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Um, how could I resist that title?

So, LHR’s and my friend G (a.k.a. BOS, these days) is coming over for dinner tonight. Which meant I had to go to the grocery store to get some salad fixins.
There is a cheap shoe store across from the grocery store.
Do you see where this is going?

Here is what I started out wearing this evening:

Blouse: Club Monaco
Cardi: Jacob
Jeans: H&M
Earrings: Guayaquil
Blue Suede Shoes: Luca Ferri via Globo ($19.97!!!! Real leather/suede!)

Half an hour of hitching the skinnies up on my hips (they are cheap= they grow= they fall down=they drive me mental) led me to swap ’em out for my boyfriend jeans. Which also grow and fall down, but are freshly-laundered and so should last the evening. Or at least until I have had enough wine not to care anymore.

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I asked J what to call my post today and he said “half my sweater is missing”. I couldn’t find a song called just that, but luckily Weezer had “Undone – The Sweater Song“.

It was very sunny today and rather warm (around 16C), so only half a sweater was needed. Here’s my silly outfit that made me want to dance (as you can see by the photos below and my video).  Nothing more to say …

me and my photographer

mid dance

jazz hands

shoes ... 2nd time in one week

What I wore:
Sweater: Half a Sweater. Bought 10 years ago at a second hand store – Notting Hill, London
Shirt: Pre-Loved , Toronto, Ontario
Skirt: Stefanel, bought in Prague
Tights: discovered a hole 😦 , Uniqlo
Shoes: Esska, from Mudfoot & Scruff

PS YYZ, we need a new banner. J says he’ll make one if we give him a new image. Do you have one we can use?

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Totally gratuitous cat photo. Because I can. 🙂

Okay, so it’s actually bright and sunshine-y here today, but it IS winter!
Yep, freezing and snowy. In spring.
Welcome to Canada.

I did not wear this today, but it is one of my ‘hanging out at home’ outfits and I even switched up the shoes for my riding boots and added a belt to wear it to school last night, so it counts.

Skirt: H&M
Tights & T: Joe Fresh
Shoes: Costa Blanca
Cardi: Sirens
Necklace: Anthropologie

Today I spent the day fiddling with little projects. You know the kind:  the ones that are tiny and so won’t take long to do and so are easy to put off and then end up piling up until you suddenly have 38 of them waiting in the wings…
I still have 35 in waiting.

Two were pleasurable, the third was a nightmare.
First, I fixed the very-sad curtains in our bedroom. They are now marginally less-sad. Until we win the lottery, I have just lost my mojo in the home improvement department. Our house is shabby and each room is chock-a-block with partially-finished crap and I am just sick to death of it. I thought fixing the 15-year-old, $17 Ikea curtains would make me feel better. Meh.

Project #2 was more fun: I finally got around to embellishing the lovely linen cushion covers I bought in London over Christmas. AT H&M!!! Oh, my GOD, Gentle Reader– they really do have HOMEWARES at H&M in the UK. LHR was going to do a blog post about our experience, but I don’t think she ever did get around to it. Maybe I will do it later. Suffice it to say, SUBLIME shopping. That is all.

In any case, I felt the sweet, birdy-printed ones were a bit bland, so I added some pretty glass beads I picked up for my hat-making adventures. I am quite pleased with the results.
You can see that G is also happy with them:


He seems wistful, doesn't he?

Finally, there are no photos of the final project because I was so frustrated by it that the last thing I wanted to do when at last I finished it was to take photos.
It also involved cushions. And hockey sweaters. And a sewing machine not designed to sew hockey sweaters. And some swearing. And some seam-ripping. And some more seam-ripping. And some very stupid mistakes on my part. And some more seam-ripping. And the hope that the young man for whom the cushions are destined keeps them FOREVER and makes his future wife put them on the sofa in the living room.
Fear not, LFS, they are done and they are just fine and I think you and he will like them! 🙂

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In the typical way I find out about anything, I was looking at Facebook and noticed someone’s status today: Elizabeth Taylor, R.I.P.

