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LHR: Brand New Friend

Have we had this title before? I hope not. The loose connection with the title and today’s outfit will be quickly understood by YYZ. The reference is to Lloyd Cole and the Commotions (duh?!)*

*Did you know this song is actually from 1985. Ah the 80s. Loved them and still love them.

Anyway, YYZ totally knows the connection. When she was last here, she met this little fluffy fella below and she called him Lloyd  because he was her brand new friend (get the connection?). Today, as we walked home along Mildmay Grove North, I mentioned to J that maybe we would see Lloyd. I called out his name. At first, he was nowhere to be found and then like a bullet he whizzed past me. I called him back and had him pose for YYZ. Here he is – YYZ’s brand new friend.

Lloyd running out of the photo

This weekend was an incredibly rich weekend. Rich with the goodness that is London (at least according to me) and of course ended with Lloyd. I think I might even have another post to do because of both the weekend and Friday’s outfit.

Ssuffice it to say, we did loads of cultural stuff and it culminated on Sunday’s outing to see Cate Blanchet in Big and Small at the Barbican. Her performance was off the charts. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an actress give a performance any close to what Ms. Blanchett did. I was spellbound. And of course so was everyone else when they saw me in my absolutely fabulous ensemble 🙂

It was rather chilly and rainy all weekend. That’s why you’ll see gray was featured far and wide as was wool and cashmere.

Here I am holding a theatre poster. No, it's not for the show I had just seen but one coming up in Shoreditch later in May

Recognize the front door? Yes, it's ours. It was as much a surprise to us as anyone else.

I decided the neckline needed a little help. A little black headband worn as a neck corsage works everytime.

Purple Boots

What I wore to see Cate?
Shorts: Mango, London
Tights: Who knows?
Boots: Spice, London
Shirt: Burgundy Banana Republic, New York City
Sweater: Gray or Grey Cashmere by A Giannetti (not sure a real brand, couldn’t find much online), bought at Winners in Edmonton (YES!)
Necklace/Corsage: headband purchased at Aldo
Belt: I think I snagged it from my Mum the last time I was home

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I don’t disagree with Kermit about much, but on this point we differ:  it is easy being green, actually.
Because, as I have mentioned previously, these trousers are too big and only get bigger as the day rolls on, so it is very much like wearing pyjamas.

Also, although I did not document the outfits, I wore green three days out of five this week.

Finally, Friday calls for sparkles.

Shirt: Holt Renfrew
Sequined T-shirt & Green Jeans: H&M
Shoes: M&S

That's my sweet P in the background!

 Oh, and it SNOWED. In defiance of Canadian “spring,” I wore my open-toed shoes anyway.

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So, not a lyric, but a musical connection.*

These trousers cost all of $14.95. There is nothing more to say, is there?
(Ethics? Morals? Taking a stand against disposable fashion in all its evil? Apparently not.)

 Jacket: Femme de Carriere
Tank: Jacob
Trousers & Necklace: H&M
Shoes: Globo
Earrings: Ten Things

The vintage suitcase is not in its usual spot. In other words, something in the room is DIFFERENT. And thus, it Must Be Investigated.

Not too interested in smiling for the camera...

*I thought this song was a good choice for this blog!

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My jeans cotton twill trousers here in Ontari-ari-ari-o, took that old lyric to heart.

Thing is, I have been wanting BRIGHT green jeans* for some time now. But all I could find were sort of muddy green jeans. Ew. I tried to assuage the craving with a red pair (on which I promptly spilled nailpolish…) and a pink pair (which make my thighs appear to be sealed in sausage-casing), but to no avail.

While picking up a couple of things for dinner yesterday, I found myself (inexplicably!) in H&M. Ahem.
Where I found BRIGHT green jeans!
For $25!
In a size too big for me!


But, as I am pretty well in-between sizes at H&M, I thought they might work out okay. And, when I put them on, I suddenly understood why legions of North American women are drawn to wearing clothes that are too big for them: SOOOOOOOOOOO comfy! And, since they were only a smidgey-smidgen too big, off I went to work.

On the hottest, most humid day we have had since last summer.

And so, Gentle Reader, my jeans cotton twill trousers did what all cheap trousers do: they grew. Combine the cheapness of the jeans cotton twill trousers with the heat and humidity and ensuing persperation, and these babies got their Grinch on: they grew three sizes! Sigh. I will attempt to shrink them, despite the very real danger that doing so will cause them to fade. And you know what?  Though I am pretty sure that it is WRONG, WRONG, WRONG to have “they are gigantic and feel like pjs” as a criterion when selecting wardrobe items, I admit to seeing how it might be a rather seductive criterion….

A very windy day has wrought havoc with my ‘do! (Also: That is Starla’s tail in the bottom, right-hand corner…)

Silk Top: Zara
Necklace: Top Shop
Jeans: H&M
Shoes: Le Chateau 

*which I would never, ever wear to work!

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Every year at school, a colleague and I and the Book Club organize an event based on Canada Reads. A panel of students present novels, one per student, which they love and think the whole school would like to read. Then, over the course of a week, kids campaign for their books or in support of a book from the panel and they vote online for their favourite. This year, our first-ever middle schoolers presented as our first-ever duo and their novel won.

Today, about a month after the vote (to give people time to read the winning novel), we had our lunchtime discussion of the novel. Complete with theme lunch– yum!

Can you guess what the winning novel was?
I dressed in tribute (hint, hint) to one of the characters:

“Hat” (it’s really a giant corsage) & Belt: Le Chateau
Top: Zara
Skirt: Comrags
Tights: Gift from LHR
Shoes: Dollhouse
Ring: I can’t remember!

 I did my make-up in my best Effie-ish style.

My beautiful tights from LHR did not fare at all well when I washed them a year or so ago– the gorgeous feather design all but disappeared. Effie would never wear something as understated as faded tights, so before work today, I whipped out the glitter glue and tarted up the design a bit by emphasizing the spine of each feather. I like it!

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