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It’s a gloomy Sunday post Christmas. I need to clean up my closets and make space for what I will inevitably buy at the sales. So, it’s time for me to look honestly in the wardrobe, then the mirror and ask: Should it go to the Oxfam? Re-invent it with new styling? Be remade – i.e. cut up and remodeled? Put in the Tickle Trunk until it becomes stylish again?

Usually YYZ helps me in person. However, that pesky ocean separates us. So, we’ll use this space and your input to decide.

Black Raw Silk Coast Bubble Skirt
History: I bought it to wear to a co-worker’s wedding almost 5 years ago. In fact, I said hello to Paul Weller in this skirt. Sadly, it was never been featured here when it was in style. Below I have exactly recreated what I wore (except tights and jewellery) to that wedding.
Today: Love the material. Hate the length and I feel the style is dated. J thinks it looks like a jiffy-pop popcorn pack.
Tomorrow: What should be done? If you do suggest keep, please provide styling suggestions.

what i wore 5 years agp

what i wore 5 years ago minus the bra straps

still can't see the material

still can’t see the material

Grey and White Pinstripe Trousers by Daniel Hechter
: I believe I bought these babies in Edmonton Winners. I think it was while I was travelling Canada as part of “eBay on the Road”.  I had lost my suitcase and needed an outfit quickly. Winners did the trick.
Today: Well, see for yourself. I can’t find them once on this blog. So, I guess I haven’t been wearing them much. I think when I have been wearing them, it’s been more of an Ellen-style than a heels and dress trousers version. Anyway ….
Tomorrow: Could I make them in to shorts? Or could I restyle or just pitch. Thoughts.

Low-rise Trousers

Low-rise Trousers


This shot should definitely be the end of these babies.

Okay, that’s enough for today.  I’m going to keep this feature up as I have a lot of items that need to be considered. YYZ, I’m looking for at least you to vote and comment. I suspect that might be all the interaction we get 🙂

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Not that I wore this out dancing. Alas.
But here are my new glitter-icious shoes in a summery ensemble.

When I sat down to do this post, I realized that every single item of clothing EXCEPT the shoes came from H&M. Sad, I know. In my defence, the tunic is several years old. The necklace is a recent purchase and I got it because it reminds me of this amazing string of crystal beads I used to borrow from my mum in high school. (Where did it go, Mum? I miss it!) The clutch…. well, Gentle Reader, I have no excuse for the clutch. Other than, “Isn’t it shiny?!”

Tunic, Necklace, Clutch: H&M
Shoes: 9 West, via DSW

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Pop of candy-coloured brights, that is.

Gentle Reader, if you are saintly enough (i.e., you are related to us) to have been following this blog for its duration (is it 3 years, LHR?!), you may have noticed that I wear a LOT of black and grey. And black. And also grey. There is also grey….  And I do it for the same reason that most of us do it: those colours go with everything we already have and, in the absence of limitless bank accounts, it’s important to buy things that work into our existing wardrobes.

Here is the thing: if everything I own is already black or grey, wouldn’t it make sense that I could buy some COLOUR and it would STILL GO with the rest of my NEUTRAL wardrobe???! Yes, it would seem that way.

With that in mind, this past spring I started to buy  more colour. And pretty soon, I was buying ONLY colour. And now, child of the ’80s that I am, I am buying NEON and FLUORESCENT colour. And I love it.
I love, love, love wearing brights. I have precisely one black tank top that I wear regularly this summer and it is the only black item in the wardrobe. (Whoops! Not true– my awesome Cozmic Hep Cats sundress is also black.)

I have yet to wear this outfit out in public, but I fell in love with the neon raspberry shade of the trousers and the McQueen/Mary Katrantzou-inspired digital print on the top when I was popping in to H&M to pick up a necklace this week. (Oh, Interweb, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is so very, very weak: these trousers were $14.95!)

Top, Bracelets, Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Spring


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This post may actually be useful to the interwebs. It’s going to be a HOW TO post.

Let me explain. On Tuesday this week, I started back to work. I was bright-eyed and  bushy-tailed as it was my first day back to work in 2012. Just like high school, I was eager to wear some  of my purchases from my recent Christmas trip to Canada where I was able to shop with YYZ. Unfortunately, the weather  was terrible = pissing with rain and gale force winds. So, in all my wisdom I chose to wear my brand new hat to protect my hair. Bad idea.

I had purchased this grey felt hat at the Holt Renfrew’s sale. I think I bought it because It reminded me of my Grandmother’s hat from the 60s. (Mum, can you scan me that photo of Gramma so I can post it here?) Anyway, I wore my new hat on Tuesday. Within half a block of my house, it flew from my head. It landed in the dog park close to my house. Luckily, I quickly caught up with it and it was still in pristine condition despite its proximity to dog shit ….

I tempted fate and put it back on my head. I held on to it with one of my hands. Unfortunately, as I was 100 feet from the tube station, my grip loosened and my hat was caught in the wind. It flew in the midst of Dalston Kingsland Road. My natural reaction was to run after it. I took a few steps and then realised I would soon be a nasty statistic if I didn’t let it go. So I did.

