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Don’t you know? Talkin’ ’bout a revolution sounds like a whisper.

Okay, so Tracy Chapman was talking about IMPORTANT things like, oh, say,
social justice,
but I am talking about the whisper-thin cotton of the shirt shown here.

And the revolution of which I speak?
Well, lately I am more and more drawn to a decidedly less-is-more approach to clothes.
ME! Little Miss I-Never-Met-An-Accessory-I-Didn’t-Like!
I look at images like the ones shown here on a regular basis
(in fact, to dress like Garance is my idea of heaven–doesn’t hurt that she’s French),
I watch things like this and think, “That’s not boring— it’s gorgeous!”

And the outfit in the photo above looks like absolute perfection to me. Imagine it with skimmy little flat metallic sandals or killer chunky platform sandals, a huge, hammered brass cuff, a wicker bag and some oversized Jackie-O sunglasses. Sigh….

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Does this dress have my name ALL OVER IT, or what???!


How have I missed this, in all the time I have been enjoying Erin‘s awesome blog???
She is so funny that sometimes I actually laugh until I cry.
(Also, she is the only person whom I read regularly on the Internet who actually writes pretty darn well–okay, we all make mistakes, me not least of all, but this woman has a proper vocabulary.
It gives me hope for the Web, I tell you!)

Just now, surfing around as a reward for having marked TWO ENTIRE class sets today
(what the heck else do I have to do on a sunny Saturday? It’s not like I can GO anywhere. 🙂 ),
I found Secret Lives of Dresses.
I double-dog dare you not to become addicted.

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I know. I know. I’ve been rubbish at posting. It’s kind of like going to the gym. If you miss a few days, that turns in to a week, then a few weeks and then it gets hard to start again. Plus, it’s been freezing here for months.  There was YYZ wearing spring outfit after spring outfit and I was still dressed in wool jackets and hats (see! I’m not lying – Easter Weekend!).

Dressed for Warmth in Rye

This past weekend it all changed. London had their 3 day summer (it’s cold again).  That means on Monday I could wear a summer dress. This little number is from Full Circle who also made this green shirt and this purple shirt. As you can see, I’m stuck on this this brand. This dress is a bit OTT for work, but it was hot in the city (so a I’m allowed).

I have limited head shots as I’m looking old and drawn out — more makeup needed. However, you get the idea – it was finally hot (30C).

The booties were a bit hot, but I had nothing else.

I don't love the shirt I wore underneath it. Ideas?

LOL (not sure what made me laugh)

What was I wearing?
Dress: Full Circle, bought at Bread & Honey (around the corner from my office)
Shoes: Gray Booties (a bit too wintery, but all I could think of at the moment)
Jewellery: Rubber Bands bought at the Fashion and Textile Museum

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Sorry, Team– no post today. I did manage to cobble (hobble?) something vaguely outfit-like together for work today, but just ended up looking like I was wearing a muu-muu. And trousers. Not good.

Felt like utter crap within 45 minutes of arriving at work; who knew that spending the day at work on a broken foot could be so utterly excruciating? I was DYING: sore foot was nearly forgotten once sore-entire-body-from-limping-all-over-up-and-down-stairs-trying-to-find-remotely-workable-position-in-which-to-elevate-foot-using-computer-while-entire-right-hand-side-of-body-is-totally-misaligned syndrome set in. Seriously, I have always thought it must be a drag to have a cast; now I know that people in casts are HEROES! I kid you not. I am so sore and so exhausted; at more than one point today, I realized I had no idea what the colleague/student to whom I was speaking was even saying, as their words and my own thoughts were drowned out entirely by the PAIN IN MY SHOULDER AND HIP AND NECK AND ANKLE.

Okay, sorry to be such a crybaby. My point is that, although I had planned to post my get-up once I got home from work, it seems even that tiny 5 minutes of effort is beyond me.  I am sure there is no one left to read this, anyway, since it has been nearly two months since LHR has contributed to this allegedly trans-Atlantic little venture of ours, but just in case there is a reader or two out there, here is something pretty for you to enjoy, in the absence of anything outfit-related from either LHR or me.

I long for foundation garments made of steel such as those clearly being worn by the ladies above!Jacques Heim— yummy!

Wanna see more?

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Hmm… what goes with a Giant Black Plastic Cast?
Nothing, you will not be surprised to learn.
Not a problem yet, as I have spent the last three days with my foot elevated and have not needed to wear anything fancier than sweatpants and a tank top.

Next week, however, I have to return to the land of Those Who Work For a Living
(well, okay, I have been working– the miracle of skype meant I could even be “in” two of my classes this week to help the girls with their projects!– but I haven’t had to get dressed for it).
One of the problems is that the Franken-booty is, surprisingly, sorta platform-ish. It’s a good 2-3 inches high. This means that, when I wear flats, I lurch in rather spectacular fashion and, thus, cause pain in my knee and hip.  I am a bit timid to try wearing a platform on my left foot, as I am still a bit gun-shy….

And so, I lie awake at night, gimpy foot up in the air, trying to figure out what the blinkin’ heck I am going to wear to work that
a) does not contravene the dress code, (though a colleague has suggested I sue, since the reason I fell, according to her, is because I was obeying the dress code!)
b) enables me to actually walk.

I figure if I could wear one of these lovelies, maybe I wouldn’t even care, as I’d be walking on air, metaphorically speaking.

A Mary Quant mini-dress! Go-go boots, Franken-booty: tomayto, tomahto!

Perhaps the drapey bow thingy would camouflage my good friend Frank, as I have come to call my boot.

With all those feathers, who cares about a Franken-booty?!

It’s Givenchy– I feel sure Audrey Hepburn would be able to rise above the hideousness of an air-cast, so perhaps I will channel Audrey!
(Given that we are sooooooooo similar……….. ahem.)

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Okay, so the song in the title is about “fairytales can come true,” but I could not resist using it.
Procrastinating about doing my marking taking a much needed break as I convalesce, I stumbled upon the hoo-hurrah around Michelle Obama’s blue dress. (Meh— I think her make-up is a bit de trop for a lady of her vintage… a slightly subtler, sheerer shade on her eyelids might have looked a bit classier and more elegant. Also, the corsetry combined with the Grecian draping thing is just not working for me… Still, this woman would look great in a paper bag, so this dress is not a tragedy, or anything. 🙂 )

BUT, I also found this little gem!
Forget about the Obamas, focus instead on the Official Greeter  Girl in the rosy-coloured dress as she makes her entrance!

See? It can happen to anyone!
Slippery shoes + slippery floors = sudden burst of gravity.
(And you thought I wasn’t good at math!)

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YYZ: Bootylicious

Right, LHR really has to start posting now, as I am sporting a truly hideous accessory: the giant, black, plastic air-cast. It is gonna be mighty tough coming up with outfits that incorporate this baby, so fire up your camera and your computer, LHR!

Yep, my foot is broken.

Here is a view of my chic new foot wear:

Note the cunning cat-hair garnish...

"I'm gonna PUMP you UP!" Terribly high-tech, non?

Apparently, I am not out of the woods yet– more x-rays next Wednesday will determine whether more drastic action has to be taken or not, so keep your fingers and toes crossed that all heals well and quickly!

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