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It’s March Break! (cue sound of angels singing) Which means a LOT of errands. Which means comfy shoes.

idareyouThe first time I wore these shoes, no one said a word about them. Not one person. Not one word. It freaked me out a bit. I mean, they sort of make a statement, don’t you think? I thought the statement they were making was along the lines of, “Holy crap! COOL.” But then, when no one had anything to say about them, I began to wonder whether what they were really saying was, “The woman wearing these is a certifiable fashion victim.”
In the end, I decided I didn’t care because what matters is what  think and I still think they rock.

I wear them all the time.

It was love at first sight for me when I saw these shoes. After all, they are an unholy marriage of all that I love: patent leather, Oxford brogues, black & white, STUDS! And I was not deterred at all to learn that the person behind them (okay, maybe it’s just her money is behind them) is none other than Madonna.


That’s right, Gentle Reader, my shoes are by Madge.
The line is called “Truth or Dare.”


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Happy New Year!

Nope, I haven’t been going naked, I’ve just been too lazy to snap pix. Here is a fun outfit I wore to cheer myself up in the face of the return to work this past week; I love the chance to wear polka-dots, and if I can mix in a floral it’s even better! It’s cobbled together from a couple of nifty little sale items I snagged at Anthro.


Blazer: H&M
Necklace Pendant & Dress: Anthropologie
Tights: Hue (gift from Santa!)
Shoes: Le Chateau


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Back in the day, the day in which I wish I lived– you know, when ladies wore girdles, crinolines, gloves and hats– a girl did not have pairs of shoes numbering in the (ahem) three digits.
A girl had one pair of everyday shoes and one pair of “smart” shoes. If she needed to switch it up a bit, she added a pair of shoe clips to her smart shoes.

I have been lucky enough to have had a few pairs of clips donated to me by my Gram and I wear them from time to time. Last week, though, I was commissioned to make a pair for my former boss. So I did. And now I am hooked– can’t stop making shoe clips!

I made these ones because I love the pom poms, but then remembered my cute new polka dot shoes– they match perfectly! How cute are these shoes with the pom pom clip?!

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….why do they fall in lo-ove?

I have just returned from Dallas, Texas. Yep, Dallas. And yes, everything IS bigger in Texas.
And yes, Oprah cut off her nose to spite her face when she swore off Texas beef: deeeeeeee-lish!

Once all the book-learnin’ and female empowerment of the NCGS conference was over, my colleague S and did what one does in Dallas: we went shopping.
Lordy, did we go shopping!

We warmed up by cleaning out Target‘s Cute Office Supplies Department. And then it was time to Get Serious.

We were ready for Designer Shoe Warehouse.

Now, Gentle Reader, it is important to know that I take DSW very seriously.
I have a strict system. It goes a little like this (be warned; “it goes to 11“):

1. Get a shopping bag; you are going to need it.

2. Begin on the right-hand side, where the higher-end & the dressier stuff is. Cruise, slip a few on, get the lay of the land.

3. Next, the clearance racks. Sometimes you can get $700 shoes for 70% off, so it behooves a girl to take her time and really look carefully and closely.

4. Now it’s time for the aisles. Go row by row; looking left and right if you can handle all that stimulus; if not, then walk up one side and down the other before moving on to the next aisle.  Remember, you are just cruising; it is merely a reconnaissance mission at this point. If you can, use your phone to snap a photo of the ones you like as you go along.

5. With one exception: if you see something you like and there is only one pair in your size, add it to your shopping bag. You are not committing to anything yet, but you want to have the option of buying that cute pair and if you don’t pick it up during reconnaissance, it might not be there when you get back. (If you have size 9 feet or larger, or if you have size 5 feet, you don’t really have to follow this rule– there are always plenty and you are lucky enough to not share a shoe size with half of North America, so you should be safe to come back later.)

6. Still with me? This is not a sport for sissies, but if you need to take a break, powder your nose, get a snack, now is the time. I’ll wait.

7.  Right, feel better? Okay, scroll through your phone and see which shoes you snapped. Eliminate the ones that no longer look as tempting as they did in the initial frenzy.

