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LHR: Time Out

In November, I wore this grey ensemble. I didn’t have time to post it. Now that I have some Time Out from LHR, I can do it. Here goes … (pics are a bit dark)

All in Grey

My cool cuff makes this rather grey day.

What I wore:
Trousers: Grey Culottes seen here
Shirt: burgundy ironless shirt by Banana Republic
Sweater: Grey short sleeved (acrylic – I’m sure) sweater by Banana Republic
Cuff: crazy decopage number from YYZ (worn last year too)
Boots: over the knee black leather boots bought at specchio about 7 years ago

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Out here in the interior of B.C., 30 cm of snow does not count. Everyone we meet bemoans how snow-less it is. M and I are all, “Are you kidding?!”

Packing to come out here, I realized that my (favourite) ski jacket had a broken zipper, the result of a run-in with a closing closet door. This sad state of affairs led to some ill-fated MacGyvering by my brother and M, ending in a much MORE broken zipper…. Thus, the need to spend more money than was strictly necessary on a NEW ski jacket. It even has an avalanche transponder-thingie built in. To wit, it is far more ski jacket than a city girl like me will ever need. EVER. M thinks I will never wear it again. I am determined to prove him wrong.

S & S can REALLY ski/board!

Lovers of the 80s, fasten your seatbelts– my new jacket is all very Sun Ice, circa 1984! I got lots of good feedback at the hill, though!

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I have been telling YYZ for weeks that I had a few posts up my sleeve. However, I just needed to get my arse in gear. Turns out I need to be heading off to Canada to feel the real pressure. So, look at me 2 posts in 2 days. Whoohoo!

My post for today was actually a post from November. I also have a lot of photos from my trip to South Africa, but if I can throw in a shot of my new hat, I might be able to sneak it in as a fashion post. Stay tuned for that post and another post featuring Christmas lights and windows in London from 2011. Then I’ll be sort of caught up.

OK now to a recent, but actually quite 80s (Michael Jackson) inspired outfit. Plus, you’ll see why I entitled this post Rudolph (yup, the nose – really should touch up make-up before I get my pics taken)

Adjusting my sleeves

Buttoned Up

Unbuttoned and Nose Exposed

What I wore:
Trousers: Gray, Zara
Top: Gray (anti-iron – don’t believe it) shirt from Banana Republic bought in NYC
Vest: Burgundy, from the early 90s by anon, who was a friend of Margot’s (my Ogilvy friend).
Jacket: BCBG, purchased in San Francisco on a whim. Great decision. I find BCBG is very expensive, but the 3 items I own I wear over and over. So, I find they’re winners in the end on a cost per wear.
Earrings: Vintage, rhinestone
Brooch: Vintage, rhinestone and black glass
Socks: Burgundy
Shoes: You’ve seen these silver brogues many times before. They’re Office and YYZ has them too.

I kind of thought the short trousers, socks and brogues were a bit MJ. Do you agree?

Plus, I thought I would get you in the Christmas mood with some shots from last year’s decorations. We took these shots when YYZ was visiting us here in London. Enjoy and happy shopping! Here is YYZ and the Tiffany’s display at Somerset House

Outdoor tree designed by Tiffany's at Somerset House

YYZ sporting her cute little hat and the shoes featured in this post.

Cupcakes in the Tiffany Box

A really BIG little blue Tiffany Box

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LHR: L’ Amour Fou

Last night (or more like a month a go, based on the fact I’m just posting today), I was fortunate enough to attend  a TEST event (showing of  L’ Amour Fou) at the Town Hall Hotel in Bethnal Green.

I believe YYZ and I went to the bar in the Town Hall back in May. So, she can attest to its total coolness. I love EVERYTHING about it. This hotel/restaurant/event space was once the old town hall of the area, and the interior is Art-Deco speckled with intriguing art curiousities (check out their photo gallery and virtual tours to understand the goodness). The event took place in the council chambers.

The Council Room

The Screening Room. We sat on the right hand side.

Yummy, yummy drinks to be enjoyed while watching the wonders of YSL.

Before I get in to the main event – L’Amour Fou (Yves St. Laurent Doc) – here are some shots of this gorgeous space.

Town Hall Lobby

clock in lobby

Old dentist chair with tailor’s closet

Enjoying the dentist chair

And, on to the main event – the film. L’Amour Fou is a documentary about Yves St. Laurent as recounted through his business and life partner, Pierre Bergé. Yves’ story, designs, life, inspiration is told by Pierre as he prepares to sell their mutual collection of art and furniture. Christie’s auction house would host one of the century’s biggest sale. Here’s a trailer for the fillm. Watch it.

The Christie’s Auction was an art installation in itself. The sheer number of lots and the excitement from the art and fashion communities was immense.  Add in investors who felt it was best to put their money in art rather than the wobbly stock market, the auction was probably the sale of the century. Check out this section to see which of Yves and Pierre’s prized possessions were sold. The entire collection fetched  $483 million. I also think seeing what YSL surrounded himself with helps to show where he got some of his inspiration.

The film  itself (not surprisingly) reminded me how incredibly talented Yves St. Laurent was and how early he achieved so much. His collections for the House of Dior were all incredible – every single piece I would love to own and put on Judy even if it didn’t suit me. (yes, YYZ, Judy one day will come home)

Later on, under his own label, he really proved to be a pioneer in fashion from the styles/designs to the idea of couture houses becoming accessible (and ultimately relevant) via ready to wear collections. Brilliant.

This film is beautiful. I loved every minute of it. Seeing snippets of YSL’s collections from years gone by and seeing how his life and the world around him influenced the collections. His love and time in  Morocco can be seen clearly in his collections. It also reminded me that I had the privilege of visiting his garden in Morocco.

Seeing the connections between his life and his designs made me appreciate the detail, the fabrics and the styles even more. Designs which were a mystery to me in the past, were put in to perspective understanding the stages of  his own life, the world around him and how one fed in to the other.  All I can say is I would be mighty impressed if a designer could create one dress/outfit on the level of YSL, but 200 in a collection – year after year. That’s sheer brillance and art.

Seeing this film brought back the memories and the feelings I experienced as I walked through the YSL retrospective at the de Young gallery in San Francisco. I was so incredibly lucky to see such a collection of his work in person. I remember wanting to gaze at the pieces for hours and hours. I wanted to be the person who could create such amazing pieces.


I sell business cards 🙂 Oh well. We each have our paths. If you have the chance, find a way to see L’Amour Fou if nothing to be lost in his brilliance and see YSL’s designs and the art  that he chose to surround himself with. (warning: it’s sad too – obviously – but that adds to what makes the film so captivating. It’s real life – ups and downs)

PS I’m forever thankful for YSL and the trapeze dress which hide’s a multitude of sins.

PSS YYZ, I know this is filled with poor english and grammar – feel free to edit. Too tired, but had to post and now to Christmas shop on Regent street (really looking forward to the champagne at the end of the day in Liberty’s)

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