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I hate to use a David Bowie song lyric in connection for the horror that is to follow, but I couldn’t think of any other songs about furry monsters (though I seem to vaguely recall one from Sesame Street….).

As many of you know, my disdain and dislike for Karl Lagerfeld is profound. Just when I thought I could not loathe his pretentious, egomaniacal, consistently-hideous work at the poor, beleaguered House of Chanel any more, he goes and does this:

Is he kidding? Is anyone really going to wear this crap?

These people look like mascots for a fast-food joint specializing in wooly mammoth burgers.

I feel bad for Chanel fans– if I were one, I’d be mortally offended at the very idea that I might be such a fashion victim/label sheep (you should pardon the reference to something that needs shearing…) that I would actually wear any of this foulness. If Uncle Karl had a sense of humour, I might be able to try to understand this collection, but I have never seen him exhibit the slightest hint of a comedic sensibility. Ever. This guy takes himself very seriously. (Minute 2:30 in the video in that link.)

The kicker?
This is not a couture collection (couture is supposed to be outrageous– outrageous and beautiful, but that last is not a quality Karl’s work very often achieves)– it is the A/W 2010 ready-to-wear line!

Okay, I am sorry for having made you look at all that ugliness. Here is a little peace offering, to make you feel better:

All photos from here.

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This outfit was actually something I wore in July. I didn’t have a chance to post before my holiday and since I’ve been back , well, house guests makes it a bit uncomfortable doing a photo shoot.

Nothing too noteworthy about this outfit. Although, a note to self – one should wear more  blush when wearing orange.

What I wore:
: Orange/Yellow/Black Wedge Sling backs with cork heels by Portia,  bought on SALE at Balisi, Queen West, Toronto worn here
: Zara worn here
: from Anish Kapoor exhibit and worn here
: Black lattice worn here

PS If you haven’t yet participated in  YYZ’s silver debate. Join in now.

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YYZ: Poker Face

I am late to the Lady Gaga party, I realize, but that “gaga-nana-rara” song just drives me nails-on-a-chalkboard-insane and I didn’t really know any of her other songs (see: “CBC Nerd“), so I thought she was just all hype and flash. Turns out I really like a couple of her tunes (which she writes herself– go figure!) and she has some actual chops on the piano,

so I have suddenly become a fan. I still think she is a total Madge derivative, and she is pretty vacuous in interviews, but I like her anyway. Also, anyone who loves clothes as much as I do has to love La Gaga– she is fearless, zany, and looks great in pretty well anything.
And this is Gaga we are talking about, so you know I really mean ANYTHING!
(No, really, click that last link– it’s worth it just for the typo!)

So, when I saw her on the cover of Vanity Fair recently, I snagged myself a copy.  My other motivation for picking up the magazine stems from my another recent preoccupation of mine: the grey hair trend.

Everyone is sporting it, from Tavi

Granny "chic" (someone does not know what the word means, it seems!) teen blogger, Tavi Gevinson.

to Kelly

Oz offspring, Kelly Osbourne.

to Peaches

"Teen Socialite" (WTF?!?!!!) Peaches Geldof

to Kristen

to, yes, Gaga.

Now, I think (as a long-time dyer of my hair, I can recognize a boo-boo when I see it) that the first three ladies on the list ended up with silver locks by mistake– they were trying to go lavender but are too inexperienced in the realm of hair colouring to know that lavender/purple/blue/pink all FADE at a ridiculously rapid pace, leaving behind only the stripped-out base colour with a bit of lavender/purple/blue/pink = hair looks grey.  Kristen and Gaga, however, seem to be grey by choice (though there is a distinct lavender tone to Gaga’s). And while I think Kristen’s look ages her,

Oh, dear-- more lipstick, please. And some shut-eye.

it is the cut, not the colour that does so– it is not a flattering length or shape on her.

Gaga looks pretty fabulous. But Kristen and I are closer in age
(she is 45, Gaga is 24…)
so looking old and grey is a real possibility for me, whereas it is not for Gaga, Kelly and Co.

And here is the thing: my actual hair colour IS grey!
So I am thinking that this silver trend might be the way to go to get from dyed to natural without having to chop my hair off to an inch long and then just let the grey grow in while sporting sad little blonde/brown tips. You know the look– you see it on older ladies with badly fried hair: their roots as white as cotton with the ends all henna-ed and crispy in varying shades of orange and black. Horrors! And I know the time is coming soon when I am going to have to face my senior citizen-worthy hair colour; there is no colour I can dye it that does not see me with horrific roots a week and half into the dye job.  Growing my hair longer is bad enough– I dread the phase of growing it out to its natural steely shade….

Let me be clear: I am not saying I want to do this because
all the cool kids are doing it;
I am saying that the cool kids might just provide me some useful cover, you should pardon the irony.
I will appear to be edgy, cool, sophisticated, fearless.

As opposed to just plain old and grey.

And, however dishonest it may be to let people believe I am all of the former, rather than the sadly-true latter, I am not above using this trend to my advantage. (Hm, perhaps I should add “mercenary” to my list of descriptors…)

Any chance (barring plastic surgery) I might end up looking like this?

LHR is on-board but, Gentle Reader, what would you do if it were YOUR hair?
See, it is one thing to say, “Go for it!” when it is not your hair– what if it were? Or, seeing as I am the adventurous sort when it comes to hair colour anyway, do you think I should give it a whirl?

As my wise mother so often said when I was a teenager, “It’s only hair,” so I guess I could change it back if it is too god-awful.

Votes and comments, please.

No Poker Faces– just the truth!

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YYZ: We Are Family

Here is what I wore to our big family reunion on Sunday. Basically, it is a chambray SACK. With pockets.
And I love it.

