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It’s a gloomy Sunday post Christmas. I need to clean up my closets and make space for what I will inevitably buy at the sales. So, it’s time for me to look honestly in the wardrobe, then the mirror and ask: Should it go to the Oxfam? Re-invent it with new styling? Be remade – i.e. cut up and remodeled? Put in the Tickle Trunk until it becomes stylish again?

Usually YYZ helps me in person. However, that pesky ocean separates us. So, we’ll use this space and your input to decide.

Black Raw Silk Coast Bubble Skirt
History: I bought it to wear to a co-worker’s wedding almost 5 years ago. In fact, I said hello to Paul Weller in this skirt. Sadly, it was never been featured here when it was in style. Below I have exactly recreated what I wore (except tights and jewellery) to that wedding.
Today: Love the material. Hate the length and I feel the style is dated. J thinks it looks like a jiffy-pop popcorn pack.
Tomorrow: What should be done? If you do suggest keep, please provide styling suggestions.

what i wore 5 years agp

what i wore 5 years ago minus the bra straps

still can't see the material

still can’t see the material

Grey and White Pinstripe Trousers by Daniel Hechter
: I believe I bought these babies in Edmonton Winners. I think it was while I was travelling Canada as part of “eBay on the Road”.  I had lost my suitcase and needed an outfit quickly. Winners did the trick.
Today: Well, see for yourself. I can’t find them once on this blog. So, I guess I haven’t been wearing them much. I think when I have been wearing them, it’s been more of an Ellen-style than a heels and dress trousers version. Anyway ….
Tomorrow: Could I make them in to shorts? Or could I restyle or just pitch. Thoughts.

Low-rise Trousers

Low-rise Trousers


This shot should definitely be the end of these babies.

Okay, that’s enough for today.  I’m going to keep this feature up as I have a lot of items that need to be considered. YYZ, I’m looking for at least you to vote and comment. I suspect that might be all the interaction we get 🙂

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I arrived home Tuesday morning after a long travel day which started Monday back in Burlington, Canada. After arriving at the airport with tons of time to spare, I found out my flight was cancelled back to Boston. Sheesh, so I needed to buy a new last minute ticket back to the UK. It was a pain but I finally got home. YAY! Of course, I took the red-eye and of course I had to work on Tuesday.  So I really needed to wear something to wake me up or make me look awake. I chose to use COLOUR to do that. And, loads of it.

I put this ensemble together and thought  – I look like a clown! I wore it anyway.

Clown Trousers by Orla Kieley

Think Pink

My shoes which are just a half size too small

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There is no category on these little notes for “Footwear Folly” (or should that be “FALL-y”?), but having

a) committed a few of these very crimes,

b) often longed for just such a citation to hand out,

when I saw these cheeky little babies in Indigo, I just had to have them.

While I would never condone the actual handing out of such citations, I think I speak for more than just myself when I say that I have been in situations in which doing so would have been justified…
They will  make a perfect Christmas prezzy for a discerning fashionista, don’t you think?
Keep your eyes on your stocking, LHR! 😉

(P.S.– I like some of the alleged crimes listed above, so serve me up a citation!)

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YYZ: More, More, More!

How do ya like it? How do ya like it?

Well, I like it (shoe-purging, that is), so much that I have gone and done it again.
Space is at a premium and, as you will see, some of these babies are just past their sell-by date.  Others are just no longer suited to my taste.

These first two pairs await my mother’s pleasure: if she wants them, they are hers.
I believe she has worn the pink ones to something– am I right, Mum? Both pairs offer her preferred heel-height; it remains to be seen whether they are too wide and/or too short for her lovely, slender tootsies.

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

The next ones were a gift from my friend K; she moved out to YVR’s neck of the woods and I scored a great Banana Republic wrap dress and these hot shoes in her pre-move purge.

Sadly, they don’t quite fit as well as they should and they just don’t look as cute on me as they did on K.
(That sound you hear? The sound of everyone who knows K laughing uproariously at the very idea that ANYONE could EVER look as cute as K in ANYTHING. The woman is preternaturally gorgeous.)

In the “Why am I keeping these?” category are these very pretty, well-nigh useless lavender (dare I say mauve?) satin T-straps.

My weakness for T-straps got me into this mess and, though they are too evening-y for wearing in the daytime (not that that has stopped me, believe me!) and though I have nothing to wear with them, given the return of some gorgeous, ladylike stuff for Fall*, I have kept them. For now.

These, in the “Maybe I will need them for a Hallowe’en costume” category, have made like Elvis and left the building.

In a bid to seem like more REALISTIC leopard print, they are FURRY! Klassy.

Also gone are some “Nothing Says 1994 Like Forest Green Suede” little numbers — which I have just now realized were too sad and sorry-looking to even merit having their photo taken. Sorry! What makes me howl is that they are just the kind of thing that some 20-year-old will snap up as a “vintage” find!

Let’s see, how about these proud members of the
“If I just wear them long enough, they will kill all the nerve endings in my toes and then they won’t hurt any more/How much do I have to bleed before I cry, ‘Uncle!’ “ category?
My mum gave them to me, knowing that my tolerance for painful shoes is higher than average. Not, alas, this high.

Finally, in the “Hoochy Mama Hall of Fame” category, are these babies:

I loved them when I got them and I wore them a lot. But we had an admin assistant at work who was gorgeous in a sort of overly-tanned, kinda leathery, blonde bombshell kinda way and she also had a pair. At the time, she was probably in her 40s. Every time I think of these shoes, I think of her and remind myself that what is cute on someone in their late 20s or early 30s, can just be Cougarsville on we ladies of a certain age.

