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Happy New Year!

Nope, I haven’t been going naked, I’ve just been too lazy to snap pix. Here is a fun outfit I wore to cheer myself up in the face of the return to work this past week; I love the chance to wear polka-dots, and if I can mix in a floral it’s even better! It’s cobbled together from a couple of nifty little sale items I snagged at Anthro.


Blazer: H&M
Necklace Pendant & Dress: Anthropologie
Tights: Hue (gift from Santa!)
Shoes: Le Chateau


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Green Day

Hi! Remember me?


LHR reminded me of this little item when she posted this a while back.

The slip I bought at (the somewhat misnamed) Cheap Jack’s was a bit too big for me, so I put it in my “make do and mend” pile and then forgot it was there. I took the time to do a (very bad!) alteration intervention this weekend. I will have to re-do it, but it was good enough for me to wear out for dinner with M, my dad and my step-mum on Saturday.

I wore it with my favourite new boots (which my crappy photos make it hard for you to see) and my favourite purse.


Blazer: H&M
Vintage Slip (worn as a dress): Cheap Jack’s
Boots: Guess, via Winners
Granny Purse: gift from  my step-mum
Necklace: Joe Fresh

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Way back in September, J and I went to the first ever Vintage Fashion Show associated with London Fashion Week 2012. It was pulled together by  Bourne and Hollingsworth (these are the same people who put on the Blitz Party ).  The show itself featured a range of vintage/retro clothing worn in a contemporary manner. I had thought the show would be 100% vintage, but in fact it was more about looks that featured some elements of vintage/retro.  At first I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for a MadMen extravaganza, however, in the end I embraced it as I embrace East London mish-mash style.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any decent photos of the show itself, but luckily a photographer, much better than I, took a few here .

Here are the few fuzzy photos I have from the night and what I decided to wear. Here’s the cover of the programme:


Below, is a pic of J and me. I decided a vintage fashion show was a great opportunity to wear one of the vintage dresses I bought in Brooklyn back in May. YYZ and the proprietor of the shop (where we spent WAY too much time and money) convinced me to buy this number and I really didn’t know when and where I would ever wear it. So, I was glad I had a chance in September.


The Retrospecitve turned out to be more of a party than a fashion show. The organizers spent a lot of time and effort transforming what was already a gorgeous venue (the Bloomsbury Ballroom) in to a temple to fashion over the years. In particular, I loved these massive projections of iconic fashion shoots from the last 50 years. J captured a few of the projetions and to give you a sense a scale I’m in the foreground – with drink in hand.

This is probably the best photo of what I wore. It was a black and champagne lace dress from the 60s (Is that right YYZ?). I paired it with my gold-bronze Kurt Geiger Mary Jane’s, vintage earrings and an Eiffel Tower charm (close up here) from my Nan .  As I wasn’t sure how many people would dress up, I wore my jean jacket and vintage gold brooch (bought at the Beaulieu Fete, remember?) to be sure I wasn’t too out of place. As it turned out, women love to dress up. So, I wasn’t alone.

LRH: London Fashion Week Vintage

PS: YYZ, it does not appear we have a post from that fun trip to Brooklyn. Why not? Get on that girl 😉  I did post the pleated shirt from Brooklyn flea back in June.

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LHR: My Bebop Tune

Last Saturday, we spent the day indoors cleaning and organizing. I ended up fighting with my sewing machine (the vintage one J bought me last birthday) By the end of the day, we were in a real mess, so luckily we had an evening planned to take my mind off my sewing troubles.  J had scored some tickets to a documentary that was part of the London Jazz Festival. Lucky us.

We jumped on the 341 bus and headed down to the South Bank Centre for an 8pm showing. We got there early and went to one of our favourite little bars – Concrete – attached to the Hayward Gallery. Go there for a late afternoon/early evening wine if you can. I love it.  (shot from outside)

Anyway, back to the documentary. It was called Michel Petrucciani. I had no idea who Michel Petrucciani was. J told me he was a famous jazz pianist who had a disease that meant he was rather short. Well, rather short was a slight understatement – he was only 3 feet tall (or there about). His music was gorgeous, rich and fast. Turns out so was his life. He only lived until he was 36 which was a real shame as it would have been amazing to hear him/see him in real life.

The documentary was wonderful and we were treated to a performance by Baptiste Trotignon playing Petrucciani’s music afterwards. Trotignon was wonderful and I felt sad that the hall was so empty. The problem with London is there is so much happening that it’s hard to compete. I would definitely go out of my way to see/hear Baptiste Trotignon again.

So, I’m glad I decided to get a bit “dressed” up for the evening. I sported my new slip I bought with YYZ in NYC on our recent trip there.

Our house looks sparsely decorated here. It isn’t.

I love the flounce. Is that what it is called YYZ?

