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Here is the other vintage frock. As you can see, it really IS “The Cat’s Meow!”
I love the 50s novelty print– I have a thing for all the groovy, “atomic” prints that were so in style for a while in the 50s. This one’s “cool cats” make me smile, Daddy-o — best of all, some of the ones on the bodice have rhinestone eyes and little beads for noses!
How could I possibly resist?

Once again, the Cardinal Rule of Vintage held true– this frock fits me completely perfectly. The straps can be worn in about 20 different ways– for these (terrible, dark, hurried*) photos, I just wrapped them around the bodice, Grecian-style.

I think I will wear the blue sandals you see here, and maybe the pink belt. I don’t have a belt in a closer shade to the shoes, so matchy-matchy is not an option. I also have gold shoes and a gold belt– may make the call at the 11th hour. (Meaning I will have to schlepp the other shoes out to BC with me…)

How do you feel about this option for Day #3, The Post-Wedding BBQ?  I’d love to wear a crinoline for dancing at the wedding itself, but I think this dress is more BBQ-y than wedding-y. What do you think, Interwebs?

Cool Cozmic Cats Frock: The Cat’s Meow
Shoes: 9 West
Belt: can’t remember…

*The angle of attack means that I cannot zip it up myself, so I had to get M to zip me in when he got home from work and I was in the middle of making dinner, so I snapped these babies while the oven timer was dinging it’s fool head off downstairs….)

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 Who else do you know who could, in one heart-stoppingly spendthrifty moment of unbridled insanity, go from having ZERO frock to wear to her brother’s wedding to having THREE frocks to wear???

The mind boggles, Gentle Reader.

Here’s how it went down.
I knew I wanted to wear vintage. (Don’t I always?)
Months ago, I took the plunge and bought a pretty 50s frock online.

Gorgeous in the photo, muddy in person. 😦

It arrived and the colours were a bit muddy in real life and it was too big and not easily alterable. I kept trying it on each week, hoping I’d like it better. I didn’t. Money down the drain.

I thought I’d wear my favourite dress ever, the 50s silk taffeta with the blue roses. I always feel good in it, but I worried it might be a bit too similar to the bride’s dress, as hers is also a tea-length, full-skirted number. Also, it is one HOT frock for a summer’s day. Also, I have to starve myself for weeks to be able to get into it (Weirdly, this only happens when I have a date set– at other times, it fits perfectly, but that is always when I have not been planning on wearing it…)

Life got busy. I had no time to shop. I was feeling pudgy and had no desire to shop. When I was out and about, I could see nothing I liked and everything looked and felt so cheaply made that I just got depressed.

I found a gorgeous Karen Millen in Dallas and bought it, but my heart was saying, “You’re not there yet….”

I DO love this one, but am afeared that the butt region will stretch out with sitting… It’s “stretch cotton” of a very high quality, but cotton is cotton, Gentle Reader. And I have the kind of back end that will cause some stretching! Don’t want to be Sister Baggy Ass in photos….

Obviously, only vintage would do.  I knew of just the place to go and splurge for a special occasion. This past Tuesday, I went there. The woman who helped me was AMAZING. I love a vintage store with staff who know their stuff. And she was bang-on with sizing, too– always a plus when shopping for vintage, given the vagaries of sizing and fit in 50+ year-old garments. We had a ball! She brought me shoes (Valentinos!) and a crinoline. She pinned and tucked and zipped and accessorized. She was a total rock star.

Naturally, the Cardinal Rule of Vintage* was (as ever) my downfall. Despite their obscenely inflated price tags (the shop caters to the carriage trade), I fell hard for more than one dress. The first one needed to be taken in a mile or so and I am leaving for BC on Monday, thus it was out of the running before the starting pistol. There was a red one that fit perfectly and looked great, but was just not special enough for the occasion. Had it been 1/4 the asking price, I’d have bought it and worn it to work, but I did I mention the extortionate prices?

In the end, it came down to two. I made my decision. I was strong.

 And then I wasn’t.

And so, for more money than I care to contemplate, I came home with two lovely, summery dresses. One is very Betty Draper-1960s,

the other is more rockabilly-1950s. I feel lady-like and ready to dance in both of them.

Here is the Betty Draper version. (I can’t get into the other without a dresser– I cannot zip it up myself! But I will make M zip me in and then I will take some photos to post.)
Accessories are a trial run– I think I sort of like the unexpected pop of pink and it solves the “my shoes are not quite the right shade of green” problem.