After the stream of cars cleared, I saw my poor hat sitting upright in the middle of the road. It was a MIRACLE, it wasn’t squashed by the multiple cars and buses that drove over it. However, it was clearly much dirtier and greasier than it had been moments before. Well, at least it wasn’t squashed out of recognition.

Now on to the HOW TO element of this post. As soon as I got to work, I sent out an SOS to the 4 people in my life who I thought could help:

  • Andrew McDonald – my Millinery teacher
  • YYZ as you know she is a milliner-in-training
  • My Aunt Barb who is an amazing seamstress and made  her fair share of hats in her day
  • My Mum who just knows stuff like this.

I got great responses from three of them (my Mum has not yet responded – Mum?) I felt it only right to share their tips with you. But first, here is the hat.

my hat post incident

Dirt and grease marks on the hat after the incident

Here  was the first response. It was from Aunt Barb.

now  the hat   looks like felt …wool felt  ?  just dirt ?  or grease ?   I  would let it dry !!..   vaccuum   & then brush with a brush ( stiff ).  Nanny Carr  used to clean fur by  putting corn starch in a pillow case with the fur & shaking.  Then shaking it  outside the bag.   Anyway maybe a little cornstarch might help?   ( how about a tie on your hat?  an old scarf ???

Here was YYZ’s suggestions:

A clean toothbrush is where to start. Gently brush the felt while both hat and brush are dry. That should help. You might also put a bit of baking soda on the brush to absorb any oil from the street. I think with gentle perseverance, it will come clean. What a drag, though.

Finally, here’s Andrew’s suggestions:

Happy New Year and I hope it’s a lot less windy for your sake and your poor old – or new hat.
It is typical isn’t it. The best thing to try is a damp cloth with a little bit  of detergent and wipe away at the dirt to remove it. Another thing to try when the hat is dry is soft white bread and use it like a rubber to absorb and sponge up the marks.
If you have time you’re welcome to drop it in to my studio and i’ll have go at it.
Well, Hat Helpers, I still haven’t tried anything yet. I’m a bit scared. I think I will start with the vaccuum to take up all the dirt, then I might try one of the methods to try to erase the grease – bread, baking soda or corn starch. If all else fails, Andrew, I’ll come for a visit.

If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments and I’ll share it above. You never know I might not be the only one with this problem.

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This is amazing! Sarah Burton talks a bit about my favourite part of fashion: the art of making it, the craft of the pattern-cutter and the art of those who do the actual construction of the garment.

(Cathy Horyn talks too much about herself, but you can just tune her out and revel in the gobsmacking visuals– INSIDE a McQueen dress.)

Total, unadulterated, fashion geekery– in short,  PORN.

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I was planning to return these.
Both of them.
But today, for some reason that now escapes me, I tried them on again.
And now I know I am keeping one.

Initially, I felt like the blue one looked better on me, but today, I liked the red one better. And it goes with shoes I already own, thereby eliminating the need to either a) wear shoes that are not-quite-right (feeling miserable all the while) or
b) hunt out and spend cash on a new pair.
And let’s face it kids, unless I can get my mitts on the orange Zara platform sandals I should’ve bought in Nice, I don’t need a new pair of shoes.

What is up with the look on my face??? Does something smell bad?

Y’see, I have two family events this coming weekend. My brother is coming home from B.C. for the first time in two years. And he is bringing…. his fiancée! So exciting! I have only met her, briefly, on skype, but she seems lovely and totally adorable and I feel so sorry for her– she will be meeting the entire family, both sides, in the space of two days.
Anyway, there are two separate family events (paternal and maternal sides).

When I saw this sporty, summery little number at Zara, I thought it would be perfect for an afternoon barbecue.

I bought both colours, figuring I’d pick one when I got home and tried them with various shoe options.
Then, I remembered that I look like the broad side of a barn in strapless anything. That has not changed (see: football player shoulders + hobbity proportions), but, somehow, today that did not seem to matter and I decided to go with the red version. I still look like a football player in drag, but I think I can live with it.
(The good thing about Fiancée-Related Events is, no one will be looking at me.
Actually, come to think of it,  no one would be looking at me, regardless, so why worry?)
Also, I love the pockets. Pockets!
And the crispness of the fabric. I like that, too.
In short, I feel good in this dress, even though I suspect I do not look good.

This may be a slippery slope….Next stop, wearing sweat pants in public. 😉

Dress: Zara
Shoes: Target

Right, off to watch The Pillars of the Earth— I loved the novel and hope the mini-series lives up to it.

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YYZ: We Run

Here is an outfit I ended up not wearing.  I put it together one day and then decided it was just too high-maintenance for running errands.  But it could work for a casual office (where I do not work) or a Saturday lunch date.

I got the shoes on an epic excursion to M&S with LHR in January.

Jacket: Comrags
Scarf: Vintage
Bracelet & Ring: Ecuador
Jeans: Jag
Belt: Why can’t I remember? Le Château, I think.
Shoes: M&S

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