed on to me the “Goodbarne space” between my front teeth; I love it and refused to get it “fixed” when my dentist wanted me to do so.

My maternal grandparents, my parents, my paternal grandparents. October, 1966.

Norma Lillian Goodbarne was named after a glamourous siren of the silent screen, Norma Talmadge.*

And guess whose stuff is for sale over at TheFrock.com?

Constance & Norma

So, here you go, a little tribute to my loving, generous, brilliant, beloved Grama O, in the form of a peek at some of Norma T’s things you could own!

(Okay, to be fair, it is not clear which sister owned what, but I like to think that, like these sisters or like Jo and Meg, Norma and Constance shared.)

*So, incidentally, was CZAM’s grandmother!

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On Saturday, J and I made the trip to Walton-on-Thames for a post-Christmas dinner. It was a real family affair –  Jacquie, Nic (with his girlfriend Ellen), and Bryan (straight from Kenya; he was there for Amurt). I knew there would be a LOT of eating and drinking so I needed to think ahead and wear something that was comfortable and expandable. Jacquie is an amazing cook. I like this outfit (as you can see as I’ve worn the dress to this party before); it is comfortable and kind of fun.

What I wore:
Black, Blue, Green Dress, vente-privee
: Short-sleeved Buckskin Jacket, worn here, Louis de Gama
Tights: Cozy Turquoise Tights from Hub
: Black, Mary Janes by Fornarino
(TBH, I wish I had another pair of black heels – higher, but alas I can’t buy them as I’m on a one month free shop)

PS As you can see by this shot, I was busily getting rid of all my shoeboxes as I now have this baby. Thanks to Freecycle, a young woman came over the next day and picked up all 20 shoe boxes.

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Today, I was going to talk about this:

but since it is so boring and uninspiring, how about we talk about THIS

Is this work-appropriate wear for, oh, say, a high school English teacher?


You know what?
Never mind– I’m not going to talk about it at all.
I won’t clutter up this paen to the genius that is Galliano with a whole lot of empty words.

I’ll just use one — the only one that counts:

And maybe one more:

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As promised, a new part of this blog will be a monthly (at a minimum) Big Brother for Fashion poll. It’s your turn to finally vote certain items out of my wardrobe for good. Today’s poll features 3 pairs of shoes.  We’ll have a poll for each. As usual, majority rules and we need a minimum of 3 voters. Will these shoes get to stay and find a home in a one of the coveted cubby holes or will they end up in the shoe heap.

First Up: Burgundy Mary Janes

If keep, what should I wear with them?

Second Up: Pink Summer Sandals

Not sure I'm in the right profession for these ones

Third Up: Pink Gumby Shoes (that’s what J calls these babies)

Keep or Put in the Heap?

Here’s a few more photos of the shoes to give you more support for your vote (whichever way you choose)


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YYZ: Sleepy Jean

I wish I had had time to post Wednesday’s outfit. It was a good one– sharp, asymmetrically structured pinstriped suit, silk blouse and, of course, my much-loved studded booties.
It was Parent Interview Night.

No, let me be clear: IT WAS MY LAST PARENT INTERVIEW NIGHT UNTIL SEPTEMBER OF 2012 whoops! overzealous and bad at math…. I mean 2011!!!!!! (Thanks, CYSN, for pointing out my appalling inability to count! And for actually reading, rather than skimming! 🙂 )
Jubilation, much?  Not that I am gloating, BMad.

Thing is, Parent Interview night is just too hectic and exhausting– physically and emotionally (I cannot adequately explain the emotional toll taken by an evening spent on tenterhooks; it is always the parents you least expect to wig out who do so and so we all spend the whole evening in a state of nervous anxiety, waiting to see who is going to unexpectedly tear a strip off us because their child is “only” getting 87% in our class…)
and so I did not have time or the inclination to take a photo. I will have to wear the get-up again and post it then.

One of the after-effects of Interview night is that I don’t sleep well afterwards; even when, as with Wednesday night, all goes well and everyone is pleasant and the conversations are productive, I am too wired to sleep and spend the whole night re-running the evening’s events in my head.

Result? I overslept by HALF AN HOUR on Thursday morning. I had planned a cute outfit, but the loss of a valuable half hour of ironing/prepping time meant that I had to fall back on the ol’ standby.  I put a neglected (and very painful) pair of shoes into action and sprinted out the door, complete with bedhead, and made it to work in plenty of time.


Dress: Costa Blanca
Turtleneck: Winners
Tights and Shoes: 9 West
Belt: Jessica Simpson
Bracelets and Earrings (not visible in hurried photos!): H&M

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LHR: One, Two, Buckle My Shoe

Earlier in the year YYZ asked us to share our storage solutions for our clothing, jewellery, tights and shoes. I’ve been meaning to share my shoe boxes that J bought me 3 Christmas’ ago. Obviously, I haven’t done that. But now, I have something more exciting to share from this Christmas.

J gave me a built in shoe closet. Vitek, the builder we found on mybuilder.com created this baby (you can see work in progress here). It fits 30 pairs of shoes and has room for 3 pairs of boots at the bottom. Luckily I have another 12 acrylic boxes and a few racks in my closet for the overflow. Yet, it does the trick. I LOVE IT!

The house is wonky not the cubby holes

Their New Home

You may not be able to tell from the photo but it is lined with the same wallpaper we have on the wall behind our bed (seen here).

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