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LHR: Stripes

As part of my early January splurge, I bought this body hugging little dress. Unfortunately, it’s not very forgiving of recent splurges in the food department. Oh well, I used my sucker-inner from Victoria’s Secret to smooth out the rolls.

Hip Hugging Stripes


Butterflies and Skulls

What I wore?
Dress: Black, Khaki, Gold Striped Dress from Mango
Jacket: BCBG bought in San Francisco
Shirt: Khaki Tee
Necklaces: Butterfly Necklace from Aunt Jacqui and Skull Necklace (from me)
Tights: Black, woolen
Shoes: Black shoes from Le Chateau (YYZ and I bought them together this past Xmas)

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The Lovers, The Dreamers and Me

Here is what I wore this past Tuesday. The skirt has a lovely, sarong-y, 50s-ish detail at the hip.
You can’t see it in the photos, so you will have to take my word for it.

The inspiration for the outfit was the cuff. The colour combo of pink and green is one of my faves, and this super-saturated version is more “me” than the pale, preppy version.

Blouse & Skirt: Femme de Carriere
Stockings: Pierre Cardin
Shoes: 9 West
Cuff: Aldo Accessories
Earrings: a little boutique on Sherbrooke Street in Montreal, many moons ago.

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No, Gentle Reader, I have not been going nekkid these past few weeks, I have just been too busy to take a photo before leaving for work in the morning. By the time I get home at night, I look too rumpled/haggard or feel too tired and footsore to put my heels back on and do a photo shoot. Laziness meets busy-ness and the blog languishes, what can I say?

This week was Spirit Week at school. Each day had a dress-code theme: Grade Colour Day (My colour? Black. Really? That’s no fun at all– I wear black every day anyway– where’s the spirit in that?), Green & Gold Day (school colours), “Geek Chic” Day (bow ties and tape on our glasses), Sporty Day (I wore the only sporty thing I own: my bowling shoes) and today, Artsy Day.

Artsy Day? Seriously? The Grade 12s, inexplicably, felt this was a call to dress in full-on grunge style. It was bizarre– they all looked like they’d raided my wardrobe circa 1992…. Artsy? Not so much. Whatever.

I think I am more craftsy than artsy, so I wore my (new!) denim tunic (yes! another one!) and gussied it up by wearing some sewing tools.

My mum got me a gorgeous tape measure from a sweet little shop on Columbia Road in London and I made it into a necklace by threading my funky spiderweb scissors through it.

I also made myself a little sign exhorting people to “make something.”

I used it as an excuse to try out a tutorial for making rick-rack flowers— I love the tiny, glittery peony I made!

Tunic: Joe Fresh
Tights: Pierre Cardin
Shoes: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony
Tape Measure: Beyond Fabrics
Scissors: The Work Room
“Make something” sign: made by me, with bits and bobs from my stash


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