Modern shoes and a vintage velvet ribbon at the waist, to keep it from being too costume-y. (Not that I mind being costume-y–au contraire!–, but I don’t want to be the Sister Who Came In Costume to my brother’s wedding…

60s Frock with Bell Skirt: The Cat’s Meow
Shoes: Suzy Shier
Velvet Ribbon: Mam’zelle Swing

Bra strap will not be visible once I put in some strap-holders. Sorry this one is blurry– it’s the only side-view I have.

My crinoline from Paris is TOO STIFF for either dress, so I had to head to Kensington Market today to snap up an appropriately-structured one. This one is perfect, but I don’t love the colour with this dress.

So I fulfilled my dream to own a green-edged crinoline with this baby for $25! It also works with the other dress, so I won’t need to try to fit TWO crinolines into my luggage. No wonder people used to travel with steamer trunks!

There are three events on Wedding Weekend: rehearsal dinner, wedding, day-after BBQ. So, I can wear my three frocks. The question, Gentle Reader, is which frock for which event? Watch this space to see the other two frocks and to add your 2 cents to the decision-making process. 🙂

*If it fits you, you must buy it. The Universe wills it.

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…is what someone at work called me when I wore this last week.

I am so tired of my wardrobe– I seem to have outgrown my old style, yet my wardrobe remains entrenched in that very style… This dress, easy, comfy, kinda boring, needed a bit of a boost. So my new hot pink tights seemed like the perfect idea. Naturally, they lasted until mid-morning, when I snagged them on the nasty little sliver that lurks on the underside of my desk drawer and, like a serial killer in a B-movie, just keeps tallying up victims in the form of my prettiest, most beloved tights… Sigh.

The exhausted look is very in these days... (End of the day photos, what can I say?)

Dress (with cute ruffles, rendered completely invisible in my crap photos): Costa Blanca
Tights: Secret
Shoes: Tahari
Bracelet: Aldo
Necklace: Vintage brooch, bought at West Bay boot sale with LHR, worn on a grosgrain ribbon.



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A few weeks back, the team at work decided to bring back Fancy Shoe Friday. I first talked about Fancy Shoe Friday on my personal blog a few years back (before Fashion IS Danger was conceived). However, this is the first time I’ve introduced the concept here.

It is fairly basic. Similar to Casual Fridays, we introduced Fancy Shoe Friday. Working in a Shoreditch-based internet company, casual dressing is the norm and there aren’t tons of high heels and fancy shoes. So, a special day for fancy shoes is greatly welcomed.

Now, I usually wear fairly fancy shoes so I had to think hard about which shoes I chose to wear. As you will see, I had a co-ordinated set of silver fancy shoes. You’ve seen them before. However, you may not have seen this top in the past.

I wore my comfortable shoes enroute to work

The Star Fancy Shoes

The daytime shoes --- Fancy!

A detail on my shirt

What I wore?
Shirt: De-constructed (my favourite look) shirt from a shop on Queen West in Toronto. YYZ, do you remember which one? I bought it about 8 years ago and there aren’t any tags
Shorts: Black Shorts from Van Heusen (some weird store in San Francisco)
Shoes (walking): Silver Brogues by Office
Shoes (Fancy): Gucci (bought at a second shop on Stoke Newington Church Street
Earrings: Silver earrings from YYZ
Cuff: Going-Away present from my boss and his wife when I lived in Prague

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YYZ: Come Sail Away

M used to sail. He sailed these.
They are small, they are wet and sailing one is Hard Work, even for strapping young men in their 20s and 30s. In fact, once one gets into one’s 30s, sailing them becomes an increasingly daunting prospect. Needless to say, in one’s 40s, sailing one of these babies becomes a distant memory. But that’s okay, because what do sailors like to do even more than sail? They like to relive the glory days of sailing by telling tall tales of past prowess while quaffing quantities of strong drink. Many Some of the tales are even about quaffing strong drink.

And so, when sailors are too old busy to sail I14s anymore, they decide to throw a party, instead. At the yacht club. And, since by now most of them have a Mrs. Sailor on board, the party involves getting dressed up. Yay!

Here is the thing. I have two (well, okay, three) dresses. There is my Goal Dress and then there are two back-ups. I thought that was going to keep me stressed out enough, but it turns out that the dress code usually reserved for the launch over to the Island seems to hold fast for the entire event. I am a bit miffed– what is the point of a lovely cocktail dress if you have to cover it up with a sweater?  Yep, the dress code says I must wear “a sweater or a a jacket.”
Sailors, it would seem, don’t know much about fashion.  M says I will be fine, that what it really means is “please dress appropriately” and not “please wear a schlubby cardigan over your pretty frock.”  I knew I’d have to cover my shoulders on the launch ride, but planned to so with a filmy wrap. You will notice “filmy wrap” is not among the dress code-approved items I may must wear….

