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It’s a gloomy Sunday post Christmas. I need to clean up my closets and make space for what I will inevitably buy at the sales. So, it’s time for me to look honestly in the wardrobe, then the mirror and ask: Should it go to the Oxfam? Re-invent it with new styling? Be remade – i.e. cut up and remodeled? Put in the Tickle Trunk until it becomes stylish again?

Usually YYZ helps me in person. However, that pesky ocean separates us. So, we’ll use this space and your input to decide.

Black Raw Silk Coast Bubble Skirt
History: I bought it to wear to a co-worker’s wedding almost 5 years ago. In fact, I said hello to Paul Weller in this skirt. Sadly, it was never been featured here when it was in style. Below I have exactly recreated what I wore (except tights and jewellery) to that wedding.
Today: Love the material. Hate the length and I feel the style is dated. J thinks it looks like a jiffy-pop popcorn pack.
Tomorrow: What should be done? If you do suggest keep, please provide styling suggestions.

what i wore 5 years agp

what i wore 5 years ago minus the bra straps

still can't see the material

still can’t see the material

Grey and White Pinstripe Trousers by Daniel Hechter
: I believe I bought these babies in Edmonton Winners. I think it was while I was travelling Canada as part of “eBay on the Road”.  I had lost my suitcase and needed an outfit quickly. Winners did the trick.
Today: Well, see for yourself. I can’t find them once on this blog. So, I guess I haven’t been wearing them much. I think when I have been wearing them, it’s been more of an Ellen-style than a heels and dress trousers version. Anyway ….
Tomorrow: Could I make them in to shorts? Or could I restyle or just pitch. Thoughts.

Low-rise Trousers

Low-rise Trousers


This shot should definitely be the end of these babies.

Okay, that’s enough for today.  I’m going to keep this feature up as I have a lot of items that need to be considered. YYZ, I’m looking for at least you to vote and comment. I suspect that might be all the interaction we get 🙂

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I have been telling YYZ for weeks that I had a few posts up my sleeve. However, I just needed to get my arse in gear. Turns out I need to be heading off to Canada to feel the real pressure. So, look at me 2 posts in 2 days. Whoohoo!

My post for today was actually a post from November. I also have a lot of photos from my trip to South Africa, but if I can throw in a shot of my new hat, I might be able to sneak it in as a fashion post. Stay tuned for that post and another post featuring Christmas lights and windows in London from 2011. Then I’ll be sort of caught up.

OK now to a recent, but actually quite 80s (Michael Jackson) inspired outfit. Plus, you’ll see why I entitled this post Rudolph (yup, the nose – really should touch up make-up before I get my pics taken)

Adjusting my sleeves

Buttoned Up

Unbuttoned and Nose Exposed

What I wore:
Trousers: Gray, Zara
Top: Gray (anti-iron – don’t believe it) shirt from Banana Republic bought in NYC
Vest: Burgundy, from the early 90s by anon, who was a friend of Margot’s (my Ogilvy friend).
Jacket: BCBG, purchased in San Francisco on a whim. Great decision. I find BCBG is very expensive, but the 3 items I own I wear over and over. So, I find they’re winners in the end on a cost per wear.
Earrings: Vintage, rhinestone
Brooch: Vintage, rhinestone and black glass
Socks: Burgundy
Shoes: You’ve seen these silver brogues many times before. They’re Office and YYZ has them too.

I kind of thought the short trousers, socks and brogues were a bit MJ. Do you agree?

Plus, I thought I would get you in the Christmas mood with some shots from last year’s decorations. We took these shots when YYZ was visiting us here in London. Enjoy and happy shopping! Here is YYZ and the Tiffany’s display at Somerset House

Outdoor tree designed by Tiffany's at Somerset House

YYZ sporting her cute little hat and the shoes featured in this post.

Cupcakes in the Tiffany Box

A really BIG little blue Tiffany Box

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This weekend J and I spent the weekend (days that is) organizing our back shed in anticipation of YYZ’s visit. That meant trying to PURGE PURGE PURGE.  I did manage to get rid of heaps of old papers that I’ve been carrying from flat to flat to flat – now to the recycling bin. Yay!