But that is not the big news.
The BIG NEWS is that I wore these shoes

for nearly 8 HOURS!
Yeah, baby, I’m back in heels. High ones.

Now THAT'S more like it!

Beautiful, beloved, gorgeous, the-way-shoes-were-meant-to-be, high heels.
My feet were tired, but only in the way that they always are after a stretch in high heels, not in a “you can never wear heels again now that you have had a broken foot” kind of way.

Will I be wearing them on a daily basis? Not yet— I’m still a bit nervous.
But I am relieved to know that I can work up to feeling  more confident with a bit of practice.

"What has it got in its pocketses, Baggins?"

Tunic: H&M
Wooden Cuff: I can’t remember, though if I were less lazy, I could surf the blog and find out. If I were less lazy.
Necklace: Cobbled together with a chain I had hanging around and my mum’s vintage brooch.
Shoes: Guess

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Looks sooooo good! Waaaaay too much raw garlic, sadly….

Dinner with one’s best pals is always a special occasion, no matter how laid-back and casual the locale. With LHR in town, it’s even more special!
As you can see, everyone looked GREAT:

There were some fabulous accessories on display, including YKZ‘s funky, switchable purse and LHR’s very fancy “wallets.”

Pattern and straps can be switched up with alternate options!

Yes, those are ZIPLOC BAGGIES! I think she can be forgiven, however, as the utter gorgeousness of her tote bag makes up for the use of kitchen supplies as "wallets."

Once again, there are no photos of LHR and I together, but here is what I wore for a great evening of conversation, laughter, too much wine and some kickin’ hors d’oeuvres, supplied by the brilliant YKZ.

I started out with just the “dress” (I suspect it is really a t-shirt, but they only had this size, which is a bit big on me = instant conversion to dress status!) and the shoes, but then decided to go hard or go home. Thus, a silver necklace, some cuffs and a clutch.

Thanks for a great evening, girls!

T-shirt Dress: Kische
Shoes: Costa Blanca
Necklace: Sirens
Cuffs: Gifts from Mum and my MIL
Clutch: Aldo Accessories

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LHR has arrived in Ontari-ari-ario (yay!)  and so we are off to loll lazily about on the dock, on the deck, in the screened-in porch, maybe take the canoe out for an evening paddle if we are feeling terribly ambitious… There will be too much food, lots of wine and no computers.  Even if we did have internet access, we would not be posting any bathing suit photos, so you are on your own this week, Gentle Reader.

Before I go, here is today’s outfit, worn out for lunch with my mum:

Faux Liberty Print Shirt: Costa Blanca
Belt & (very old, faded) Shorts: H&M
Gold Sandals: So old, I can’t remember, but I’m gonna say Payless.
Earrings: Ten Things

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As I still hate my wardrobe, I took AGES to get dressed to go to my final orthopaedic surgeon appointment yesterday. I started out in a tunic. Too hot (needs a slip under it).

Next, I tried a faux-toile sundress. Meh. Looks better with heels.
Then I started thinking about what I really wanted to wear. “Denim shorts,” I thought, “that’s what I want to wear. Too bad I don’t have any.” I could see the ones I want in my mind’s eye– sorta slouchy, soft, comfy, worn-in, cuffs rolled.  Did I, I wondered, have any jeans I could cut off?  Hmmmm…. The jeans I have that fit the way I want my cut-offs to fit are NOT in the running to get chopped: I plan to have them form a major part of my fall/winter wardrobe.  Did M have a pair of old, too-short jeans I could crop? Would they fit right? Even if the answer to both those questions were to be “yes,” I could not just barge into his dresser and hack up a pair of his jeans without permission,* so that was out of the question…

A bit of investigation revealed that I own four pairs (!) of decent jeans and two pairs of pretty-decent jeans, plus one pair of jeans I wear on weekends when I am working in the yard or cleaning the basement or doing something grubby around the house. The latter made likely candidates for the ministrations of my shears.
So I did it: I sliced off the legs.

The result? Meh. Not what I wanted, really.

These shorts probably look VERY familiar to YVR, as the snugness of their source jeans led to a much tighter fit than I want, giving them an uncanny resemblance to my shorts-of-choice in the late 80s and early 90s. Don’t they remind you of the ones I schlepped all over Europe wearing, YVR?
So, not a roaring success, but at least I got to wear something un-fussy and casual.

Later on that day, I found the PERFECT shorts at good ol’ H&M. In every size but mine. 😦 Given that shops are filling up with back-to-school gear, I think my chances of getting the perfect pair of denim shorts are pretty slender, but I will keep my fingers crossed for a miracle/bargain anyway.

Top: H&M‘s Marimekko line from Spring 2008.
It was a HUGE tent-like thing, so I altered the back to remove nearly 10 cm of extra fabric.
Shorts: Smart Set jeans (I think), hacked off with reckless abandon.
Shoes: SoftMoc (do I really need to tell you this anymore? 🙂 )
Earrings: Ten Things
Purse: Gift from my Aunt K about 25 years ago. I STILL love it. Makes me feel like a Rude Girl!

*He has since agreed to donate a pair to me, dear boy.

Spotted a woman at the corner of King and Spadina this evening wearing shorts virtually IDENTICAL to these. She was taller than I am, but similarly proportioned and she was rockin’ her cut-offs with a funky belt (spent a large portion of yesterday scouring wardrobe for a big, brown leather, funky belt and, once again, lamenting having donated mine to LHR– can’t wait to borrow it next month!) and a white T-shirt. Looked pretty good and made me feel a bit better about my home-made cut-off misfire. 🙂

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