My necklace is from my Sister-In-Law. I think it’s cute.

Perfect handbag made just for me by YYZ

What I wore?
Dress: Vintage slip from Cheap Jack’s (for the record, he isn’t that cheap, but I still like it!)
Jacket: Grey Wool swing coat by Diab’less that I keep wanting to throw out and J keeps convincing me to keep. I bought it at a little shop in Columbia Road.
Necklace: Glasses necklace from this lovely lady.
Handbag: Made by YYZ just for me! One of the records is the smurfs! How cool is that?
Shoes: Black, oldies but goodies by Fornarina
Earrings: YYZ and I purchased these lovelies in NYC at the $2 store

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LHR: What a Feeling!

Over the last 4 months, I have been snapping the odd outfit here and there. Usually, I use my phone in front of a mirror. This causes 2 major issues. It is usually too dark and grainy because if I use the flash, I get a flash flare off the mirror. So, you will have to imagine some of the pieces. Two: there is always a camera in the photo. Oh well… here you go.

I will start to post some of these outfits over the coming the weeks. Here is the first one from the way back machines. It was a Saturday throw-on in July 2012. Or perhaps inspired by Flashdance way back in 1983.

Jean Shorts & Flash Dance Inspired Shirt

Look at my gorgeous earrings from YYZ. I feel so special when I wear these.

What I wore?
Vintage 🙂 Jean Shorts: Well, they were my shorts from the 80’s … so that’s vintage
Shirt – Flash Dance Inspired Tank Top – Blue from Vente-Privee purchase
Belt: Braided Tan Leather Belt – bought at Boot Sale at Princess May School on Stoke Newington High Street
Shoes: Tan Leather Brogue-like shoes  from Office bought on this crazy day (better pics on crazy day link)
Earrings: Beautiful hand made (painted?) floral earrings from YYZ
Bra (you do see the strap): La Perla from Vente- Privee

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Today I was supposed to attend a networking event after work. So, this morning I had to throw away the jeans or silly East end wear that I normally sport to work. I had to look professional (hey, you never know who you might meet at one of these things …). So, I thought why not wear my new garb I bought while with my BFF in NYC last week? I paired my new NY skirt with a new shirt I purchased on Vente-Privee (another addiction I have).

I think I looked rather respectable, age-appropriate and perhaps someone you might want to do business with. Do you agree?

My respectable outfit for a networking event

The zippers zip right up to the waistband. This is very useful for bike riding.


Here are a few  close-ups of the vintage pin I wore at my neck and the belt I picked up at a London based.

Earrings & Pin

Shell Belt from House of Vintage, London Branch

The reality is at 5pm tonight I bailed on the event. So, the outfit was really just for you dear, YYZ and our other occasional readers.

What I wore and where I picked them up?
Skirt: Leather Black Skirt with zip slits by Diane Von Furstenberg bought on NY trip with BFF
Shirt: Black Shirt with detachable cuffs and collar by Wolford
Tights: Black, ribbed
Earrings: gold balls, Notting Hill Shop
Pin: gold vintage pin, given to me by my grandparents when I was a tween
Belt: Gold Coloured Shell Belt, from the London store (House of Vintage) which has a Cdn arm too
Shoes: Black and Cream Patent Shooties by Laura J (seen here & here)

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Please know that I am not making light of Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy and the death and destruction she wrought by using her name as the title of this post. Rather, LHR and I were actually in NYC over the weekend, celebrating our birthdays by putting our credit cards through their paces and my making sure we never went more than a few hours without wine.
We left the day before Sandy came to town.
Getting out from EWR was reminiscent of Escape From New York.
Or this (skip to minute 4:31).

This is the dress I wore on the plane home and also to school the next day.
I may or may not have worn it on the plane in a bid to hoodwink Canada Customs…. I’m not saying, either way.

I have long wanted a DVF wrap dress– the wrap dress is, after all, a girl’s best friend. Looks good on everyone, comfy, always stylish, versatile…. what’s not to love? I have several knock-off versions, but wanted the original.
So I treated myself to this silk one. And another sweater-knit one…. Ahem.
What?! It was my birthday!

Shopping at the DVF flagship store in the Meatpacking District was a pretty groovy experience, partly because Diane makes clothes for grown-up women, but largely because our salesgirl, Tanja, asked us this question:
“Would you ladies like some water or champagne while you try on your selections?”

There is only one answer to that. Obviously.

We also had good times trying on the same awesome dress.
(I’m wearing it in the photo– LHR opted for the more versatile top & leather skirt combo, in the end. Doesn’t she look amazing in it?
Way to get us drunk & then upsell, Tanja! You’ve got Employee of the month in the bag, girl.)

What could be more appropriate to wear on the day Sandy came to town than a dress with clouds all over it?

Thanks, LHR, for a truly awesome weekend. I had the best birthday EVER!

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