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This is amazing! Sarah Burton talks a bit about my favourite part of fashion: the art of making it, the craft of the pattern-cutter and the art of those who do the actual construction of the garment.

(Cathy Horyn talks too much about herself, but you can just tune her out and revel in the gobsmacking visuals– INSIDE a McQueen dress.)

Total, unadulterated, fashion geekery– in short,  PORN.

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Please go here to see LHR’s latest post, including her groovy hat. Okay, it’s J’s groovy hat, but it works with her outfit.

My apologies, LHR, for usurping your post in my enthusiasm over this. Post more often and we won’t be so starved for your sartorial splendour! (We want NYC outfits, please! Maybe evening ones, as work swag Ts, however cute, are not as fun as your regular clothes. Also, please spend a bomb at Theory for me, as I can’t be there to do it myself… 🙂 )

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YYZ: Fame!

Our bedroom decor‘s gonna live forever! (Immortalized on the interweb. 🙂 )

Oh, my goodness!
Margaret, from Penny Dreadful Vintage, a blogger whom I admire very much (her mantle-scape, featuring a HUGE print of this Smiths album cover,

makes me swoon with delight and a frisson of envy…),  posted a link to my bedroom storage makeover!
Wow! I am so flattered to think someone liked it enough to share it! Thanks, Margaret– you made my day!

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I didn’t really wear this hat to work.  It just happened to be on the hat form we have in our living room. And, given the outfit was a bit *oh hum*, I thought I’d throw it on to add a little pizzazz to my post.

This hat is actually J’s hat. In fact, he designed the brand identity and website for Cuyana where these hats are sold. I hope this little tidbit of information makes this post more interesting.

The Hat sitting on a form

MJ - Eat your heart out.


Being silly to add some spice to this post

Detailed look at the waistcoat which I just can't throw out.

What I wore:
Shoes: Black and Cream Patent by Laura J (first seen here)
Trousers: Mocha Coloured Trousers, Vente-Privee
Top: Black shirt from Jacob (worn here)
Waistcoat: (that’s what they call them in LHR-land):  Karn Goode, (no links on the interweb because this waistcoat is obviously 20 yrs old)
Necklace: Pearls – yes, PEARLS! (they’re supposed to be ironic, but not sure it came across that way)
Hat: Cuyana

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A song about a bird*, since I’ve already used up my Portlandia reference…
Strict librarian look today:

Dress: Femme de Carriere
Lace Stay-Ups: Marks & Sparks
Shoes: Globo
Put-A-Bird-On-It Necklace: Target 

Yep, that is a greasy spot of SALAD DRESSING on my skirt. When will I learn to eat without wearing my meal?!

Looking totally stunned, but trying to show you my cute necklace...

 *I know it’s Leonard’s, but I actually like the version in the first link better. Sorry!

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A dark, dreary, chilly, grey day and a sorta boring black & white outfit were crying out for a little fun, a little silliness.

 It was a hit with the adults, but the students were (for the most part) just plain mystified by it.

Ah, the younger generation– no sense of nostalgia for the days when ladies wore hats!

Blouse & Belt: Jacob
Skirt: H&M
Shoes: Adrienne Vittadini
Hat: Made by Me
Earrings: Anthropologie

 *Yeah, I know it’s not winter yet, but I had to play it a bit fast and loose with the seasons to get an appropriate lyric.

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That title is for J. 🙂

Actually, this Thanksgiving, we had steak, not turkey. And a good thing, too, as it was 30 degrees Celsius and we sat outside in the sun and turkey would just have been wrong on such a summery day.

We trekked down to NOTL to spend the day with M’s family and a lovely time was had by all (except our poor sis-in-law, who had a terrible toothache. Ouch!). My MIL outdid herself in the food department, as always, the steak was done to perfection, the hosts wined and dined us with style and grace, L had a great time in the hot tub (she is so little that it is like her own private pool) while her brother practiced his new walking skills and it was just very nice to spend some time together as a family.

Here is what I wore. It is a bit weird, but I was baffled by the weather. It is FALL, after all, but it was sooo warm out. And I had new brown boots (which you can’t see too well in this photo– must do better in future). So, I came up with this sorta goofy, not very interesting or good-looking get-up. Whatever.

In the role of “Dress”, the ubiquitous Denim Drunic: H&M
Scarf: gift from my mum, several T-givings ago. Bought here.
Boots: Winners.
I forget who made them and am too lazy to go and check, but they are Italian and as soft as butter. Mmm….

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