*No, really, click on that link. I promise you will not be sorry.

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Okay, after all my big talk about how easily I can purge my wardrobe, it is time
(so soon!) for me to eat my words.
Because I LOVE this dress.
LOVE it, I tell you.

The sleeves have a gorgeous, subtle bell-shape to them.

But, like a bad boy, this dress does not return my love in equal measure.*
If only it looked as good on me as it does on J & LHR’s Judy… Alas, I am not shaped remotely like Judy. Nor am I as tall.
Thus, the dress just looks frumpy on me. Adding insult to injury is the fact that, despite the gorgeous magenta of the main colour field, because the colours in the pattern are not suited to the blue tones in my skin, they overpower the magenta and all you can see when I wear it are the olive, yellow, gold and orange. All of which are colours which conspire to make me look like a corpse… Not good.

And so, after much deliberation (we are talking MONTHS of waffling, people!) and some fairly scary photos (to make me remember how bad the dress looks on me), I have decided to give it to my very tall, very willowy colleague H. Her colouring is ideal for the dress and, though it will hurt a bit to see my dress on her, it will also be good to know that they can make each other happy in a way that this dress and I never could.

*(Freudian footnote: it seems I may not have outgrown my penchant for bad boys after all…. I have just transferred it to clothing…. Hmm…)

Wrist detail-- the buttons look like little candies!

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Please do not laugh. The following represents a difficult task for me.

You see, I have very little trouble purging my wardrobe. This fact is probably due to the uneasy relationship I have with my body–I know it can betray me at any moment; something that fit and flattered one day can suddenly be the most hideous, depressing schmatta on earth, all thanks to the wild fluctuations in my weight and shape which have plagued me since I was eight years old. Thus, it is not always hard to say good-bye to clothing– I don’t trust it; I know its mercurial ways will only cause me sorrow, sooner or later.

And so, I can usually let clothing go when the time comes.

But shoes.
Shoes are another matter altogether.
Because they are friendlier. I mean, few indeed are the pairs of shoes which can make a girl feel bad about her shape. They do exist, but they are rarer than are clothes of the same nature. Shoes are so much less likely to turn around and betray me that it is hard for me to get rid of them. Also, unlike clothes, which I often buy because they are (however fleetingly) “in style,” shoes I only ever buy because I have fallen for them. I buy shoes out of love.
(Which explains why I have so few pairs of comfortable, practical shoes.)
The shoes I love best are wildly impractical confections. They are almost always insanely high.  They are often fantastically painful. I don’t care. Love is blind.  And insensate, in my case.

But there are a few pairs in my collection which have been taunting me lately. They are ever-present reminders of poor shopping choices (most of them years in the past by now) and they reproach me each day when I select my footwear and do not choose them.  And so, they must go.

First up, in the “not a bargain after all” category:

Exhibit A is a pair I have worn several times.

I bought them on an otherwise very successful binge with LHR at the Vaughan Mills mall, a bizarre conflation of outlets stores and regular retail shopping. The Nine West outlet proved to be a fruitful stop for me, with the exception of these babies. I still LOVE them, but they hurt. A lot. I still put them on some mornings, but take them off immediately because not even I, so willing to suffer for fashion, can spend the day in them now that my bunions have, um, developed into their current state.  They will fit and look great on my sister-in-law, A, however, so these ones will go to her. My niece, L, will approve: they have a heel and they are pink.

Exhibit B is a pair which I have never worn:

I was caught up in a bargain-induced swoon and bought them because I loved the style and the price was right.  Never mind that I do not own ONE SINGLE THING that goes with them. Believe me, I have tried every possible item in my wardrobe, in every possible combination. Nothing works. I even spent hours and too much money trying to find something (anything!) to go with them. Nope– bubblegum pink booties are just a bad idea, it turns out. (How could this be NEWS to me???)
They must go.

Next, in the “I never met a freebie I didn’t like” category:

Both pairs were donated by my funky colleague, K. She is a true style maven, but our styles are wildly divergent. So, knowing her to have good taste, and forgetting the “wildly divergent” piece of the equation, I greedily accepted her generous donation of these two pair of shoes, neither of which fits into my wardrobe or lifestyle at all. Lesson learned: admire the good taste of others, but remember that it  might not translate well to oneself.

Next up, the “LET IT GO, ALREADY!” category:

I bought these to go to a party at LHR’s pal’s house about 10 years ago. I was pretty broke, but had scored some funky trousers from a consignment store for $13 and needed shoes to go with them. I discovered these babies at dodgy store on College St, around the corner from our house, for $20. They were perfect!

As you can see, they are badly out of style. I have been keeping them on the off-chance I may need strappy black evening sandals.

As you can also see, keeping them would not address that need: I would STILL need strappy black evening sandals, as these are so badly dated (and dangerous: the cheaply-built heels are very, very loose) that I would still have to go out and buy new ones.  Buh-bye!

These blade-heeled, coffin-toed ankle boots are in the same vein. I do love the detail at the heel,

but I have not had them on my feet in years, so they must also go.

Finally, the “I know I should but I just can’t” category:

My beloved Love Is A Battlefield booties. (Don’t they look like something Pat Benetar would have sported, circa 1982?!)
I adore them. They make me smile when I see them or when I think of them.
But they were built by Satan.
They are not really shoes. No– they are actually little torture chambers for your feet.
Oh, lordy, but these babies hurt.
They are, in fact, Pain Incarnate.

But I am not ready to let them go just yet. So, as the others make their way out the door and into the lives of other women, these lovely, cruel shoes return to their place in the collection. After all, they keep whispering to me, “We Belong”

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