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Okay, not diamonds. And not the soles of my shoes.

How about golden Oxford brogues? Not quite as musical, is it?

I wore this for running around a couple of weekends ago. I am sad because I bought these trousers in a size that felt comfy. Turns out I should have bought the slightly snugger size, as these babies grow and grow and grow, leaving me baggy and saggy. What did I expect for $14.95?

Trousers & Necklace: H&M
Shirt & Shoes: Joe Fresh

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YYZ: Chapel of Love

Since I was taking a lot of photos, I don’t have any photos of myself!
Luckily, my cousin took some so you can see what I wore to my brother & S’s wedding.

I ended up with three dresses, as I wrote about earlier in the summer. Naturally there is not a single photo of me in either of my lovely vintage frocks. 😦 But there are a few of me in the Karen Millen I wore to the wedding itself.

At the very last minute, I decided my existing turquoise shoes just didn’t look right– both colour and style were just a tad off. So I raced across to the good ol’ Dufferin Mall and snapped up a pair of darker turquoise shoes on sale at Le Chateau. Disaster averted– whew! I just know you share my sense of relief, Interwebs.

What I love about the photos below (besides how happy everyone looks) is the way that the bride’s side of the family are all in similar colours and so is the groom’s side!
(Full disclosure: I made sure M chose a shirt and tie that would look nice with my dress in photos! 🙂 )

I “designed” the outfits my mum and grandmother are wearing! In other words, I drew sketches and the brilliant Alex at Tessi here in Toronto made them reality. She is so talented!

Cutting a rug with my baby bro.

Once again, all photos by Lucas Jarvis.

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Here’s a bit more wedding wear for you.

The dress and the veil:

I made the veil, incorporating the birdcage style the bride wanted and the gorgeous vintage ivory comb my mum had bought her. It once belonged to a diplomat’s wife in 1940s Montevideo, Uruguay, which is where my mum found it at a market. Cool, no?

One of the bridesmaids had pretty fascinators made for herself and the matron of honour to wear. In keeping with the theme of “bright colours,” the flower girls were decked out in the cutest ever fluffy tutus, pink Chucks (the groom and his besties wore custom-designed Chucks) and sunny yellow blooms.
It’s just too bad the kids weren’t cute at all, eh?

All photos here were taken by Lucas Jarvis.

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You may remember that my baby brother (he’s 40, but he’ll always be my baby brother to me!) got married this summer.
To the most amazing girl– I cannot thank him enough for choosing me such an awesome sister-in-law!
(It’s all about me, right?)

This is a blog about fashion, so it may well be that you, Gentle Reader, are wondering where all the wedding finery posts are. Turns out, I’ve been pretty busy over here lately, where you can see some of the wedding-y goodness, if you like. But this quickie is my first post-wedding Fashion Is Danger post. It’s just a tease, really, but I promise to post more in the coming days.

Here’s a glimpse, to whet your appetite!

All photos here taken by my talented cousin, Lucas Jarvis, Wedding Photog Extraordinaire.

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