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LHR: Excuses Excuses

I’ve been putting off posting because:

  1. I’ve lost my camera. I think I forgot it in the hotel in San Francisco when I was there in May.
  2. The photos J has taken with his camera have highlighted my ever-growing spare tire* and I can’t bear to post them (U-G-L-Y!)
  3. I’ve been wearing the same clothes I’ve already posted as you’ll see below.

YYZ says none of the above are excuses. So, here goes. I wore this outfit to J’s VJ gig a few week’s ago. This is a slight variation on this outfit. In this case, I wore it without a tank top but paired it with some hot pink tights.

What I wore:
: Full Circle
: Silver Ballet Flats, Venise
Tights: Pink, Uniqlo
Earrings: Cheap Big Silver Hoops, Peacocks

*in fact one photo is so bad, i’m thinking of printing out and putting on the fridge for motivation

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YYZ: Black is Black

Yet another attempt to make Frank and the schlubby shoes look work-appropriate.
My strategy this time?
Smoke and mirrors: distract people with my lovely new earrings!

You can tell it's getting hot here: I am SHINY!

Dress: H&M
Belt: Vintage, gift from Grama
Cuff: Aldo
Earrings: TenThings
Shoe: SoftMoc

And, for your viewing and listening pleasure, a little trip back to 1967:

How about those special effects? How about those skinny trousers?!

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Today was Trial Return To Work Day, in WSIB parlance.
It was also Exam Take-Up Day.
Double whammy.

Things were going well for the first 45 minutes to an hour.
After that, my foot started to send messages to my brain.
Those messages went something like this:

Here you can see how I tried to make Frank work with the dress code.

Messy office backdrop! One day we'll get drawer-fronts built...

Shrug: Smart Set
Dress & Cuff: H&M
Shoe: SoftMoc (Dear me, how the mighty are fallen…off their Sonia Rykiel wedges.)

Goofy shoes? Goofy pose.

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YYZ: Octopus’ Garden

LHR will be glad to see the accompanying Moo MiniCard!

So, not only did my MIL show up on Friday bearing gifts, but the week before, my mother gave up three days of her very busy life to come and work like a dog at our house, putting in our garden, tearing up the weedy front lawn, hosting a dinner party, cleaning our house and doing our laundry. She also arrived bearing a GIANT bag full of giftie-poos, including some wonderful novels, some gorgeous stationery and my fancy facial cleanser. Spoiled much?

BEFORE all these spirit-boosting gifts arrived, however, I was doing some online shopping and, in need of a pick-me-up as only an air-cast-wearing shut-in can be, I decided to treat myself to a lovely, delicate pair of earrings I stumbled upon while surfing the web.  I figured, I may not be able to get properly dressed (due to footwear limitations), but at least I can be well-accessorized.

Look what arrived today in the mail! Aren’t they lovely?

Sea Twig earrings

In other sorta fashion-related news, look who gets to wear “normal” shoes a little bit around the house as of today? (Okay, okay, these are not exactly what I would call “normal” shoes as a general rule, but I had to break down and buy them last week in a bid to even out my left and right legs, as Frank is so tall.)

That's G's favourite chew-toy beside my right foot. 🙂

It’s exhausting and still a bit painful, but it feels sooooooooooo good to have both feet at the same height off  the floor! I hear my summer stilettos calling my name! 🙂 (They’ll look so great with my new earrings!)

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…really do come true!

Oh. My. God.
I am the luckiest girl in the world!

Okay, what is MORE narcissistic than having a blog about your outfits?

Give up?

LOOK what my mother-in-law discovered while wintering in Texas:

HELLOOOOOO!?  How hilarious is that???

She a) is truly fabulous in that dress (I want it! It is so me!),
b) comes with accessories!
Her (our?) haircut is funny, but the fact that there is basically a Barbie WHO HAS MY ACTUAL WARDROBE is even funnier!

Exhibit A: October 23rd, 2009's outfit.

M was gobsmacked when he saw her;  he pronounced the resemblance uncanny, particularly as I had just arrived home with a new (paler, cooler–  yay!) hair colour. (Warning: Photo ugly and scary as taken late at night in state of near-exhaustion while sporting zero make-up; also, lighting in bathroom makes hair & skin look green…)

Just call me "Pallid, Aged Barbie"!

I have never thought of “Barbie-esque” as one of the adjectives that might be used to describe me but apparently, hobbit-y proportions aside, it could be!
(Oh, to have her long, shapely gams and her sultry, surly expression!)

By the way, check out her surly, sultry expression:

Must try to cultivate that! (I’ve got “surly” down pat, but will need to work on “sultry”…)

Check out her wicked tunes:

Must dust off the turntable. Maybe J can help?

Check out her stylish accessories:

Note the ubiquitous-yet-ever-tasteful cuffs and shoes in my favourite style and colour palette! Also notice the sunglasses (a bit hard to see, but they are identical to a pair of mine!). All in all, scary white ankle boots aside, the entire stash looks like it has been pilfered from my bedroom closet!

I love her classic black pumps!

Classic pumps and slingbacks!

Clutch and cuffs-- perfect for dressing up the LBD!

No, seriously, am I not the luckiest girl (ahem!) in the world???
Thank you, thank you, thank you– I love her!

Right, off to find a support group for middle-aged women who want to play with Barbies

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This blog post comes to you thanks to J. Sometimes he sends me links and says “this’ll be good for your blog”. Usually, I agree but don’t get around to posting. This time I took the last 10 minutes of the work day to post it. [in case anyone from work sees that I posted at 17.52, let it be known I was working at 05.23 this morning – ’nuff said]

What about that title eh? Well, you’ll see that it’s all about ruffles with this dress …. and ultimately it’s about the Chocolate

This is an ad that was made for Cadbury Flake. It features Russian model Yulia Lobova wearing a VERY yellow dress, made from 200 metres of fabric by couture designer Anhony Price.

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Marking Grade 12 exams (still not done–agggghhh!!!) and wishing I were wearing one of these little gems (found here) and sipping a martini while listening to Dean Martin in some appropriately retro spot…

This last one (LOVE!) reminds me of Carrie’s dress in the first SATC film:

This was one of my two favourite outfits in the first film.

(Here is the other one, in case you were wondering. Perfection!)

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