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As promised, a new part of this blog will be a monthly (at a minimum) Big Brother for Fashion poll. It’s your turn to finally vote certain items out of my wardrobe for good. Today’s poll features 3 pairs of shoes.  We’ll have a poll for each. As usual, majority rules and we need a minimum of 3 voters. Will these shoes get to stay and find a home in a one of the coveted cubby holes or will they end up in the shoe heap.

First Up: Burgundy Mary Janes

If keep, what should I wear with them?

Second Up: Pink Summer Sandals

Not sure I'm in the right profession for these ones

Third Up: Pink Gumby Shoes (that’s what J calls these babies)

Keep or Put in the Heap?

Here’s a few more photos of the shoes to give you more support for your vote (whichever way you choose)


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Yesterday, I mentioned in a comment that I officially had a disgusting amount of clothes. My problem is I don’t want to get rid of ANYTHING.  It takes me years, in fact decades, to decide to part with anything. YYZ knows this. She sits by and shakes her head as I keep the same tank top I’ve had for 8 years for one more season – just in case. I usually wear it just to justify its existence and that entire day I feel like something is wrong. It doesn’t work. Perhaps – next time…

So, I’m instituting a kind of Big Brother exercise for my clothing. Now some items you might like to vote out of the house, but they aren’t up for vote until approved by me. So, you can happily nominate via the comments that a particular article should come up for the vote in the future, but you can’t actually vote it out until I say so. (I need some protection)  However, if and when it is up for vote AND we get at least 3 votes, then I’ll obey the outcome and do as the majority votes.

Here goes with the first item from the vault. Please note the item which may or may not be voted out is the puffy vest NOT the trousers. However,  based on these photos, they maybe up for a future Big Brother vote.

This black fitted, puffy vest was first purchased on eBay (when I worked there back in ’03 or ’04). I tried buying directly from Hong Kong with this purchase and was never really satisfied. I usually wear it 1 or 2 times a year thinking it’ll add an edge, but …. well, you be the judge. Perhaps, it isn’t the vest. Perhaps, it is the combination and it still has a chance for future weekday wear (in a different outfit), or alas should be kept for weekend wear OR  perhaps it should be purged.  Remember, we need 3 votes for action. So, please vote and add comments if you feel so bold. Don’t worry I won’t be hurt. I will never put up my fave pieces for Big Brother voting, even if you beg.

I'm hoping this outfit looked better in real life.

Perhaps it is the outfit, not the vest. You vote.

It was cold and wore my new scarf most the day.

Yes, that's my ARSE.

What I wore?
Top: Black jersey top bought with in France when visiting Vimy Ridge with YYZ.
Trousers: 3/4 length Zara (don’t remember when i bought them but questioning them now)
Tights: Burgundy
Shoes: Burgundy, Kenzie
Earrings and Necklace: Silver from YYZ
Scarf (not part of the outfit, but worn for warmth): off white, from Tania and Etsy.

And now for the moment of truth: please vote on the puffy vest.

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