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YYZ: Whine & Grine

These cute shoes are victims of my increasing disgust with flats...

Okay, I have been very lame about posting and I know it.
The thing is, I am just not a fan of anything in my wardrobe these days.
There is not one thing I like. Literally: not one.
I feel like none of it is “me.” ¬†This problem comes as a result of buying cheap, trendy, “disposable” crap– it just doesn’t have the season-to-season staying power of more substantial, higher-quality clothing. It is also a result of having to have work-appropriate summer clothes only for June and September, but not having to worry about it during the dog days, when I pretty much wear the same pair of shorts and a variety of scuzzy old tank tops and t-shirts because I don’t have to dress for work.

This summer presents a different scenario: I could wear cute, fashionable summer stuff and not worry about whether or not it could do double duty at work (by definition it needs to be disposable because there is no such thing as high-quality summer wear of the hip, shorts-and-tank-top variety, there is only the Lilly Pulitzer, Polo-type stuff and that is just not me, is it?), but I did not really shop for summer clothes this year because I couldn’t walk (dang it all!), so all the stuff in my closet is fluffy, fussy, girly stuff I no longer want to wear.

To complicate matters further, there is the fact that I have not been able to exercise at all since breaking my foot. Don’t get me wrong: it’s not like I am big on exercise at the best of times, but I do like to walk, briskly, for about half an hour a day. This does not make much difference in terms of making me fit, but it does make a difference to my mental state. In short, I feel better when I get a chance to walk. Unable to do so since May, I am not feeling at all good about myself or the way my clothes fit. I have been trying to walk this week, but my foot hurts so much afterward that is just discouraging and disheartening.
In the end, the combo of clothes that no longer suit my taste and not feeling good in what I do have has made me reluctant to post.

Finally, I still cannot wear heels! More than anything, this gets me down (pardon the pun, Gentle Reader).
I mean, a good pair of heels could go a LONG way toward combatting all of the problems listed above, but I cannot turn to my lovely, beloved heels to save me– to make me look more stylish, funkier, taller and fitter.
No– instead I must wear FLATS.
Ugly, boring, unflattering FLATS.
With everything.
I do not exaggerate when I say it is destroying my soul to have to wear flat shoes every single day, with every single outfit. Every girl knows that nothing raises the spirits or the outfit like a good pair of heels, after all. You may not be a heel-wearing kinda gal, so you may not understand the seriously bummin’ effect not being able to wear them is having on me; I am not here to judge, I am just here to say that for me, heels are part of feeling put-together and sharp.

Today, I thought I should make a bit of an effort to wear something other than my shorts-and-t-shirt standby, so I decided to try a dress I have only worn with VERY high shoes and see if it would work with (ugh!) flats.
Did it work? Well, it’s not my favourite, but it felt good to wear something different…

Still, it would look much better with a killah pair of heels!

Dress: Sirens ($10!)
Belt: Um, came with another dress, maybe one from Le Chateau?
Cuff: H&M
Shoes: Payless.  They squeak. A LOT.

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