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I wondered to our little corner of the web and realised that neither YYZ nor I had posted in months. I saw the snow falling on a photo of me in shorts and I thought this can’t go on. I must post and be appropriately dressed for the weather. So, I’m doing a quickie all about hats.

Here’s my newest knit creation – the Wellington Hat – modelled by my man in his new Pea Coat from Reiss. I knit it in Shacklewell Grey.


J wearing his Wellington Hat

Here are some other hats that I think are rather cool made by the Gang Makers at Wool and the Gang.

Tartan Zion Lion

Tartan Zion Lion


Tartan Zion Lion in Space Black, Ivory White and Lipstick Red


Racing Stripes

Finally, here’s a hat that was NOT knitted that I picked up on my recent trip to Prague. It kind of reminds me of  Twiggy meets stewardess meets  I’m not sure what.

J wearing his Wellington Hat

Me and our wreath before it was STOLEN


My new hat from Prague

Anyway, I posted 🙂

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Today was a big day for me.  My resignation was being made public at work. I knew after 5.5 years it was going to feel weird and also very sad to make it so final/so real with this announcement. So, I figured I should dress for the business.

Last week, while shopping for J’s birthday, I found this cute little tee.I love the idea of wearing a tie. So, I bought myself a present too. (don’t worry J did get something too). Then on Saturday, when J insisted we head to Uniqlo, I found some nice woolen tights that will become my new go-to. I bought 3 pairs – black, gray and burgundy. Watch this space, I’m sure they’ll be worn many times.

So, what do you think? Was it an apt outfit for my resignation announcement?


Necktie tee by Volcom


Another glamourous shot in the loo


Tee without the jacket

Shoes/Boots by Aldo

Shoes/Boots by Aldo

Pink Earrings

Pink Earrings


J and I sporting our new matching Tees (oh and my newly knitted cap)

What I wore?
Black Ribbed Tights – Uniqlo
Tee Shirt (worn by him and her) – Volcom
Jacket – worn so many times before and again – by BCBG
Shoes – Aldo
Earrings – Pink Roses given to me by my Sister and Brother in Law
Brooch – Vintage stick pin
Ring – beaded from NY
Toque or Beanie (as they seem be known outside of Canada) – Wool and the Gang (knitted by me)

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LHR: A Lula Hoop

My Mum, Dad and Aunt Barb have been visiting this Christmas. As a result, I haven’t had a lot of time for photographing my own outfits – in fact none have been that noteworthy. We were doing a lot of trapsing around the countryside. However, we did snap alot of the Cotswolds and they can be found over in my flickr feed. If you are a Downton fan, you may enjoy a few of Bampton which is featured as the town in Downton.

Our guests left early this morning. So, today was the first day we were on our own.  I took the opportunity to start and finish a Wool and the Gang Lula Hoop scarf. It was super simple and even I, who has a short attention span, was able to finish it in one day. I love the colour – it’s a bit more purple in real life.

What do you think? Not bad* for a non-maker of things like me.

Purple Scarf

* you can see I need a few instructions on sewing together, but what the heck!

By the way, I saw this sign yesterday. Do you think it truly is a sign?

Shop in Bright Lights

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Back in the day, the day in which I wish I lived– you know, when ladies wore girdles, crinolines, gloves and hats– a girl did not have pairs of shoes numbering in the (ahem) three digits.
A girl had one pair of everyday shoes and one pair of “smart” shoes. If she needed to switch it up a bit, she added a pair of shoe clips to her smart shoes.

I have been lucky enough to have had a few pairs of clips donated to me by my Gram and I wear them from time to time. Last week, though, I was commissioned to make a pair for my former boss. So I did. And now I am hooked– can’t stop making shoe clips!

I made these ones because I love the pom poms, but then remembered my cute new polka dot shoes– they match perfectly! How cute are these shoes with the pom pom clip?!

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Here’s a bit more wedding wear for you.

The dress and the veil:

I made the veil, incorporating the birdcage style the bride wanted and the gorgeous vintage ivory comb my mum had bought her. It once belonged to a diplomat’s wife in 1940s Montevideo, Uruguay, which is where my mum found it at a market. Cool, no?

One of the bridesmaids had pretty fascinators made for herself and the matron of honour to wear. In keeping with the theme of “bright colours,” the flower girls were decked out in the cutest ever fluffy tutus, pink Chucks (the groom and his besties wore custom-designed Chucks) and sunny yellow blooms.
It’s just too bad the kids weren’t cute at all, eh?

All photos here were taken by Lucas Jarvis.

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YYZ: Can Can

Look what I learned how to do today! (I know, I know– J already knows all this and could do it in his sleep, but it is a BIG DEAL to me!)




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No, Gentle Reader, I have not been going nekkid these past few weeks, I have just been too busy to take a photo before leaving for work in the morning. By the time I get home at night, I look too rumpled/haggard or feel too tired and footsore to put my heels back on and do a photo shoot. Laziness meets busy-ness and the blog languishes, what can I say?

This week was Spirit Week at school. Each day had a dress-code theme: Grade Colour Day (My colour? Black. Really? That’s no fun at all– I wear black every day anyway– where’s the spirit in that?), Green & Gold Day (school colours), “Geek Chic” Day (bow ties and tape on our glasses), Sporty Day (I wore the only sporty thing I own: my bowling shoes) and today, Artsy Day.

Artsy Day? Seriously? The Grade 12s, inexplicably, felt this was a call to dress in full-on grunge style. It was bizarre– they all looked like they’d raided my wardrobe circa 1992…. Artsy? Not so much. Whatever.

I think I am more craftsy than artsy, so I wore my (new!) denim tunic (yes! another one!) and gussied it up by wearing some sewing tools.

My mum got me a gorgeous tape measure from a sweet little shop on Columbia Road in London and I made it into a necklace by threading my funky spiderweb scissors through it.

I also made myself a little sign exhorting people to “make something.”

I used it as an excuse to try out a tutorial for making rick-rack flowers— I love the tiny, glittery peony I made!

Tunic: Joe Fresh
Tights: Pierre Cardin
Shoes: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony
Tape Measure: Beyond Fabrics
Scissors: The Work Room
“Make something” sign: made by me, with bits and bobs from my stash


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