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Okay, not diamonds. And not the soles of my shoes.

How about golden Oxford brogues? Not quite as musical, is it?

I wore this for running around a couple of weekends ago. I am sad because I bought these trousers in a size that felt comfy. Turns out I should have bought the slightly snugger size, as these babies grow and grow and grow, leaving me baggy and saggy. What did I expect for $14.95?

Trousers & Necklace: H&M
Shirt & Shoes: Joe Fresh

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I had the cami straps all hidden, but couldn't manage to get a photo where they didn't show...

A Gatsby-inspired get-up to build on LHR’s Midnight In Paris post.

I wore this last week and it got rave reviews. Which is odd. Here’s why: I have had this skirt for a few years. I got in in the post-Christmas sales on a mall extravaganza with LHR. It is too big. At the time, I was wearing stuff low on my hips, so the too-big-ness was not an issue. But now it is. Now I find that the fact that the skirt sits so low on my hips not only precludes me from wearing it with most of the tops I own (because my tights come up a good 4 inches above the waist of the skirt…makes for a super sexy look, I assure you), but it also means that the skirt looks, well, too big.  It looks kinda shapeless and baggy and like I am wearing a skirt belonging to someone else.

So, you are wondering, why don’t I just donate it to charity? Gentle Reader, here’s the thing: I like the potential of this skirt to be fabulous. IF it fit me properly, it would be a Very Useful and Timeless Item. Which is why I trot it out one or two times a  winter; I wear it in honour of the skirt it could be, of the outfit it could create.

And then I see the photos of it. And swear to myself that I will bin it.

And then I lack the strength to follow through. I think of the ways in which it could be perfect, the Cute Looks of which it could be part, and I just can’t let it go.

This is totally counter to the ruthless advice I give my mother, LFS, everyone else.

Physician, heal thyself.

Skirt: Jacob
Tights: Erm, Costco.
(Yeah, yeah, I KNOW, LFS. Cut me some slack– do as I say, not as I do.)
Lace Top: Zara
Cami: Smart Set
Necklace: Accessorize
Shoes: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony 

This one is here for the background scenery- playful P!

 And now, for your Friday post-related flashback. You can thank me later.

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This post may actually be useful to the interwebs. It’s going to be a HOW TO post.

Let me explain. On Tuesday this week, I started back to work. I was bright-eyed and  bushy-tailed as it was my first day back to work in 2012. Just like high school, I was eager to wear some  of my purchases from my recent Christmas trip to Canada where I was able to shop with YYZ. Unfortunately, the weather  was terrible = pissing with rain and gale force winds. So, in all my wisdom I chose to wear my brand new hat to protect my hair. Bad idea.

I had purchased this grey felt hat at the Holt Renfrew’s sale. I think I bought it because It reminded me of my Grandmother’s hat from the 60s. (Mum, can you scan me that photo of Gramma so I can post it here?) Anyway, I wore my new hat on Tuesday. Within half a block of my house, it flew from my head. It landed in the dog park close to my house. Luckily, I quickly caught up with it and it was still in pristine condition despite its proximity to dog shit ….

I tempted fate and put it back on my head. I held on to it with one of my hands. Unfortunately, as I was 100 feet from the tube station, my grip loosened and my hat was caught in the wind. It flew in the midst of Dalston Kingsland Road. My natural reaction was to run after it. I took a few steps and then realised I would soon be a nasty statistic if I didn’t let it go. So I did.

After the stream of cars cleared, I saw my poor hat sitting upright in the middle of the road. It was a MIRACLE, it wasn’t squashed by the multiple cars and buses that drove over it. However, it was clearly much dirtier and greasier than it had been moments before. Well, at least it wasn’t squashed out of recognition.

Now on to the HOW TO element of this post. As soon as I got to work, I sent out an SOS to the 4 people in my life who I thought could help:

  • Andrew McDonald – my Millinery teacher
  • YYZ as you know she is a milliner-in-training
  • My Aunt Barb who is an amazing seamstress and made  her fair share of hats in her day
  • My Mum who just knows stuff like this.

I got great responses from three of them (my Mum has not yet responded – Mum?) I felt it only right to share their tips with you. But first, here is the hat.

my hat post incident

Dirt and grease marks on the hat after the incident

Here  was the first response. It was from Aunt Barb.

now  the hat   looks like felt …wool felt  ?  just dirt ?  or grease ?   I  would let it dry !!..   vaccuum   & then brush with a brush ( stiff ).  Nanny Carr  used to clean fur by  putting corn starch in a pillow case with the fur & shaking.  Then shaking it  outside the bag.   Anyway maybe a little cornstarch might help?   ( how about a tie on your hat?  an old scarf ???

Here was YYZ’s suggestions:

A clean toothbrush is where to start. Gently brush the felt while both hat and brush are dry. That should help. You might also put a bit of baking soda on the brush to absorb any oil from the street. I think with gentle perseverance, it will come clean. What a drag, though.

