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No way to post our wedding finery today, but here are some shots of the finished wedding hat I made before I left home.
(Because obviously you are surfing over here, rather than being glued to the set to see what Kate is wearing! Hee!)

As you read this, we will be elbow deep in champagne and pensioners at the Swanage community centre, getting ready for a cream tea on the pier in the afternoon.

Mazel tov, Kate & Wills!

And Happy Birthday, LFS!

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I have not had my hair cut in 10 WEEKS! I am soooooo ready!

Here is an outfit I wore to school one night. It was, alas, the last outing for these little 60s-inspired sling-backs.
I scraped the toe on the gas pedal of the car as I was getting out, ripping the vinyl (ahem) irreparably. 😦

Blazer, T-shirt, Jeans: H&M
Scarf: Aldo
Shoes: Sirens

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This is not what we are wearing today.
(Even though we both own a pair of shoes very similar to those black and white Oxfords!)
If I run across those polka-dot shabooties, however, I will certainly make them mine.
(Once I sell a kidney…)

Image source.

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YYZ: Painted Lady

Was it the paint-brush inspired print on my blouse that inspired me to cake on waaaay too much blush? Or just the crappy light in my bathroom…?

I went out for dinner with B, G and J to Salt last week. The wine was wonderful; the food, outrageously delicious; the company, fantastic; the conversation, fun and entertaining!
Thanks, Ladies!

Silk Top: Anthropologie
Skirt & Belt: H&M
Tights: No idea— maybe 9 West?
Shoes: Le Chateau

I switched to black tights, as I felt the contrast with my shoes was too much. But now that I look at these photos, I kinda like the purple. And I have shoes that colour, so next time I wear this outfit, I will wear them with it!

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YYZ: With All The Frills Upon It

Happy Easter, if you celebrate it. If not, Happy Long Weekend. I had big plans for this post– I was going to take some photos of the finished hat on my properly-coiffed head. That is not going to happen. I am writing this so I can set it up to publish while LHR and are talking walking, which means I am in the middle of trying to wedge what appear to be all my earthly belongings into my bags, taking into account the Draconian rules about liquids and gels, etc. Thus, no time for a proper shot of the hat. Sue me.

I thought you might be interested in some shots I took of it while it was a work in progress.

Why did I make this hat? No reason other than I just wanted to do it. Yay!

Trial rosette placement.

The fabric of the hat itself was a gift from my friend A– she got it at the Textile Museum. I love it! The ribbon was part of a remnants bag from Mokuba. The rosettes are made from raw silk remnants.

Front view.

The rosettes decrease in size as they get closer to the front. I wanted even smaller for the final few, but these were as small as I could make them– each petal is made from a 1″ square and to go smaller made it impossible to sew them.

Ribbon is gathered to follow downward curve of the hatband as it approaches the front of the hat.

I had lots of help, though that green ribbon proved VERY distracting to my apprentice.

Now I needed to come up with something for the centres of the flowers. I opted for more raw silk, choosing a cream colour to tie the rosettes visually to the ribbon on the other side of the hat.

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I wore this to have lunch with J and the delightful baby N. It is a bit costume-y, but I like it anyway!
Would I wear it anywhere other than to lunch with a girlfriend?  Maybe not– a bit much for anything other than hanging out and sipping wine and noshing yummy food, followed by a bit of shopping.
Wait–come to think of it, I’d also wear it to work, leggings and all! 🙂

Jacket & Green Belt: H&M
Blue Belt: Ardene
Dress: Femme de Carriere
Leggings: Nicole Miller
Shoes: Luca Ferri
Scarf: Vintage

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YYZ: Pussyfootin’

LHR and I are off to trek the Dorset coast over the next week, on a talking walking tour.  We will not be stylish, though I promise a royal wedding post once I get back to my computer the following week. I have set up a few posts to keep you entertained/disgusted/bored while we are away.

Today, my mum and I are heading across the pond. You know I would be wearing these if I could.
(Nightmare at security–imagine getting these off and on again in a hurry!)

You can get yourself a pair here.
(Or, if you are M, you can get ME a pair. Size 7, Honey.)

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