I quickly googled her name and found out that in fact Ms. Taylor had in fact died today. She was 79 and I’m sure there will be many articles, television specials and even fashion spreads featuring her life.

As a young girl, the first thing I always thought of when I heard her name was that fact she was married 6 times. In total it was 8 times with 7 men, but at the time it was only 6. I didn’t really think about the marriages per se, I was more interested in the weddings. I’m a sucker for weddings and wedding dresses (as you can see I’ve already taken the time to post about Kate’s upcoming dress). So, rather than pretend to know anything of real value about Elizabeth Taylor, I thought I would share some of her wedding dresses she wore at a few of her weddings.

Elizabeth marrying Conrad Hilton


Can we say good bra?

Not the traditional white dress. Yellow!

Not her wedding dress ... but with hubby - Richard Burton.

Going for the prim and proper look.

Now this colour is just bleh!

I didn’t find all the dresses so perhaps I’m making an due judgement on a limited set. However, it was an easy win. My favourite by a landslide is the first wedding dress when Elizabeth Taylor married Conrad Hilton (yes, somehow related to Paris!)

PS On a weird internet note, Dame Elizabeth’s last tweet:

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I arrived home Tuesday morning after a long travel day which started Monday back in Burlington, Canada. After arriving at the airport with tons of time to spare, I found out my flight was cancelled back to Boston. Sheesh, so I needed to buy a new last minute ticket back to the UK. It was a pain but I finally got home. YAY! Of course, I took the red-eye and of course I had to work on Tuesday.  So I really needed to wear something to wake me up or make me look awake. I chose to use COLOUR to do that. And, loads of it.

I put this ensemble together and thought  – I look like a clown! I wore it anyway.

Clown Trousers by Orla Kieley

Think Pink

My shoes which are just a half size too small

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This past weekend, LHR and I met up chez G & K in Boston. We hung out with the delightful X (whose favourite word is “Eb!”), but we left him home with the sitter while we went out and drank enough bubbly and vino to ensure sore heads the next day. Despite being in bed by 11:30 p.m….

This is the only photo that is not 100% horrible (K: if you are going to be a blog photog, you can’t take the shots from eye-level or everyone looks as if they have giant heads and really teensy feet…. 🙂 )
— it is 3000% horrible of me (partly due to ill-advised tank top choice, inexpertly rolled ankles of trousers and desperate need for a haircut, partly due to hideous facial expression) but everyone else looks good, so we are going with it. As LHR reminds me, this blog is about the good, the bad and the ugly.*


LHR is wearing a great outfit-- why she refuses to post about what she wears is beyond me. I am, as you can see, in my cargoes. Again. And the ankles are all wrong, so I look particularly dwarf-y... Great. Can we talk about G's fab shoes?!! (Sadly, you can't see her whole look--it's a good one!) And K, of course, looks dapper!

Dinner at The Franklin was deeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelicious and a grand time was had by all!

Thanks, G, K and X for a fantastic weekend in a beautiful house– you truly outdid yourselves with that second-trip-to-Target-in-ONE-day!

*clicking on the first link in this post makes me feel marginally better; at least I am not wearing a satin jumpsuit…

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YYZ: Éirinn Go Brách

When you have my surname (when you have my first name, for that matter), St. Patrick’s Day is a Big Deal. When we were kids, my dad made my mum make boiled corned beef and cabbage for dinner on the 17th of March.
Not a huge hit with my brother and I, I must say.

That tradition safely put by the wayside, I do still make a point of the “wearing of the green.”

Here’s how I did it this year.

Dress: Anthropologie
Jacket: H&M
Belt: Ardene
Shoes: 9 West
Square Cuff: I can’t remember at all.

Happy St. Paddy’s Day & Éirinn Go Brách!



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