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It’s March Break! (cue sound of angels singing) Which means a LOT of errands. Which means comfy shoes.

idareyouThe first time I wore these shoes, no one said a word about them. Not one person. Not one word. It freaked me out a bit. I mean, they sort of make a statement, don’t you think? I thought the statement they were making was along the lines of, “Holy crap! COOL.” But then, when no one had anything to say about them, I began to wonder whether what they were really saying was, “The woman wearing these is a certifiable fashion victim.”
In the end, I decided I didn’t care because what matters is what  think and I still think they rock.

I wear them all the time.

It was love at first sight for me when I saw these shoes. After all, they are an unholy marriage of all that I love: patent leather, Oxford brogues, black & white, STUDS! And I was not deterred at all to learn that the person behind them (okay, maybe it’s just her money is behind them) is none other than Madonna.


That’s right, Gentle Reader, my shoes are by Madge.
The line is called “Truth or Dare.”


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Please know that I am not making light of Hurricane/Super Storm Sandy and the death and destruction she wrought by using her name as the title of this post. Rather, LHR and I were actually in NYC over the weekend, celebrating our birthdays by putting our credit cards through their paces and my making sure we never went more than a few hours without wine.
We left the day before Sandy came to town.
Getting out from EWR was reminiscent of Escape From New York.
Or this (skip to minute 4:31).

This is the dress I wore on the plane home and also to school the next day.
I may or may not have worn it on the plane in a bid to hoodwink Canada Customs…. I’m not saying, either way.

I have long wanted a DVF wrap dress– the wrap dress is, after all, a girl’s best friend. Looks good on everyone, comfy, always stylish, versatile…. what’s not to love? I have several knock-off versions, but wanted the original.
So I treated myself to this silk one. And another sweater-knit one…. Ahem.
What?! It was my birthday!

Shopping at the DVF flagship store in the Meatpacking District was a pretty groovy experience, partly because Diane makes clothes for grown-up women, but largely because our salesgirl, Tanja, asked us this question:
“Would you ladies like some water or champagne while you try on your selections?”

There is only one answer to that. Obviously.

We also had good times trying on the same awesome dress.
(I’m wearing it in the photo– LHR opted for the more versatile top & leather skirt combo, in the end. Doesn’t she look amazing in it?
Way to get us drunk & then upsell, Tanja! You’ve got Employee of the month in the bag, girl.)

What could be more appropriate to wear on the day Sandy came to town than a dress with clouds all over it?

Thanks, LHR, for a truly awesome weekend. I had the best birthday EVER!

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Back in the day, the day in which I wish I lived– you know, when ladies wore girdles, crinolines, gloves and hats– a girl did not have pairs of shoes numbering in the (ahem) three digits.
A girl had one pair of everyday shoes and one pair of “smart” shoes. If she needed to switch it up a bit, she added a pair of shoe clips to her smart shoes.

I have been lucky enough to have had a few pairs of clips donated to me by my Gram and I wear them from time to time. Last week, though, I was commissioned to make a pair for my former boss. So I did. And now I am hooked– can’t stop making shoe clips!

I made these ones because I love the pom poms, but then remembered my cute new polka dot shoes– they match perfectly! How cute are these shoes with the pom pom clip?!

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YYZ: Chapel of Love

Since I was taking a lot of photos, I don’t have any photos of myself!
Luckily, my cousin took some so you can see what I wore to my brother & S’s wedding.

I ended up with three dresses, as I wrote about earlier in the summer. Naturally there is not a single photo of me in either of my lovely vintage frocks. 😦 But there are a few of me in the Karen Millen I wore to the wedding itself.

At the very last minute, I decided my existing turquoise shoes just didn’t look right– both colour and style were just a tad off. So I raced across to the good ol’ Dufferin Mall and snapped up a pair of darker turquoise shoes on sale at Le Chateau. Disaster averted– whew! I just know you share my sense of relief, Interwebs.

What I love about the photos below (besides how happy everyone looks) is the way that the bride’s side of the family are all in similar colours and so is the groom’s side!
(Full disclosure: I made sure M chose a shirt and tie that would look nice with my dress in photos! 🙂 )

I “designed” the outfits my mum and grandmother are wearing! In other words, I drew sketches and the brilliant Alex at Tessi here in Toronto made them reality. She is so talented!

Cutting a rug with my baby bro.

Once again, all photos by Lucas Jarvis.

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Here’s a bit more wedding wear for you.

The dress and the veil:

I made the veil, incorporating the birdcage style the bride wanted and the gorgeous vintage ivory comb my mum had bought her. It once belonged to a diplomat’s wife in 1940s Montevideo, Uruguay, which is where my mum found it at a market. Cool, no?

One of the bridesmaids had pretty fascinators made for herself and the matron of honour to wear. In keeping with the theme of “bright colours,” the flower girls were decked out in the cutest ever fluffy tutus, pink Chucks (the groom and his besties wore custom-designed Chucks) and sunny yellow blooms.
It’s just too bad the kids weren’t cute at all, eh?

All photos here were taken by Lucas Jarvis.

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Not that I wore this out dancing. Alas.
But here are my new glitter-icious shoes in a summery ensemble.

When I sat down to do this post, I realized that every single item of clothing EXCEPT the shoes came from H&M. Sad, I know. In my defence, the tunic is several years old. The necklace is a recent purchase and I got it because it reminds me of this amazing string of crystal beads I used to borrow from my mum in high school. (Where did it go, Mum? I miss it!) The clutch…. well, Gentle Reader, I have no excuse for the clutch. Other than, “Isn’t it shiny?!”

Tunic, Necklace, Clutch: H&M
Shoes: 9 West, via DSW

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YYZ: At Last

Sorry to keep you all (all 4 of you…) in such terrible suspense! 😉
I have been a teensy tad busy at my mum’s place, helping her spruce up her screened porch in time for last Sunday’s wedding shower for my sister-in-law-to-be.

I was sooooooo impressed by your guesses, Interweb! You really know me. Spookiest of all was PJs&Tea, who was nearly spot on, despite the fact that we have not seen each other in 20+ years….
YVR was mighty close in her detective work, too.

So, here are the ones I bought:

1. I was not going to go for these, as they were pricier than the others (hello? $85? PERSPECTIVE, woman!), but I have had them on every single day since buying them. I feel like a rich lady in them.

2. Wanted the grey and neon polka-dotties, but felt that these would be more practical.

3. Was TOTALLY torn on these babies– I vacillated between these ones and the Guess stiletto version. The entire population of the (vast) store got in on the voting process and these ones won out. A true sole sister (get it?) pointed out that the stiletto version is pretty common, but these 70s-ish ones are cooler. Even MEN were voting and giving me the silent thumbs-up on these ones. In the end, I felt like the stilettos were a bit more “me” but that it would be fun to glam it up, 70s-style in these babies. (I would come to regret this choice, but more on that later.)

4. Okay, I realized after posting the quiz that these ones are (snore) a bit of a red herring; I forgot to tell you that I was on a mission to replace my favourite neutral summer wedges, which are looking a bit the worse for wear. I wanted a rope or cork sole, comfort, and a neutral scheme. Sorry, I should have included that info in the quiz!

The ones I regret?
Yep, PJs&Tea, the snakeskin and patent sandals. Very grown-up and klassy. But I left them behind and I am okay with it. Now.

These ones, however, haunted me. I wanted them more than the rope wedges I ended up buying. So I went online and ordered them and made my mother drive to Niagara Falls, NY with me to pick them up at the U.S. postal address because I was too impatient to wait for kind Joy to mule them up for me….
Weakness, thy name is Shoe Addict.

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