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Merry Christmas!


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I wondered to our little corner of the web and realised that neither YYZ nor I had posted in months. I saw the snow falling on a photo of me in shorts and I thought this can’t go on. I must post and be appropriately dressed for the weather. So, I’m doing a quickie all about hats.

Here’s my newest knit creation – the Wellington Hat – modelled by my man in his new Pea Coat from Reiss. I knit it in Shacklewell Grey.


J wearing his Wellington Hat

Here are some other hats that I think are rather cool made by the Gang Makers at Wool and the Gang.

Tartan Zion Lion

Tartan Zion Lion


Tartan Zion Lion in Space Black, Ivory White and Lipstick Red


Racing Stripes

Finally, here’s a hat that was NOT knitted that I picked up on my recent trip to Prague. It kind of reminds me of  Twiggy meets stewardess meets  I’m not sure what.

J wearing his Wellington Hat

Me and our wreath before it was STOLEN


My new hat from Prague

Anyway, I posted 🙂

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