Finally, here’s Andrew’s suggestions:

Happy New Year and I hope it’s a lot less windy for your sake and your poor old – or new hat.
It is typical isn’t it. The best thing to try is a damp cloth with a little bit  of detergent and wipe away at the dirt to remove it. Another thing to try when the hat is dry is soft white bread and use it like a rubber to absorb and sponge up the marks.
If you have time you’re welcome to drop it in to my studio and i’ll have go at it.
Well, Hat Helpers, I still haven’t tried anything yet. I’m a bit scared. I think I will start with the vaccuum to take up all the dirt, then I might try one of the methods to try to erase the grease – bread, baking soda or corn starch. If all else fails, Andrew, I’ll come for a visit.

If you have a suggestion, please leave it in the comments and I’ll share it above. You never know I might not be the only one with this problem.

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Hi, Interweb. Happy New Year! Sorry for the absence (did you notice?), but things got a wee bit crazy around here.

LHR was here for a few wonderful days– yay!– and so we did what we do best: we ate, we drank and, of course, we shopped. Man, did we ever shop! I blame LHR and her quest for the perfect black boots. (‘Cause it’s nice to have someone to blame… 🙂 )  She found them and will, no doubt, post them soon!

In the meantime, I have this outfit for you. M’s family is coming for dinner today, so this is Casual Hosting At Home. It is also Mutton-Dressed-As-Lamb.

Lace Top:  Zara
Cami (under lace top): Smart Set
RED Jeans: H&M
Wooden Bangles: Top Shop
Shoes: Rodarte, Opening Ceremony (oh, yes I DID!)

Okay, Interweb, before I go, I have a Very Important Question for you. What the HELL should I do with the horror that is my hair??? I like it for about 2 days when it is first coloured– it’s pale and icy and funky I feel quite fashion-y. Then it starts to go brassy. The roots, which were the impetus behind this colour change, are much better, as they just look dark, rather than black-and-white when they start to grow back. But I just feel a little too much like this most days. (Thanks, M, for putting the image into my head, whence it can now never be expunged. Helpful.) And I wonder if it might not be better to commit to some darker, more me-ish colour and just spend a couple of hours every other week touching up the roots with drug store hair colour….  Please give me your suggestions for a new hair colour in the comments below. Thanks, Interweb!

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For Hallowe’en this year, BMad suggested that he and reprise I the costume M and I wore  many years ago to the infamous (and yet-to-be-topped) “I See Dead People” party hosted by J and LHR when they lived here in T.O.

Is it a totally appropriate costume for our workplace? Maybe not…. On the other hand, sometimes people are drug addict/punk rock stars who do murder their drug addict girlfriends and then do o.d. in jail and who would we be if we were not raising these important issues for discussion with the young minds of today?
(Also, no one except [some of] the adults in the building knew who we were supposed to be*.)

I look like an idiot in these, as I was trying to look sulky and bratty, but had a bad case of the giggles, brought on by BMad’s gleeful joy at wearing eyeliner…

Just so you can see that our shoes are in character, too.

*My favourite overheard comment of the day was from a conversation between two grade 9 girls:
“Oh! Did you see? It’s so cute! Mr. P and Ms. O came dressed as grunge rockers!”
Jesus wept, people. Jesus wept.

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I didn’t really wear this hat to work.  It just happened to be on the hat form we have in our living room. And, given the outfit was a bit *oh hum*, I thought I’d throw it on to add a little pizzazz to my post.

This hat is actually J’s hat. In fact, he designed the brand identity and website for Cuyana where these hats are sold. I hope this little tidbit of information makes this post more interesting.

The Hat sitting on a form

MJ - Eat your heart out.


Being silly to add some spice to this post

Detailed look at the waistcoat which I just can't throw out.

What I wore:
Shoes: Black and Cream Patent by Laura J (first seen here)
Trousers: Mocha Coloured Trousers, Vente-Privee
Top: Black shirt from Jacob (worn here)
Waistcoat: (that’s what they call them in LHR-land):  Karn Goode, (no links on the interweb because this waistcoat is obviously 20 yrs old)
Necklace: Pearls – yes, PEARLS! (they’re supposed to be ironic, but not sure it came across that way)
Hat: Cuyana

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That title is for J. 🙂

Actually, this Thanksgiving, we had steak, not turkey. And a good thing, too, as it was 30 degrees Celsius and we sat outside in the sun and turkey would just have been wrong on such a summery day.

We trekked down to NOTL to spend the day with M’s family and a lovely time was had by all (except our poor sis-in-law, who had a terrible toothache. Ouch!). My MIL outdid herself in the food department, as always, the steak was done to perfection, the hosts wined and dined us with style and grace, L had a great time in the hot tub (she is so little that it is like her own private pool) while her brother practiced his new walking skills and it was just very nice to spend some time together as a family.

Here is what I wore. It is a bit weird, but I was baffled by the weather. It is FALL, after all, but it was sooo warm out. And I had new brown boots (which you can’t see too well in this photo– must do better in future). So, I came up with this sorta goofy, not very interesting or good-looking get-up. Whatever.

In the role of “Dress”, the ubiquitous Denim Drunic: H&M
Scarf: gift from my mum, several T-givings ago. Bought here.
Boots: Winners.
I forget who made them and am too lazy to go and check, but they are Italian and as soft as butter. Mmm….

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