This morning, I must have still been in the PURGin’ mood. That’s why when I saw this salmon-pink dress hanging in my closet, I said to J “shall I throw this dress out? I never-ever wear it.”  J said “no”. “What? I look like a quarterback in it. I never should have bought it”, I threw back. He thought I should ditch the flats and try heels.  — So I used it as a chance to wear these heels which I haven’t shared on the blog yet.

As you can see these pics were taken at the end of the day. That’s why there’s loads of wrinkles and no head-shots dues to end-of-day and bike-helmet hair. Anyway, I’m not sure I’ll keep this dress after the summer as I still don’t love it. I think it would be better suited for someone about 20 years younger than me. Though I do think J’s suggestion of heels help balance out the little girl look.

The Heels

What I wore and where it was found:
Dress: Salmon-Pink Puffed Sleeves Dress, purchased at a stall in Cabbages & Frocks Market, London – a few years back)
Necklace: Wooden Buttons & Cord, purchased on Ile de Re in 2006
Ring: Wooden ring, gift from YYZ
Shoes: Carvela, purchased at LHR on my most recent trip to SFO

PS I love these shoes in theory but very worried they’ll come flying off my feet.

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Today in Toronto schools, students and staff wore pink as an anti-bullying, anti-homophobia demonstration. The campaign started three years ago when students David Shepherd and Travis Price responded to a homophobic bullying incident at their Nova Scotia school.  They organized the school’s students and staff to wear pink shirts in support of a Grade 9 boy who had been bullied. The annual one-day campaign to raise awareness and encourage students and staff to take a stand against bullying has since gone nationwide.

Oddly, at our school, it was presented with an anti-bullying focus– no mention of homophobia.  Sigh. I am trying, folks, I am trying. Rome wasn’t built in a day.
Or in nine years, it would seem…

My pink shirts are either too wintry or too summery for today’s weather, and since we had been encouraged to just wear anything pink at all, I opted for some accessories.

End of the day + CHEAP SKIRT = looking bedraggled.

Top: Femme de Carriere
Skirt and Belt: Jacob
(This skirt gets one more try and, if I hate it as much next time I wear it as I did today, it goes in the bin.)
Tights: Betsey Johnson
Scarf: Monoprix
Shoes: 9 West

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On Saturday, J and I made the trip to Walton-on-Thames for a post-Christmas dinner. It was a real family affair –  Jacquie, Nic (with his girlfriend Ellen), and Bryan (straight from Kenya; he was there for Amurt). I knew there would be a LOT of eating and drinking so I needed to think ahead and wear something that was comfortable and expandable. Jacquie is an amazing cook. I like this outfit (as you can see as I’ve worn the dress to this party before); it is comfortable and kind of fun.

What I wore:
Black, Blue, Green Dress, vente-privee
: Short-sleeved Buckskin Jacket, worn here, Louis de Gama
Tights: Cozy Turquoise Tights from Hub
: Black, Mary Janes by Fornarino
(TBH, I wish I had another pair of black heels – higher, but alas I can’t buy them as I’m on a one month free shop)

PS As you can see by this shot, I was busily getting rid of all my shoeboxes as I now have this baby. Thanks to Freecycle, a young woman came over the next day and picked up all 20 shoe boxes.

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As promised, a new part of this blog will be a monthly (at a minimum) Big Brother for Fashion poll. It’s your turn to finally vote certain items out of my wardrobe for good. Today’s poll features 3 pairs of shoes.  We’ll have a poll for each. As usual, majority rules and we need a minimum of 3 voters. Will these shoes get to stay and find a home in a one of the coveted cubby holes or will they end up in the shoe heap.

First Up: Burgundy Mary Janes

If keep, what should I wear with them?

Second Up: Pink Summer Sandals

Not sure I'm in the right profession for these ones

Third Up: Pink Gumby Shoes (that’s what J calls these babies)

Keep or Put in the Heap?

Here’s a few more photos of the shoes to give you more support for your vote (whichever way you choose)


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