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So, as you probably know, Pantone (they are the official, world-wide gods of colour trends) have declared the colour of the year to be Emerald Green. Congratulations, Emerald Green– you deserve the honour!
If you have been following this blog, then you may have guessed that I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER.
I love this colour. I wear it every chance I get. It is one of my favourites. EVER.

Which brings me to this blazer. I love love love love it.
I love the inside (black cats on the lining!) and I love the outside.
I love the fit, the fabric and the way it feels when I wear it.
I love that I can put it with pretty much anything (yes, I do think that bright green is a neutral– don’t you?)
and I do wear it with pretty much everything.

Last week, I had one of those days when you get up in the morning and have no idea what to wear. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, the best outfits are born that way.
I have to say, I am pretty smitten with this one. I want to wear it every day.
It’s comfy, it’s cute and it involves my green blazer!


Blazer & Trousers: H&M
One-Shouldered (you’ll have to trust me) Top : Jacob
Blue Suede Shoes: Globo

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Did Somebody Say…



Okay, I was at the Dufferin Mall in search of paint chips for LHR’s cousin’s house (I’m helping her to do a bit of updating) and I ended up at H&M.
As you do.

And it is their mid-season sale.

And I am only human.

And these trousers were only $15!


And the adorable-but-impossible-to-see-in-my-lousy-photos black, Swiss-dot chiffon, PEPLUM-ed shirt was only $20. And the hot pink little fitted blazer was only $30.

That is all.

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Happy New Year!

Nope, I haven’t been going naked, I’ve just been too lazy to snap pix. Here is a fun outfit I wore to cheer myself up in the face of the return to work this past week; I love the chance to wear polka-dots, and if I can mix in a floral it’s even better! It’s cobbled together from a couple of nifty little sale items I snagged at Anthro.


Blazer: H&M
Necklace Pendant & Dress: Anthropologie
Tights: Hue (gift from Santa!)
Shoes: Le Chateau


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This one cost me $40 in Kensington Market.

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Yesterday I looked at the calendar and nearly fainted. Because yesterday marked the 3-week countdown to the Day-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Where the heck did the summer go?!
Suddenly, all my school prep and lesson-planning procrastination hit home.
So, I did what I have heard grown-ups do. I went back to work.

Thing is, at a certain point, my brain just shuts down. It says, “Right, time to start making rookie mistakes. Time to confuse computer files until you are not sure whether you are in the latest version or one from 5 years ago. Time to re-do  a whole section of crap you planned during a boring end-of-year meeting and forgot you did because you shoved it under some other random pile of useless boring meeting notes. Time to rip your hair out in chunks. Time to quit.”

I have a maximum and it’s about 6.5 hours of straight lesson-planning. Sometimes I can do 8, if I’ve really got the mojo working. Anything beyond that, and I am just a blithering mess of a human.

Today, I knew I also had to go and order new contact lenses (so that I will be able to SEE my students, the gripping PowerPoint presentations and calendars covered in very tiny print that will make up my first week back to school). So I knocked off after the requisite 6.5 hours. Trouble is, I was wearing some old schmatta of a sundress I put on after rolling out of bed early this morning and now I had to go out in public.
I turned to a little something I picked up while I was in Dallas at a conference in June.

Lately, I have really been into ikat dyed fabrics. In decor, in fashion. Wherever. Thus, when I saw this baby on sale at Loft for $25, I had to have it! It’s cuter than I make it look– it’s linen, so it’s cool and comfy, but it is not well-suited to my, er, figure. In other words, it is square and so am I. Not a good combo. But I don’t really care! 🙂 It has a cute ruffle at the neck (that you can’t see because my photos are so rubbish), it’s cool, it’s linen so it gives me the illusion that I look Hamptons-y. So sue me.

Dress/Tunic: Loft
Shoes: H&M
(they replace my terribly battered silver sandals from years past)
Bracelets: gifts from my mum and MIL from Mexico
Necklace: Sirens (!)

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Pop of candy-coloured brights, that is.

Gentle Reader, if you are saintly enough (i.e., you are related to us) to have been following this blog for its duration (is it 3 years, LHR?!), you may have noticed that I wear a LOT of black and grey. And black. And also grey. There is also grey….  And I do it for the same reason that most of us do it: those colours go with everything we already have and, in the absence of limitless bank accounts, it’s important to buy things that work into our existing wardrobes.

Here is the thing: if everything I own is already black or grey, wouldn’t it make sense that I could buy some COLOUR and it would STILL GO with the rest of my NEUTRAL wardrobe???! Yes, it would seem that way.

With that in mind, this past spring I started to buy  more colour. And pretty soon, I was buying ONLY colour. And now, child of the ’80s that I am, I am buying NEON and FLUORESCENT colour. And I love it.
I love, love, love wearing brights. I have precisely one black tank top that I wear regularly this summer and it is the only black item in the wardrobe. (Whoops! Not true– my awesome Cozmic Hep Cats sundress is also black.)

I have yet to wear this outfit out in public, but I fell in love with the neon raspberry shade of the trousers and the McQueen/Mary Katrantzou-inspired digital print on the top when I was popping in to H&M to pick up a necklace this week. (Oh, Interweb, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is so very, very weak: these trousers were $14.95!)

Top, Bracelets, Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Spring


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YYZ: At Last

Sorry to keep you all (all 4 of you…) in such terrible suspense! 😉
I have been a teensy tad busy at my mum’s place, helping her spruce up her screened porch in time for last Sunday’s wedding shower for my sister-in-law-to-be.

I was sooooooo impressed by your guesses, Interweb! You really know me. Spookiest of all was PJs&Tea, who was nearly spot on, despite the fact that we have not seen each other in 20+ years….
YVR was mighty close in her detective work, too.

So, here are the ones I bought:

1. I was not going to go for these, as they were pricier than the others (hello? $85? PERSPECTIVE, woman!), but I have had them on every single day since buying them. I feel like a rich lady in them.

2. Wanted the grey and neon polka-dotties, but felt that these would be more practical.

3. Was TOTALLY torn on these babies– I vacillated between these ones and the Guess stiletto version. The entire population of the (vast) store got in on the voting process and these ones won out. A true sole sister (get it?) pointed out that the stiletto version is pretty common, but these 70s-ish ones are cooler. Even MEN were voting and giving me the silent thumbs-up on these ones. In the end, I felt like the stilettos were a bit more “me” but that it would be fun to glam it up, 70s-style in these babies. (I would come to regret this choice, but more on that later.)

4. Okay, I realized after posting the quiz that these ones are (snore) a bit of a red herring; I forgot to tell you that I was on a mission to replace my favourite neutral summer wedges, which are looking a bit the worse for wear. I wanted a rope or cork sole, comfort, and a neutral scheme. Sorry, I should have included that info in the quiz!

The ones I regret?
Yep, PJs&Tea, the snakeskin and patent sandals. Very grown-up and klassy. But I left them behind and I am okay with it. Now.

These ones, however, haunted me. I wanted them more than the rope wedges I ended up buying. So I went online and ordered them and made my mother drive to Niagara Falls, NY with me to pick them up at the U.S. postal address because I was too impatient to wait for kind Joy to mule them up for me….
Weakness, thy name is Shoe Addict.

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