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YYZ: All I Have To Do Is Dream

Oh, boy!
The site/shop where I bought this earlier in the fall, has THIS available at the moment:

Pleated front with waist-cinching structure? Done!

It is a bit big, but their seamstress can alter things if you just send along your measurements.

Trailing sash-y item? Yes, PLEASE!

I may have sent the link, along with my measurements, to Santa immediately prior to writing this post.
Cross your fingers, Interweb!

Click here to be able to scroll over the dress and see the incredible details more clearly.
(I’ll let you uncross your fingers in order to do so–it’s totally worth it! 😉 )

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… if you don’t own these D&G beauts.

Which I don’t.

Photos found here.

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YYZ: Allí Está

Today’s post is really about the necklace.
I love it,  and not just because it is so pretty.
It was a gift from YVR, from one of her trips to South America— the rock on the necklace is from an Ecuadorian volcano.  What a thoughtful gift; since I worked for a year in Ecuador, it is a place very close to my heart– the natural beauty is astounding, the seafood spoiled me forever for eating anything other than the freshest fish, but it was the people of Ecuador who really made the biggest impression. I have never met such generous, fun-loving, kind, giving people in my life.  Also, YVR and I had a good friend from Ecuador– she embodied the all-singing, all-dancing joie de vivre of the costeña completely!

I can’t wait to go back in February to see my Ecuadorian family!

FINALLY it occurs to me to stand on the opposite side of the room-- MUCH better scenery!

Top: Femme de Carriere
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini
Necklace: gift from YVR

This song was All. The. Rage. while I lived in Ecuador.
Enjoy! (Be sure to DANCE!)

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On my way to snag a few groceries for dinner yesterday, I found myself perilously near the sale racks…
(Grocery store in mall = DANGEROUS!)

I scored two deals and spent under $30.
Both purchases will, I hope, help me in my resolution to get dressed properly every day, even if I am just pottering around at home, doing craft-y projects.
(Yay! Craft-y projects!)
I do not want to spend my days in schlubby sweats — and, when you are built like I am, there is no way to prevent sweats from looking schlubby. Non-schlubby sweats are, alas, the sole province of the long, the leggy and the lean. Also, I think it would be sort of unfair to M to have to see me only looking like a bag lady every day– he deserves better and so do I. 😉

Here are a few shots of the bargains and the outfit I am wearing today.

Deal #1: sequined bomber jacket from H&M, on sale for
(you may want to sit down for this)
You heard me:

Deal #2: little racer-back tank with passementerie faux-necklace detail. I can dress it up, I can dress it down. I think it will look good with my wide-leg black trousers for a (hypothetical) dressy occasion. (Like going to the post office…)


Attractive wrinkle across tummy region... Very nice.


Grosgrain tie at neck.

Top: Costa Blanca, $16
Cardigan: Ann Taylor LOFT
Bedazzled Cuff: H&M
Jeggings: Joe Fresh
Wing-tip Oxfords: Office, via Top Shop
(I wonder whether LHR wears hers ALL THE TIME, like I do?
Best purchase in years. Wish I’d bought the gold ones, too!)

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Saturday night, I went out for a much-anticipated evening with my friend S. We always have a great time and Saturday was no exception– we talked (and drank– ouch!) so much that we were amazed to look at the clock and learn that it was nearly 1 a.m.and we had been out since 7! Time flies when you are having fun!

I wore my usual dress
(and noticed just now, in looking at the photos, that there was a SPOT on it! Ack! How tacky! Thank goodness it was dark in the restaurant!)
and tried a new look for me– bracelets on both wrists, rather than my signature single cuff.

Drunic & Wooden Cuff: H&M
Gold Bracelets: Aldo Accessories
Chandel-earrings and Pendant: Birthday gift from LHR
No idea– they were in my stash.
Boots: Hand-me-downs from my mum.


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The perennial winter coat dilemma: I live in a country where a winter coat is a necessity. You simply cannot get away with going out in a blazer or a chunky sweater with a jaunty scarf in February in Toronto. Or in November, December, January, March or April, for that matter.
And so, a girl generally needs several coats, as not many actual cover all the bases.

My cute little ski jacket is great for casual wear:

My long cashmere number is good over dresses/skirts or trousers and works well over jeans, but it is single-breasted and low in the neck, so on very cold days, it gets a bit draughty:

Hmm. Not the best shot. Of any of us-- coat, me, LHR... Remind me never to grow my hair past shoulder-length ever again. EVER.

My vintage, faux-fur trimmed wool coat is great over skinny trousers or a skirt shorter than the coat itself, but it looks goofy with wider trousers or longer skirts:

What I wanted was a slim, knee-length coat that I can take with me to the U.K. at Christmas, one that will work over a dress for an evening out but also over casual stuff.
And here is what I found:

I was not sure I liked it $79 worth, but when I saw the “50% off” sign, I was SOLD!
Yep, $39.50, folks!
The collar is quite versatile– works open, with one button done up, or with both, to form a big ol’ funnel collar. The belt means no draughts can get in and the colour is NOT BLACK but not so trendy that I will never wear it again after this winter.

Coat: Suzy Shier (I know!)
Boots & Brooch on Hat:
Cast-offs from my mum– thanks, Mum!
(on my way to the hair salon on Day 4 post-washing = emergency measures!): I can’t remember…

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LHR: Purrfect Outfit

When J sent me the link to one of my favourite sites lostateminor, I knew it would be good. However, I never imagined the absolute purrfect content for our fashion blog. As everyone knows, YYZ is a cat fanatic and is crazy for clothes. So, I think she’ll approve that I have put off posting my own outfit for these lovelies.

What better way to sell fashion than ensuring it’s modelled by the cutest model evah! United Bamboo decided to boost their latest collection by making a feline version.

YYZ, perhaps some of your new creations could be modelled by Gordon and Peggy?

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