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YYZ: And Your Bird Can Sing

Running out of bird/feather songs & lyrics…

This is not what I wore today– I wore it one day last week. I love the skirt, but it is a leftover from my 30-pounds-heavier days and, though it has been altered, it still fits kinda funny and can’t be altered any further. I tried it with a top over it and belted and it kinda worked, but still was pretty unflattering from the side. (Notice that there are no photos of that view!)

Top: Zara
(it’s basically a McQueen-inspired sweatshirt. Brilliant! Of course, you cannot see the seaming at the neckline, nor can you see the fabulous, structured shoulders.)
Skirt: Comrags
Belt: I no longer remember
Shoes: Tahari
Tights: M&S

Pink feathers quilted under a layer of black organza in the skirt fabric. Amazing.

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YVR: Waking Up In Vegas

  Here is YVR in Vegas (baby!),  rocking  her version of the dress we both bought on our Vancouver shopping spree this past summer. YVR’s dress is the palest grey– it is so very, very pretty!– and it looks amazing on her, as you can see. Also, please note her gorgeous shoes.  She will have to post the designer/maker details in the comments for you all.

This woman is beyond beautiful, no?

Car in background will make BMad happy.

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The return to work after a long weekend demanded some colour– a desperate and futile ploy to make the whole ugly situation more palatable. My favourite comment of the day came from a student whom I do not know. She said, “Your outfit makes me happy.”  🙂

Cat snuggles make me happy.

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Blouse: Jacob
Skirt & Bangles: H&M
Tights & Shoes: 9 West

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YYZ: Black or White

A title tribute to MJ, this week of the verdict in his doctor’s murder trial.

A bit of shopping over the weekend yielded some new goodies. I tried to buy colour, I really did. But the colours this season are NOT good ones for me. In fact, they are the olives, rusts and other drab shades that just make me feel depressed. These were the colours of my childhood in the 70s and, while my childhood was perfectly lovely, I remember finding these colours ugly and unappealing even then.  The scarring legacy of the avocado kitchen range and burnt orange carpet lives on, it would seem.  My Aunt K looks GREAT in all these shades, (as do many people out there), and I like them on her.
But I have to admit, I am not into the earth tones– they really do just bum me out.

And so. I came home with black. Lots and lots and LOTS of black. For one thing, it looks good with my new hair colour, and not too many other colours do. In fact, I find that, of all colours, black looks best with my new hair colour. Thus, for the nth year in a row, I have vowed to fill my wardrobe with colour and have ended up with all black.

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Cowl Neck Top: Femme de Carriere
Skirt: Zara
Tights: Moda, via Comrags
Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell
Cuff: H&M

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YYZ: Green Day

YVR will recognize this outfit, purchased at full price (VERY bad!) at Anthropologie in a fit of self-pity at the depressing prospect of having to return to work.  After all, isn’t that really what back-to-school shopping is REALLY all about? It’s just retail therapy, dressed up as some kind of celebration of a “new start” but I’m not fooled: it’s a lame attempt to drown our sorrow at the end of summer hols in a slew of pretty new things.

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Skirt & Blouse (yes! I said “blouse”!): Anthro
Shoes: 9 West
Earrings: Somewhere in the Sufferin’ Mall
Belt: H&M
Fishnet Stockings: Um, no idea. Nope, can’t remember at all. Sorry.

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…is what someone at work called me when I wore this last week.

I am so tired of my wardrobe– I seem to have outgrown my old style, yet my wardrobe remains entrenched in that very style… This dress, easy, comfy, kinda boring, needed a bit of a boost. So my new hot pink tights seemed like the perfect idea. Naturally, they lasted until mid-morning, when I snagged them on the nasty little sliver that lurks on the underside of my desk drawer and, like a serial killer in a B-movie, just keeps tallying up victims in the form of my prettiest, most beloved tights… Sigh.

The exhausted look is very in these days... (End of the day photos, what can I say?)

Dress (with cute ruffles, rendered completely invisible in my crap photos): Costa Blanca
Tights: Secret
Shoes: Tahari
Bracelet: Aldo
Necklace: Vintage brooch, bought at West Bay boot sale with LHR, worn on a grosgrain ribbon.



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For Hallowe’en this year, BMad suggested that he and reprise I the costume M and I wore  many years ago to the infamous (and yet-to-be-topped) “I See Dead People” party hosted by J and LHR when they lived here in T.O.

Is it a totally appropriate costume for our workplace? Maybe not…. On the other hand, sometimes people are drug addict/punk rock stars who do murder their drug addict girlfriends and then do o.d. in jail and who would we be if we were not raising these important issues for discussion with the young minds of today?
(Also, no one except [some of] the adults in the building knew who we were supposed to be*.)

I look like an idiot in these, as I was trying to look sulky and bratty, but had a bad case of the giggles, brought on by BMad’s gleeful joy at wearing eyeliner…

Just so you can see that our shoes are in character, too.

*My favourite overheard comment of the day was from a conversation between two grade 9 girls:
“Oh! Did you see? It’s so cute! Mr. P and Ms. O came dressed as grunge rockers!”
Jesus wept, people. Jesus wept.

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