8. Go back and grab your size in each pair that is still in the running.

9. Okay, find a spot near a mirror– not one of those little ones on the bottom of a stool (unless it is a weekend, in which case, just find any mirror you can). Try to get a full-length mirror for best results. Take off your own shoes and start trying on The Finalists. This can take a long time; think carefully about all the factors that might influence your decision. How comfy are they? Can you walk in them? If not, could you learn to walk in them? (Remember: this is not a sport for sissies!) Do they go with anything you own? (Don’t forget all that black you own– it goes with everything, so of course they will go with it!) Most importantly, how do they make you  feel? Do they touch your soul? Do they make you feel like a lady? How do they look? Roll up your trousers, if you are wearing them, so you can see how they really look. And finally, ask yourself, “If I don’t get these, am I going to regret it? If someone told me I had to walk away from them right now, how would I feel?”

10. Put the winners in your bag and you are done! Bravo! You are a CHAMP!

11. Go out for dinner and wear one of your new pairs of shoes!

Now, I must add one final caveat. DSW is overwhelming, even for me (!) and you are not always going to get it right. I have paid $40 in cab fare to return a pair of $85 shoes on the way to the airport in a near-crippling bout of buyer’s remorse. And I am currently suffering from remorse over NOT having bought two pairs in particular on my latest odyssey. But the system outlined above helps and, sometimes, you hit the sweet spot and end up like Goldilocks:
your shoes are Just Right.

So, time for a poll, Gentle Reader. Can you guess which of the pairs in this post I ended up buying?
You can only choose FOUR. (
Did I mention that I am in the throes of “woulda-shoulda-coulda” over two pairs?)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Bonus points if you can guess which two pairs I regret not buying!

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YYZ: Too Many Fish In The Sea

The title was meant to refer to my hexagonal-pattern fishnets, but when I think about the evolution of this outfit, I see that the song title can apply on a couple of levels.

First, let me explain about the dress. I went into the mall (!) to buy soap– I only like the pump soap from Bath & Body Works b/c it is possible (if you are very, very dedicated and persistent) to get some that does not smell so chemically and fake-vanilla/lavender-y that it triggers my gag reflex. So, every now and then, I take a deep breath, gird my loins, and head into Yorkdale to snag the 7-for-$25 deal on pump soap.  The problem? I must run the gauntlet….

I always think to myself, “Oh, since I’m here, I’ll just pop into Zara…” Or Club Monaco. Or Nine West….
You get the idea.

Friday, it was Zara– I was in the market for a little, shrunken blazer in a bright colour. I struck out.
On the blazer.
Well, okay, on that version of the blazer. More on that later.

Here is one of the things that managed to make its way into my possession:

Yes, it is time to cover my roots...

I thought it would be a good purchase, as I have loads of green shoes and tights and some blue shoes and tights, too. Turns out, the colours in this dress DO NOT GO with ANY of the stuff I already own! What are the chances? I mean, who else do you know who owns 7 or 8 pairs of blue and/or green shoes? Seriously– NONE of them is the right colour?! Sheesh. My bedroom floor is covered in the carnage of every pair of shoes and tights in the running, but no luck.

So, what did I do? I chose to deliberately not match. Instead, I chose tights in a similar saturation of colour, but a slightly “off” shade from the green in the dress. To echo the shape of the dots on the dress (I am in a polka-dot phase), I put on a pair of slate blue, hexagonal fishnets. (I think LHR has the same ones). It was a hit with the adults at work today, though I’m not sure the teenagers were down with the whole “deliberately clashing” thing. Clearly they are not Brits, right LHR?

Dunno why these are sooo blurry-- they don't look blurry on my computer, only when I upload them. Yes, I have adjusted the resolution, but to no avail. Hm....

Wrap Dress: Gap
Blue/Green Tights & Earrings (not visible): H&M
Fishnets: Designer Depot at Vaughan Mills Mall, bought with LHR about 5 or 6 years ago.
Shoes: M&S

(There were also gold, wooden bangles, but I took them off to put my coat on and forgot to put them back on for the photos.)

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let me, let me, let me get what I want this time.

This dress caused quite a stir at work today, and not just because it was better suited to a day with a temperature a good 10-15 degrees warmer than today’s temperature!

People liked the colours, the cheeriness, the cut.  Several people liked the painterly quality. BMad liked it so well that he had me drop in to his Grade 12 Art class so that he could remind them of pointillism, Seurat, and this painting. Of course, that made me think of this.

How has less than a month of school ERASED any signs of being well-rested garnered via a YEAR away from work?! Blimey.

Dress: Suzy Shier
Blue Belt: Ardene
Orange Belt & Plum Bangles: H&M
Shoes: Globo 

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I can’t remember where I found this.
But I love her skirt, her hat, her make-up.

And what is that tantalizing bit of polka-dotted goodness peeking out from behind her?

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