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YYZ: Time Is On My Side

Actually, time is (most emphatically) NOT on my side: the tsunami of marking has crashed down upon me, leaving me wondering whether it is acceptable to skip showering in the noble pursuit of possibly using the time I would spend in the shower to mark another assignment. Remind me again why I did not pursue “Wal-Mart Greeter” as my career of choice? Those folks ain’t spendin’ every waking minute chained to a pile of papers to be marked…

Last week, at some point, I wore this:

Dress: H&M
Belt: Maybe Ardene? Maybe Aldo? Can’t remember.
Shoes: 9 West

No links today– no time!

If anyone has a spare Magic Marking Wand, I am willing to pay top dollar for it– contact me via the comments. I will check them when I come up for air, some time in November.

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YYZ: Chantilly Lace

While on a shopping extravaganza with YVR in her hometown, I happened upon a lovely dress.
It was so cute!
It was $350.
It was NOT gonna happen.
Then, the salesgirl mentioned that it was on sale. Hmmm. Maybe
Couldn’t hurt to try it on, right?

Then, the salesgirl mentioned that the stuff on the sale rack was even MORE on sale.
Like, 75%-off-the-lowest-price-on-sale.

So, I tried it on.
And it looked….. awful.
Cute shape, dreadful colour.
How sad was I?

Fear not, Gentle Reader. YVR tried on the dress. And she looked A.MAZ.ING.
The colour that washed me out– a lovely, pearly grey– made her already-luminous skin and hair look even more gorgeous.

I got the same dress. In black. So much less exciting, but SUCH a cute dress!
Maybe YVR will send me a photo of herself in it so I can show you how grand she looks in it. (Hint, hint…)

Today, I wore my version of the dress with my (p)leather jacket and a pair of shoes I also bought with YVR, many moons ago.

Sadly, the textures, which are really the focus of this outfit, don’t show in the photos as well as I would have liked.

Dress: Diplomatic Immunity
Vintage Brooch (worn at waist):  hand-me-down from my mum
Snakeskin Shoes: 9 West
Pleather Jacket & Brass Bangles: H&M

(Sorry– no links today, as computer refuses to load webpages…)

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LHR: Maximum Security

I had to fly to Berlin on Friday. That meant a security check at the airport which in turn meant I had to shop.

What? You don’t understand the connection? Let’s just say that thanks to my sucker-inner Victoria’s Secret push up slip (yes!) I was wearing, I set off every alarm. Now imagine being patted down while wearing one of these. BIG MISTAKE. Strange looks from the woman who had the pleasure of patting me down. I could see her every thought – WTF? So, lucky me, I got sent to the x-ray machine that basically takes a naked photo of yourself. Can you imagine what I looked like? I shudder to think. Then, they sent another person over to pat me down again. I was mortified to think of what they saw. Anyway, this whole ordeal lasted 10 minutes and I felt violated.

So …. when I got through with it, I ran to the first store I saw – FCUK. I managed to get over my embarrassment by quickly buying a few little treats for me. It was truly retail therapy.

Today, I wore one of my purchases.

Big Bold and I think rather Beautiful

As you can see I purchased a rather boldly designed slip dress at French Connection. As I live in the UK, the only way I could wear it before next June without freezing, I would have to pair it with some rather wintery accessories. Thus the orange tights and purple cardigan. Looking at YYZ’s clothing from last week, we clearly live on two different continents. She’s complaining about being too hot and I’m barely warm enough with tights and a sweater. Anyway, I think it was a rather bold play, but I personally liked it.

My shoes were Kurt Geiger from eBay

Even my crazy laptop bag matched my outfit today - coordination or what?

Necklace purchased at some boot sale with YYZ (do you remember which one?)

Laughing with my photographer

The Details:
Dress: French Connection, London Heathrow, Terminal 1
Tights: Orange, Uniqlo
Cardigan: Purple, need to check the label
Shoes: Kurt Geiger, eBay (thanks to Fiona from Y!)
Necklace: Bootsale, France (YYZ, is this true)
Earrings: Notting Hill (but i forget the store)
Laptop Bag: Built (bought originally for my niece but it was too small – lucky me!)

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let me, let me, let me get what I want this time.

This dress caused quite a stir at work today, and not just because it was better suited to a day with a temperature a good 10-15 degrees warmer than today’s temperature!

People liked the colours, the cheeriness, the cut.  Several people liked the painterly quality. BMad liked it so well that he had me drop in to his Grade 12 Art class so that he could remind them of pointillism, Seurat, and this painting. Of course, that made me think of this.

How has less than a month of school ERASED any signs of being well-rested garnered via a YEAR away from work?! Blimey.

Dress: Suzy Shier
Blue Belt: Ardene
Orange Belt & Plum Bangles: H&M
Shoes: Globo 

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YYZ: I’m Like A Bird

Actually, I am nothing at all like a bird.
Well, maybe a bit like one of those naughty parrots who’s been taught to swear like a sailor…

Summer is a-fading, so I am trying to get in as many summery outfits as I can before the loooooooooooong haul of wearing winter clothes begins.

Here’s one:

Top: Anthropologie
Belt & Cuff: Aldo
Skirt: Zara
Shoes:  Payless

Laughing at G, thus the wonky expression. Sorry about the end-of-the-day photos-- I promise that this outfit was ironed when I left the house.

Of course this top made me think about the brilliantly goofy series YVR introduced to me while I was out on the Left Coast.

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YYZ: Oops, I Did It Again

In a bid to make getting out the door in the morning a bit more painless and a bit speedier, I have been choosing and ironing my outfit the night before.

(This New Normal will end once the marking rolls in– there will be no time for outfit planning once my priority is making a dent in my homework before bedtime.)

Today, the flaw in my plan revealed itself:  it got waaaaay too hot for tights today, but there was no time to change the outfit plan before I left for work, so I just sweated it out all day. 🙂

Dress, Belt & Tights/Leggings: H&M
(Yeah, I said leggings!)
Cameo Cuff: Bennie & Olive. I think it was a gift, probably from LHR.
Necklace: I can’t remember!
Shoes: Pour La Victoire

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Friday FINALLY came, and although Meet The Creature the night before left me longing to crawl under my desk and curl up for a loooooong nap, I made it through the day somehow.

I wore this dress, snagged in the Anthro sale room. Sure, it was missing its belt and straps, but I have belts-a-plenty (and subscribe to the Never Wear The Belt That Comes WITH A Garment rule) and if I want straps at some point, I will make some.  Since the dress is strapless, I covered up with my trusty shrug by way of making it work-appropriate.

A word about the motif on the dress. I hate butterflies. Yep, I do– judge all you want
. As far as I am concerned, the butterfly is the animal world’s version of this post’s title song– nothing but a BUG in fancy dress. And I am not a bug girl. At all.

BUT, on Friday we had “House Lunch” and the house of which I am a proud member has as its mascot the not-so-noble butterfly. Ew.
And our colours are orange and royal blue.
And the dress is cute. And was on sale for $40. So I bought it.

Dress: Anthropologie
Belt & Cuff: H&M
Shoes: Globo

Dang– these photos might be the blurriest yet!

Yes, it is on the list of Most Sexist Songs In History. But it’s also Trooper, so hard not to love, right?

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