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YYZ: Call Me

In the photos, my hair colour looks pretty much identical to what it was yesterday, so you will have to take my word for it when I say that, as of about 5 p.m. today, I am much blonder
than I was when I got up this morning
M (my brilliant stylist, not my  honey 🙂 ) and I decided that we should just go for it. I was toying with Carol Channing platinum and it’s still not off the list of options.
But, for today, I have a blonder, shinier, far-less-grey new ‘do!

Outfit? Pretty dull.
The temperature today was about 8-10 degrees Celsius, with a wind chill of 2 or 3.
Thus, bare legs and open toes did not seem like the right way to go.
I knew it would be a long day and I wanted to be comfy = t-shirt, drapey cardi and skinny cotton trousers.

Cardi: Costa Blanca
T-shirt & Trousers & Pendant: H&M
Silver Cuffs: Gifts from my mum and my MIL
Shoes: Dollhouse

Put me DOWN, woman!

I did a quick browse today on my way back to my car after my hair appointment and there was only  ONE thing I thought I might like. And I resisted because it was something I would really only wear to work and I am not buying anything that I won’t wear on my sabbatical year. I need to learn how to dress casually and over the next year, I will have a chance to figure out what my style is when I am not dressed up for work. Frankly, I have not seen much that I would actually buy to wear in the shops recently.
Holy s*%t! Does that mean I am growing up?!? Say it ain’t so.

Instead, I stocked up on treats for my girlies’ birthdays, to be celebrated on Friday.

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YYZ: The Heat Is On

The title is significant in more than one way:

1. It was hotter today than forecast, so I looked like a (warm!) dork in this wintry ensemble.

2. Even though I hate this outfit, I feel I have to post even when I feel like my outfit stinks, as I am the only post-er on this allegedly “trans-Atlantic” blog these past few weeks (not to call a month a MONTH. Ahem.).

3. I feel hideously pressured to find anything to wear in this it’s-not-yet-summer-but-the-weather-is-unseasonably-warm April we’ve been having. April really is the cruelest month, as T.S. Eliot would say; it is impossible to get dressed in work-appropriate wear that is also weather-appropriate.

I realize these are all very First World problems.


Cardigan (I’m so over it): Anonymous
Cami: Smart Set
Belt and Necklace: Sirens
Bedazzled Leggings Knit Trousers (LOVE!): Sonia Rykiel for H&M
Shoes: Dollhouse

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Today was our annual Founders’ Day celebration. As the name indicates, we honour the founders of the school who decided, way back in 1894, that a Low Anglican school for girls was just what Upper Canada needed.  We celebrate at a lovely church and it is all very formal.
So NOT Carole Pope, despite the title of this post…

Back in the day, all students and teachers were required to wear hats. Naturally, I thought that sounded like a splendid idea when I heard it! Today, I tried, single-headedly, to revive the tradition.
I think I might have inspired a few people to join the movement next year!

Cardi: Jacob
Dress: Le Chateau
Fishnet Stay-Ups: Secret
Shoes: Chocolat Blu
Fascinator: H&M

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YYZ: Situation

“Blue-eyed, dressed for every situation.”

Today’s situation? Sunny, not-as-warm-as-yesterday-but-still-too-warm-for-tights-and-my-legs-are-still-creepily-pale.
Solution? More trousers.

Cardi: Jacob
Silk Blouse (badly dishevelled in these shots!): Club Monaco
Trousers: Theory
Shoes: Sonia Rykiel for H&M
Silver Cuffs: gifts from Mum and my MIL

Even P is alarmed by the state of my pins!

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According to the song, the River Jordan is deep and wide;
likewise the cuffs and legs of these trousers, respectively.

I rarely wear these trousers in the winter (even though they are an ideal, three-season weight), as they are too long for me to be able to get to work in my flat winter boots– the hems would drag in the snow and slush. And, of course, I can’t exactly wear my high heels out  in the snow. So, I wear the trousers in the spring and fall.
Today, with a temperature of 21 degrees Celsius, I could break out my sandals and wear this comfy outfit.

Day's end = outfit looking kinda wrinkled...

Top: Smart Set, I think.
Trousers: Holt Renfrew Private Label
Necklace: made by a woman at a craft show– can’t remember her company!
Wooden Cuff: Gift from my brother
Shoes: Guess

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This is not what I had planned to wear. But the dress I wanted to wear is, erm, rather snug at the moment and I basically looked like a sausage tied in the middle, so I had to take emergency measures at the last minute. As is usually the case in these situations, I ended up changing my entire outfit. I hate the final result, but I had no time to change, so I had to head for work wearing a too-trampy, too young, style-challenged get-up that can only be described as what my students would call a “total fail.”

There is nothing about this outfit I like, even though I like many of the components on their own.
Nope. Not at all.

Dress: Costa Blanca
Belt: Jessica Simpson
Tights: I can’t remember the brand, but I got them at Winners.
Cami: Smart Set
Cuff: H&M
Headband (worn as a choker) & Shoes: Le Chateau

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It’s that time of year when it is hard to figure out what to wear. My pasty pins are in no condition to be bared for all to see, but tights are too heavy for the weather.
Fishnets, of course!
Added bonus? These ones are stay-ups, so they are not as warm as full-length tights.

Sleeve detail.

Now, to figure out how I can work fishnets into my outfit every single day until I get some sun on my legs.
In, say, July.

Cardigan & Cuff: H&M
Cami: Smart Set
Skirt: Sisley
Fishnet Stay-Ups: I have no idea. Probably Secret.
Shoes: Tahari
Necklace: Costa Blanca

(Check out the groovy new banner! Good work, J!)

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