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This one cost me $40 in Kensington Market.

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Not that I wore this out dancing. Alas.
But here are my new glitter-icious shoes in a summery ensemble.

When I sat down to do this post, I realized that every single item of clothing EXCEPT the shoes came from H&M. Sad, I know. In my defence, the tunic is several years old. The necklace is a recent purchase and I got it because it reminds me of this amazing string of crystal beads I used to borrow from my mum in high school. (Where did it go, Mum? I miss it!) The clutch…. well, Gentle Reader, I have no excuse for the clutch. Other than, “Isn’t it shiny?!”

Tunic, Necklace, Clutch: H&M
Shoes: 9 West, via DSW

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Yesterday I looked at the calendar and nearly fainted. Because yesterday marked the 3-week countdown to the Day-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Where the heck did the summer go?!
Suddenly, all my school prep and lesson-planning procrastination hit home.
So, I did what I have heard grown-ups do. I went back to work.

Thing is, at a certain point, my brain just shuts down. It says, “Right, time to start making rookie mistakes. Time to confuse computer files until you are not sure whether you are in the latest version or one from 5 years ago. Time to re-do  a whole section of crap you planned during a boring end-of-year meeting and forgot you did because you shoved it under some other random pile of useless boring meeting notes. Time to rip your hair out in chunks. Time to quit.”

I have a maximum and it’s about 6.5 hours of straight lesson-planning. Sometimes I can do 8, if I’ve really got the mojo working. Anything beyond that, and I am just a blithering mess of a human.

Today, I knew I also had to go and order new contact lenses (so that I will be able to SEE my students, the gripping PowerPoint presentations and calendars covered in very tiny print that will make up my first week back to school). So I knocked off after the requisite 6.5 hours. Trouble is, I was wearing some old schmatta of a sundress I put on after rolling out of bed early this morning and now I had to go out in public.
I turned to a little something I picked up while I was in Dallas at a conference in June.

Lately, I have really been into ikat dyed fabrics. In decor, in fashion. Wherever. Thus, when I saw this baby on sale at Loft for $25, I had to have it! It’s cuter than I make it look– it’s linen, so it’s cool and comfy, but it is not well-suited to my, er, figure. In other words, it is square and so am I. Not a good combo. But I don’t really care! 🙂 It has a cute ruffle at the neck (that you can’t see because my photos are so rubbish), it’s cool, it’s linen so it gives me the illusion that I look Hamptons-y. So sue me.

Dress/Tunic: Loft
Shoes: H&M
(they replace my terribly battered silver sandals from years past)
Bracelets: gifts from my mum and MIL from Mexico
Necklace: Sirens (!)

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Pop of candy-coloured brights, that is.

Gentle Reader, if you are saintly enough (i.e., you are related to us) to have been following this blog for its duration (is it 3 years, LHR?!), you may have noticed that I wear a LOT of black and grey. And black. And also grey. There is also grey….  And I do it for the same reason that most of us do it: those colours go with everything we already have and, in the absence of limitless bank accounts, it’s important to buy things that work into our existing wardrobes.

Here is the thing: if everything I own is already black or grey, wouldn’t it make sense that I could buy some COLOUR and it would STILL GO with the rest of my NEUTRAL wardrobe???! Yes, it would seem that way.

With that in mind, this past spring I started to buy  more colour. And pretty soon, I was buying ONLY colour. And now, child of the ’80s that I am, I am buying NEON and FLUORESCENT colour. And I love it.
I love, love, love wearing brights. I have precisely one black tank top that I wear regularly this summer and it is the only black item in the wardrobe. (Whoops! Not true– my awesome Cozmic Hep Cats sundress is also black.)

I have yet to wear this outfit out in public, but I fell in love with the neon raspberry shade of the trousers and the McQueen/Mary Katrantzou-inspired digital print on the top when I was popping in to H&M to pick up a necklace this week. (Oh, Interweb, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is so very, very weak: these trousers were $14.95!)

Top, Bracelets, Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Spring


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As YYZ, YVR and L know from my tweets & instagrams, J and I are thoroughly enjoying the London 2012 Olympics. In fact despite the last 3 months of terrible weather, London has been the place to be – the Jubilee, the Olympics and an even more than usual array of cultural tidbits to devour. It’s been brilliant.

But before I share the Beach Volleyball Sartorial Edition, I want to give you just a tidbit of the milinery exhibit that is currently on in London. This one is in the great outdoors. Yes, rather concerning given the weather. Not to worry, these hats by famous miliners were designed for some of the cities statues. We went to see the ones in Trafalgar Square on the way to the Beach Volleyball. There are many more than these 4, but so far they are all I’ve seen. Enjoy it! I sure did. (this is the kings and hats part)

George IV; Hats by Stephen Jones

Stephen Jones’ Golden Crowns in Trafalgar Square

General Charles James Napier wearing Sophie Beale

General Havelock – wearing Philip Treacy

How and when did they get that up there?

A recap of the designers: Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy, Sophie Beale and Lock and Co. Hatters.

OK, and now on to the bikinis ….

On Monday (and then again on Thursday), J and I went to our first event – Beach Volleyball. What an absolute hoot! It was a fun filled evening that was a kin to US Basketball half time games. There were dancing beach girls, music and loads of whooping and hollering. So, I thought I would share a few of the random characters that showed up in all their satorial glamour.

A crocodile at Beach Volleyball …. makes sense

Any idea what team they’re cheering for? I figure it was Heineken (official beer sponsor).

I told you there were wigs!

Team GB sporting some Union Flag Blazers

Canadian Fans …. Love the Hockey Helmets

Beach Party – I loved the 50s style bathers

The entertaining beach party dancers wore suits that were straight out of the old Annette Funicello films. However, J along with many other of the spectators much preferred those suits worn by the women competing.

Yes, J shot this one.

Oh and here is what I wore on Monday (notice the Cdn scarf my Dad found at the dollar store):

Here I am wearing my flag proudly despite the fact that on that day I was granted permission to stay in UK indefinitely. My loyalties are to my county.

We are going to many many events and we are posting photos every day on my flickr. Last night was fencing. You can see way more photos then you ever want to see of that event and others coming soon here.

Go Team Canada and Team GB!!! (it’s great having 2 teams to cheer for)

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Interwebs, sit down. No, really. SIT DOWN.

The unthinkable, yea, verily, the Dream Scenario has happened.
I was approached by……(are you sitting down?) a STREET STYLE PHOTOGRAPHER!
Yes! It’s true! Some people dream of being movie stars or basketball stars or winning Olympic medals, but I am a simpler sort, Gentle Reader. I dream of being recognized for my sartorial sensibilities. By Total Strangers. While Out and About.

Is it possible that Daniel Goodbaum chose me to photograph/film because he wants to put me in his website’s equivalent of Glamour’s “don’t” column? Yes. Yes, that is possible. But for now, I am going to just enjoy the fact that my 15 seconds of potential fame (Andy Warhol only said 15 minutes because he hadn’t met the the Internet…) might be imminent.

Here is a link to the site, in case you are interested in stalking it to see whether I make the cut or not.

Oh, also, he gave me his card and it was a Moo mini! Yay!

Also, I was wearing vintage.
I met more people today because of my vintage outfit than I normally meet in a month.
More on that later.

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