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Well, not 500, but quite a few.
Here is what we wore to keep toasty as we explored Edinburgh’s Castle and a bit of the Old Town yesterday.

(Yes, I realize that leggings are a privilege and not a right and I don’t care–
it is COLD here and I was warm in this outfit!)


On Calton Street.

In Fleshmarket Close. LHR loves the name of that one!

Note the difference: LHR looks like a fashion plate, I look like a midget puffball in my sturdy boots and ski jacket.
The good news? I was entirely snug and not at all chilly, despite the damp cold.

View over South Edinburgh from the Castle.


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A veritable FEAST was had on Christmas Day, here in London, thanks to J’s outrageous culinary skills.
No, seriously, we ate like royalty.

New ring from J & LHR -- pretty! Black ring lost a stone over the course of the day.

Sadly, things were too busy to get any decent photos– LHR assures me that I looked much nicer in person than the hideous photos we managed to get indicate. I hope she’s right!

Here you can see LHR’s cute outfit– top purchased in NYC in October.

Front view-- wrapped up like a Christmas present.

Rear view-- cape stylin'.

My outfit is sort of flapper-y, but in the photos it just looks like a bag.
With a ruffle on the bottom.
Which is not the case (or so I tell myself), but you will have to take my word for that.

Layered up for our Christmas Day walk!


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I can’t remember where I found this.
But I love her skirt, her hat, her make-up.

And what is that tantalizing bit of polka-dotted goodness peeking out from behind her?

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YYZ: The Call Of The Wild

Racing out the door in the middle of a snowstorm, on my way to see Priscilla*with my mum (part of her Christmas present), I managed to snap a couple of shots of my deal of the day– 40% off!

Thing is, I bought a size too big. Again.
I believe it did fit me in the store, but I think it is made of that fabric that g-r-o-o-o-o-w-s once you put it on.
(Who invented that stuff? What were they thinking?!)
Had I known, I would have bought the smaller size. Right, no time to chat– must head to the sewing room to take in my new dress...

Weird shadows in foot region--??

Dress: Jacob
Belt & Cuff: H&M
Necklace: Ardene ($5!!!)
Boots: I can’t remember, but you have seen them here.

No lipstick!

*Yes, I could have used a song title or lyric from the show, but how could I possibly pass up the chance to use the lyric I did, thereby enabling me to post the following video?!

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YYZ: Sparkle Plenty

It will come as no surprise to any of you that I am a big proponent of this year’s “sequins-for-day” trend.
I just haven’t had a chance to explore the look for myself yet.
(I am a big proponent, but even I think it might be a bit much for a trip to the Metro…)

Today, I am taking my mum to the Windsor Arms for high tea, and given the festive season, I thought it would be a good day to trot out my sparklies. Also, it is -24 degrees Celsius out there today and we are going on the subway, so I had to figure out how to do “festive” without doing “frozen”!

Turtleneck: Pro Mod
Sequined Tank: Sirens (of course!)
Jeggings: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Delicious (I will wear my boots and swap for these in the coat room when I get there!)
Cocktail Ring: Costa Blanca

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LHR: Zebra

I have this little inkling that YYZ is waiting for me to post before she’ll post again. Is it true, YYZ?

I wore this outfit not long after I got my new Zebra shoes. YYZ and Darin convinced me (without that much pressure) that I deserved them for my birthday. Hey, why not?

Here goes ….

Zebra Lovelies

My hair shrunk in NYC


Can't stop oggling my Zebras.


What I wore?

Skirt: Zebra-like, Zara
Top: Turtle Neck, Thanks to YYZ
Vest: Gray Vest, again thanks to YYZ
Necklace: A little treasure from my Nana from my Aunt B.
Shoes: NEW ZEBRAs from NYC



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