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YYZ: Wipe Out

Upon arrival at school today, I celebrated the beginning of a Tuesday morning by wiping out.
In front of students.
Oh, yeah.

See, due to their hem-length, these trousers can only be worn with very high shoes. Since there is no snow, I decided to wear my shoes from the time I left the house.*
Bad  idea.
Here is why:

Rainy day
Very slick shoe soles
Freshly polished hardwood floors
+ Sudden, unexpected burst of gravity
YYZ lands (very nearly) on her nose

The three students (naturally, none of them was MINE, so the poor dears felt like they couldn’t laugh at me, even though I had a good guffaw at myself) who had the grave misfortune to witness the entire, awkward, slow-motion skid-into-face-plant debacle were very kind and solicitous, even though they were clearly thinking,
“What a total loser that old lady is! Boy, are we glad we are not old and prone to wipe-outs!”**

Oh, well, at least I had my groovy pleather jacket to console me.

Jacket: H&M
Silk Cami: Joe Fresh
Trousers: Theory
Dangerously Slippery Shoes: Jessica Simpson
Locket: Gift. That is all I remember– I can’t remember from whom, alas.

*(Normally, I drive in flats/boots and switch to heels at work, thereby saving my shoes from the ravages of weather and my feet from the ravages of my footwear.)

** All I could think was, “DID I RIP MY THEORY TROUSERS??!!! DID I???!!!!
No, thank the Gods of Fancy Pants.
I did, however, pull a muscle in my shoulder as I tried to prevent disaster befalling my trousers.
Totally worth it.

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YYZ: Hot Legs

Hot PINK legs, that is.

Needed some cheery colour on a cold, dreary, dark Monday of back-to-work dressing.

Dress: Femme de Carriere
Cuff & Earrings: H&M
Shoes: 9 West
Tights: Betsey Johnson

In further (and far more interesting!) news, thanks to LHR’s man, J, for sending me into a spiral of acquisitive lust:

How am I going to get my hands on these?
I want ALL FOUR!
Also: Joan even has her little gold pencil!

(Let’s just say, if my Barbies had had Don Draper around, instead of the pitiful Ken specimen I own(ed), there is no way they would have been nearly as productive as they were!)

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J suggested the title and it made me laugh. So, I went with it.

I tried to add a bit more colour by first pairing the top, tights and shoes with this gray pencil skirt. But, it really didn’t look very good. So, I went with the stand-in black skirt. In order not to only wear black, I threw on the vintage beaded collar to add a splash of non-colour to the top end of this outfit.

Black on Black on Black

Witchy Witch Shoes

Shoes by Laura J

Vintage Collar (worn as a necklace)

What I wore: (starting from the bottom)
Shoes: Black and Cream Patent by Laura J (new to my collection)
Tights: Black patterned bought at my local dry cleaner
Skirt: Preen (bought with YYZ in Toronto). Sadly, it’s looking a bit worn on the bum. Need to think about a re-dye
Shirt: Ribboned Empire Short-Sleeved Blouse by Next
Necklace: Vintage Beaded Collar (not sure where I got it – probably gramma or Aunt Ruth)

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I am watching Top Gun— which, I must say, is fun to do with M, but would be even more fun if LHR were here. Who knew that there was more to Top Gun than beach volleyball and what I still believe is the sexiest love sex scene in any movie, bar none?  Turns out, kids, Charlie is a total style icon!

I am all over her skinny pencil skirt, white T-shirt and flight jacket combo. Seriously sexy and chic.

Hard to get any good photos of her costumes! Travesty.

I realize, watching this movie, that Kelly McGillis may be single-handedly responsible for the majority of mainstream fashion crimes perpetrated in the late 80s: she ROCKS the gargantuan shoulder pads and oversized tops. Thing is, the rest of us are not, nor will we ever be, Kelly McGillis. Thus, a generation of frizzy-haired women looking like little trolls, all dressed up in too-big men’s clothing… Still, how great does this woman look in this movie???!

I want to wear everything except her Shaker-knit sweater/high jeans combo from the bar scene. (Ouch.)
The rest of it? Absolutely.


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LHR: Let’s Get Some Shoes

It turns out that the entire population of Canada could have seen this video before me. It’s at 34 million and counting.

As I only saw it for the first time today, I feel it is totally appropriate to embed here where shoes are what we talk about.

By the way, I got some shoes about 3 weeks ago and totally forgot I bought them. Yes, I do have a problem. Hopefully, I’ll wear them this week to make that purchase worthwhile.

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As I mentioned, I’ve been away for the better part of the last month. Now that I’m home I don’t want to leave the house. It probably has more to do with the fact the weather sucks in London at the moment. It’s as you imagine – gray and rainy. Bleh!

J is at an editing course and I’m left on my own this Saturday. So, I’m busily trying to unpack and tidy my room. As YYZ knows when I set out to tidy, I always manage to make things messier as I usually end up embarking on rather large organization projects. Today, it’s the tights’ suitcase (inspired by YYZ) which kept me occupied.

The problem with my suitcase is that it is stuffed full and I always pull out what I think is a pair of tights only to find they are actually footless tights. This frustrates me to no end. As a result, I’ve decided to organize them first by whether they are footless vs. regular. Then by colour. I’ve also captured all my footless tights here so I can quickly recall (by checking here) what I own. [ed. It’s also a shameless attempt to add any content to this blog]

Sweet Flower Graphics - Footless

Silver Footless - Don't know when I last wore these puppies

Kept these babies from the late 80s/early 90s

Red Footless

Basic Brown Footless

Putrid Footless Tights (but I keep them just in case)

Another Frilly Footless Pair

Here are a few of the many striped tights I own.

Cozy Stripes

Gray, Black and Blue Cozy Stripes

Different Stripes

Racing Stripes. Click Photo to see in action

Here’s a few of the patterned collection…

Pink/Brown Patterned & Rather Cozy

Can anyone read chinese? No idea what these say.

Wearing Out, but love them (click photo to see in action)

Finally, 3 of my MANY fishnets. I have the traditional fishnet, the circular fishnet and even the massive fishnet. I like wearing these in spring when my legs are so white that going tightless is scary but regular tights are too heavy and dark.

Tan & White Fishnets

Finally, here all the tights are nicely arranged in their storage space.

Footless tights are on the right

You know that it is only a matter of a week before they look like this again.

Mish Mash of Tights

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These looks are both so wrong they are, somehow, right.

They are each, in their own way, the epitome of Parisian style, as opposed to fashion.*

First of all, how French of this girl to be all, “I’m smoking and that is just fine and dandy!”
Second, check out her hideous orthopaedic wedges; how can this all work so well together?
The only explanation lies in her French-ness.

I am all over the pink hair on a lady this age– but I suspect she is the only person who could pull it off.
Doesn’t hurt to be gorgeous and to have the wardrobe budget she clearly has.
I love her stole and giant, sparkly brooch, too, but I also think this hair would be great with a white t-shirt and some soft, worn jeans and maybe a motorcycle jacket in a pale grey.

I feel she is someone I should recognize, but don’t quite… Can anyone help me out? Her name is Michelle….

Thanks to Géraldine for the lovely photos.

*Can two things epitomize one? I suspect not…
But in this case, it works because French women are all about individual style, yet they all seem to have a gene that enables them to express it with complete confidence and elegance.

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