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Merry Christmas!



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A veritable FEAST was had on Christmas Day, here in London, thanks to J’s outrageous culinary skills.
No, seriously, we ate like royalty.

New ring from J & LHR -- pretty! Black ring lost a stone over the course of the day.

Sadly, things were too busy to get any decent photos– LHR assures me that I looked much nicer in person than the hideous photos we managed to get indicate. I hope she’s right!

Here you can see LHR’s cute outfit– top purchased in NYC in October.

Front view-- wrapped up like a Christmas present.

Rear view-- cape stylin'.

My outfit is sort of flapper-y, but in the photos it just looks like a bag.
With a ruffle on the bottom.
Which is not the case (or so I tell myself), but you will have to take my word for that.

Layered up for our Christmas Day walk!


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post. *

By the time we got home, it was too late and I had had two glasses of Veuve and a big ol’ glass of wine and precious little to eat, so no photos of the outfit that made the final what-to-wear-to-M’s-office-bash cut. In the end, I overspent on a blow-out for my hair (though it made me think I looked cute, so I guess it was sort of worth it), had a mad dash to H&M in the 10 minutes preceding my hair appointment, during which time I scooped up five dresses (two styles, 3 colours, two different sizes) to take home and try on, and then ended up in a dress I already own!

Here are some weak-ish shots of the dress– the only photos of it I have are from Christmas ’08.


Dress: Theory


Charming shot, taken by M. It does give a bit of a sense of the detail of the neckline, though.

We had a great time, despite the Rubinos‘ incredibly bad food.
(How can they be famous chefs if their food is as lousy as what they served us last night??? I am talking about some truly horrible food. As in, it was well-nigh inedible: unbelievably salty and greasy. Ick. What a huge disappointment.
Fear not, though! We bravely chose to make up for the lack of yummy snacks by drowning our sorrows in free booze, good little soldiers that we are!)
The DJ did not meet M’s approval, but I managed to squeeze in a couple of hours of dancing, anyway!

The H&M binge will all be returned. Below is a skirt I picked up at Jacob as another (rejected) possibility.


Does Peggy approve?



In the end, I took your advice, Interweb, and was glad I went with a structured, dressy dress, plus the shoes and tights you see in the photo immediately above . The place was chock-a-block with young ladies in some serious cocktail gear but I felt perfectly appropriate, so thank you all for your input.


*Sorry, mums,  about that non-PG rated link, but I love that silly song and couldn’t resist including it as a tribute to M’s DJ days!

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This year J and I made the trek home to YYZ for Christmas. It was fun to think we were following the path of this blog i.e. leaving from LHR (Heathrow) and ultimately (after a quick stopover in ORD) arriving in YYZ. Given the opportunity for disasters with air travel at Christmas time, we did fairly well getting back on time. The worst occurred when we found out one of our suitcases did not arrive.

I have had my luggage delayed 4 times before so I knew the drill. Complete the form and then wait for the bag to turn up at your home some time in the next 24 hours. Well, it was Christmas and we did pass through ORD (one of the busiest airports in the world) so what could I expect? I was a bit worried as I had alot of our gifts in the case but more importantly 3 of my party dresses. So, as Christmas Eve day came and went I thought it was a lost cause to expect arrival on Christmas. However, early on Christmas morning there was a knock on the door and my very own Sikh Santa delivered my bag to me.

Yay!  Party Dresses.

Christmas in Borington

What we wore?
He: jeans, Tee (from G-star) and H&M Jacket
She: Kurt Geiger Shoes, Polka-dot Dress from Jigsaw, raspberry tights from Uniqlo, gold ring (prezzie from J bought in Shoreditch) and gold fringe earrings bought on eBay

There was one more fashion surprise at Christmas Dinner. My niece opened her cracker and found a measuring tape which she quickly made in to a belt. Only a 16 year old with out the years of festive drinking and desserts could broadcast her hip size through a belt.

Measuring Tape Belt

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LHR: God Save the Queen!

A few weekends back, I had a good ole shop in central London (in fact you saw one of those purchases yesterday – the belt). I spent most of my time in the big chain stores on Regent Street. However, as I dashed to my drinks date over on Charlotte Street, I found myself slowing down just as I enterred Carnaby Street.  It’s always good to stop and smell the roses, right?

This year, Carnaby’s Christmas decorations took  a Psychedelic turn from the winter wonderland snowmen of 2008.   Visit Carnaby Street and you’ll soon be surrounded by fifteen, six metre high inflatable decorations declaring 60’s festive messages of Love, Joy, Hope and Peace, along with four, six metre high inflatable hot pink reindeers. You can see one that I caught myself and other shots I found on Flickr.

Pink Doe on Carnaby Street

On my tour of Carnaby, I noticed a psychedelic shopfront filled with rather unique shoes. Oh. shoes! Hmmmm. Should I stop? I’ll be late. But I don’t get to Carnaby very often. But I’ll be late. Oh I’m quick. — You can guess which LHR won.

I had never been in Irregular Choice before that Saturday. A pair of “Patty’s” (below) was what first got my eye.


Now Irregular Choice has literally 100s of styles that are all a little bit different. As you know I am a sucker for different, but to be honest I’m not sure I LOVED any of them enough to buy. Each pair had one element that I didn’t quite like. Overall I applaud the uniqueness and the accessibility (price range), but I still need to love the shoes.

One pair that particulary caught my attention while I whizzed aroudn the store was the one below. I only found out today (via their website) that they were called Cherlyn.[ I like that as YYZ and I had a very good friend at high school whose name was Sharalyn (close but not quite). I digress I know.] Anyway, I liked these shoes in their bits but not as an entire combination. I think the bit I liked the least was the heel. Oh well. Still fun to look at.


Luckily I didn’t buy anything at Irregular Choice,  as I’m going to save my pennies for a pair of Tabitha Simmons. (thanks YYZ for putting me on to her). Maybe I should rename the post “Save Those Pennies!” vs. “Save the Queen”. (I know I’m a bit weird – it’s late!)

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