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YYZ already knows this but I’m going through some ‘stuff’. Don’t worry it isn’t major like I’m losing a limb or anything like that but it is still stuff I have to go through.

Last week in particular was a doozer. I was not a happy camper. That was until Saturday…

YAY for SaturDAY!
It was a day meeting with old friends – Daryl (my friend from eBay days) and David (J’s OCA buddy) were both in town. What fun! Two Canadian friends visiting in London on the same day.

The day  started early with breakfast at Automat. I actually was there 30 minutes early so went to check on the Queen at the palace.  It looked like things were in full swing for the upcoming Jubilee festivities. I don’t have a photo but you’ll have to believe me. [ed. I do have a shot of Oxford street instead]

Jubilee Mania

Back to the morning ….I met Daryl and we had a good catch up over breakfast. Well, I basically spoke at Daryl  for an hour and half. Then she was keen to visit Dover Street Market. She was encouraging me to buy a £1300 dress and I ALMOST tried it on. I knew if I tried it on, it would lead to too much therapy. The good thing about Dover Street Market is you can get so much goodness from just being in its walls. I just love the space and goodies found within. Unfortunately, they are very strict about taking photos there. So, I didn’t

Then I went to meet with J and David. After enjoying a tipple, David was keen to visit Office. No, it isn’t work (thank god – it’s a shoe store) Twist my arm and I’ll be convinced to visit  a shoe shop. Anyway, upon entering I saw what I needed and snagged them. Yes them.  2 pairs.

I wore one pair Wednesday.They’re called Macho. Hilarious.

New tan coloured Office shoes.

I wasn’t going to share the outfit because it is a bit lame, but YYZ will get angry . I’ll use the excuse that I was super tired and thus lazy this morning as I returned late last night from Paris (yes – see) As a result, I just felt like being comfy today…

This is not the droid you are looking for. Move along

Here are the other shoes I also bought on the trip to Office. I think they were a good purchase. Plus given they were called MANHATTAN and YYZ are meeting there this weekend, they are even more appropriate. YIP YIP!

Blue lovelies

Now you would think 2 pairs of shoes, hanging out with Daryl and David would have been enough to clear the blues. But, I thought it necessary to pull out all the stops. We went to Liberty’s – which is such a treat. It’s just a gorgeous experience. Usually I can spend a good hour in it, not buy anything and feel spectacularly alive.

Here’s a bit of what I saw. I love the fact they used silver balloons to call out Stella McCartney‘s line. Lush.

Stella at liberty, originally uploaded by praguelondon.

Liberty’s was also all decked out ready for Queenie’s jubilee. There was old fashioned red, white, blue bunting throughout.

Bunting and more bunting. YYZ Heaven.

As always I can find myself lost looking at all the goodness in Liberty’s from notecards, to quirky teapot lights, to chocolates (yes they have a room dedicated just to chocolate), to clothing and today I got caught in the sunglass department. Feeling particularly down from the week, I made a decision on the spot that I was going to be outrageous and just purchase a ridiculously priced pair. So, I spent the next hour trying some on.

Here are a few pics from that adventure.

Tom Ford Figure 8 style glasses.

J and David agreed that the figure 8 was slightly distracting and told me to try another pair. Sorry Tom.

Prada Baroque Sunglasses

These were the runner ups.

I tried on probably no less than 25 pairs. It was fun and silly and then ended up with this oversized pair by Balenciaga

J sporting the winning pair.

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So, to explain the title. I am not a cadaver, obviously. But in November, my Aunt K and her daughter and came to town so that P and her pals could see a (and, I swear, I am NOT making this up) Finnish folk metal band called Korpiklaani.
(Folk metal?!!?)
When we dropped them off at the venue, we learned that the band opening for them was a punk band called….
Polkadot Cadaver.

I was tempted to buy one of their T-shirts….

Ruffled front to “disguise” my tummy. I can’t believe I have succumbed.

In France, polka dots are called “petits pois”– little peas! I believe they call them “spots” or maybe just “dots” in the UK (LHR will have to confirm or deny).  And here where I live, I call them DIVINE. I just love me a polka-dot– big ones, pin-dots, all sizes. It is hard not to love something as happy-looking as polka dots.

So, despite the fact that I had gone in to Zara looking for a brightly coloured, shrunken blazer and they did not have one, I was more than consoled when I spotted (hee!) this one. I have worn it at least once a week since I bought it in mid-March.

The scarf is a new purchase, my treat to myself while shopping this past weekend with LFS. I needed a treat, given that I was shopping with a 6 foot-tall, supermodel-esque goddess who looks fabulous in everything she wears. Puts things (and by “things” I do mean “my hips and ass“) into pretty harsh perspective.
Thus, a ridiculously overpriced, neon pink scarf from J. Crew.

Silk Blazer: Zara
Middle-Aged Lady Ruffle-Front Top: Jacob
Trousers: Theory
Shoes: 9 West
Scarf: J. Crew

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