So now, in addition to the stress of wondering whether I will be able to zip up my favourite frock (vintage waist-size + fragile 50s fabric + my own, decidedly-UN-vintage waist-measurement = it’s a crap shoot, Gentle Reader!), I have to figure out what the frock I am going to wear OVER it that will not look totally frumpola.
Who made this rule?? Men. And they just don’t get it.

Okay, that is unfair, so I take it back.

Straight men just don’t get it.

Here are two of my options for Saturday’s event.

Goal Dress. Photo taken on Tuesday. No guarantee it will still fit by Saturday.

Vintage fur collar, worn as a stole. Too hot for June, I think. Also, it is neither a jacket nor a sweater.

Vintage opera coat. A bit hard to manage-- it's a lot of coat. Also, I think it is too hot for June, just like the dead critter in the previous pix.

In vintage photos, the collars of these coats are all like this, but I can't make mine stay up... There must be some vintage secret...

I also have a blue cardigan that would work with either dress, but it is too big to really look cute. If I go with the faux McQueen (thank you, Zara!) below, I will have to wear the blue cardi, though, as I have nothing else that will work with it.

No, I don't have a hunchback-- I am trying to show you the poufiness of the skirt. It has boning to make it stand out, all McQueen-ish.

In the end, it will all come down to how I feel about it on the day– maybe the cardi will be fine.

Dare I defy the laws of the land and wear a filmy wrap….?

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I hate it when people do not iron their clothes and then post the outfits on their blogs. There is a very famous blogger who is a major culprit in this area and it drives me mad! But, I was trying out an outfit for school tonight and needed to decide which shoes I’d wear (and by “wear” I do mean “carry with me in a bag and change out of  my winter boots and into them when I get to school.” Lame, but true.) so I just quickly snapped the photos so I could take a gander and decide.
I promise to go and iron the whole outfit as soon as I finish this post.

Can you guess which shoes won?

I chose the T-straps– the other ones are more comfortable (I trekked all over Manhattan in them with no ill-effects whatsoever!), but I like the look of the T-straps with the leopard belt better.
They seem to create a cheeky contrast and I like that tension. I also prefer the lower vamp on the T-straps with this outfit.

Blouse, Skirt, Belt: Jacob
Tights: 9 West
T-Straps: Tahari
High-Vamp Pumps: Adrienne Vittadini

Yes, it is the same skirt I wore to school last Thursday.
Whatever– I’m just pretending to be a fashion student, so I get to cheat, right? 😉

*Title is shameless(ly pathetic) excuse to embed a little Siouxsie… Enjoy!

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YYZ: Soldier of Love

No, not this kind of love…*

I am talking about the fact that I love to get dressed up. As you know, I love me a good FROCK. This time of year is my version of crack cocaine: holiday looks are in all the stores. If it has sequins, I am IN!  It is killing me that I do not need a fancy dress because this season it is all about paillettes– I firmly believe that sequins and paillettes should be required daily wear.

Here is the thing: my love of frocks and party dressing and getting gussied up at the drop of a hat means that I have LOADS of fancy things in my wardrobe but, really, these are clothes for the life I do not have.  The nature of my job also means that I have lots of more “dressed up” work-type outfits. I am ALWAYS fighting (stretching to justify my Donny Osmond title! 🙂 )my tendency to buy/wear dressy stuff.  What I am not good at is casual wear, not least because I am not the right shape for casual clothes– layers and drapey, cozy stuff are not the kinds of things we Hobbits should wear, much as I would love to dress like an escapee from the Toast catalogue. I am really enjoying wearing jeans pretty much every day this year, but I don’t really suit jeans in their more casual incarnations and find it hard to make them look interesting or funky without resorting to very high heels. The latter are not appropriate for oh, say, trips to Costco.  I just look better when I am dressed up, but I must soldier on in my quest to dress like me while wearing casual gear.

Here is what I cobbled up in desperation yesterday:

My always-bad photos are only made worse by the chaos in our office these days...

I bought the tuxedo-ruffled shirt over a year ago and had never worn it until now. I think it will be better (like most of my clothes) worked into something work-appropriate– the cut makes it not ideal for wearing untucked over jeans. (To pre-empt LHR, who will disagree with me: there is a reason there are no side-on shots. Trust me.)

Best part of this outfit? My hot-pink Oxford booties!

Cannot WAIT to get my hair trimmed!

Shirt: Costa Blanca
Jeans, Earrings & Cuff: H&M
Oxford Booties: Office, via Top Shop

*tried to embed the video, but apparently Mr. Osmond does not want me to include his oeuvre here…

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