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It’s March Break! (cue sound of angels singing) Which means a LOT of errands. Which means comfy shoes.

idareyouThe first time I wore these shoes, no one said a word about them. Not one person. Not one word. It freaked me out a bit. I mean, they sort of make a statement, don’t you think? I thought the statement they were making was along the lines of, “Holy crap! COOL.” But then, when no one had anything to say about them, I began to wonder whether what they were really saying was, “The woman wearing these is a certifiable fashion victim.”
In the end, I decided I didn’t care because what matters is what  think and I still think they rock.

I wear them all the time.

It was love at first sight for me when I saw these shoes. After all, they are an unholy marriage of all that I love: patent leather, Oxford brogues, black & white, STUDS! And I was not deterred at all to learn that the person behind them (okay, maybe it’s just her money is behind them) is none other than Madonna.


That’s right, Gentle Reader, my shoes are by Madge.
The line is called “Truth or Dare.”


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This tent er, dress is a current fave. For obvious reasons.


LHR sent me some amazing goodies for Christmas, including these pretty pale aqua net tights. Not wanting to reveal too much, I decided to layer them over a pair of opaque tights in the same shade as my new (!) Kate Spade shoes. I snagged the latter in the sale at Holt’s– they were tucked away in the back, rather than out on the rack, so when the salesgirl said, “Why don’t you try a size 7?” and I said, “There isn’t one” and she said, “There’s a pair in the back” I thought to myself, “SOLD!”


 The necklaces are made by a former student of mine who goes by the name of Pikay Creations.
I love her work and you can find her on etsy, if you do, too.


The fancy cocktail ring (cockatoo ring?) is from Target.

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Back in the day, the day in which I wish I lived– you know, when ladies wore girdles, crinolines, gloves and hats– a girl did not have pairs of shoes numbering in the (ahem) three digits.
A girl had one pair of everyday shoes and one pair of “smart” shoes. If she needed to switch it up a bit, she added a pair of shoe clips to her smart shoes.

I have been lucky enough to have had a few pairs of clips donated to me by my Gram and I wear them from time to time. Last week, though, I was commissioned to make a pair for my former boss. So I did. And now I am hooked– can’t stop making shoe clips!

I made these ones because I love the pom poms, but then remembered my cute new polka dot shoes– they match perfectly! How cute are these shoes with the pom pom clip?!

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Okay, not diamonds. And not the soles of my shoes.

How about golden Oxford brogues? Not quite as musical, is it?

I wore this for running around a couple of weekends ago. I am sad because I bought these trousers in a size that felt comfy. Turns out I should have bought the slightly snugger size, as these babies grow and grow and grow, leaving me baggy and saggy. What did I expect for $14.95?

Trousers & Necklace: H&M
Shirt & Shoes: Joe Fresh

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Here’s a bit more wedding wear for you.

The dress and the veil:

I made the veil, incorporating the birdcage style the bride wanted and the gorgeous vintage ivory comb my mum had bought her. It once belonged to a diplomat’s wife in 1940s Montevideo, Uruguay, which is where my mum found it at a market. Cool, no?

One of the bridesmaids had pretty fascinators made for herself and the matron of honour to wear. In keeping with the theme of “bright colours,” the flower girls were decked out in the cutest ever fluffy tutus, pink Chucks (the groom and his besties wore custom-designed Chucks) and sunny yellow blooms.
It’s just too bad the kids weren’t cute at all, eh?

All photos here were taken by Lucas Jarvis.

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You may remember that my baby brother (he’s 40, but he’ll always be my baby brother to me!) got married this summer.
To the most amazing girl– I cannot thank him enough for choosing me such an awesome sister-in-law!
(It’s all about me, right?)

This is a blog about fashion, so it may well be that you, Gentle Reader, are wondering where all the wedding finery posts are. Turns out, I’ve been pretty busy over here lately, where you can see some of the wedding-y goodness, if you like. But this quickie is my first post-wedding Fashion Is Danger post. It’s just a tease, really, but I promise to post more in the coming days.

Here’s a glimpse, to whet your appetite!

All photos here taken by my talented cousin, Lucas Jarvis, Wedding Photog Extraordinaire.

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Pop of candy-coloured brights, that is.

Gentle Reader, if you are saintly enough (i.e., you are related to us) to have been following this blog for its duration (is it 3 years, LHR?!), you may have noticed that I wear a LOT of black and grey. And black. And also grey. There is also grey….  And I do it for the same reason that most of us do it: those colours go with everything we already have and, in the absence of limitless bank accounts, it’s important to buy things that work into our existing wardrobes.

Here is the thing: if everything I own is already black or grey, wouldn’t it make sense that I could buy some COLOUR and it would STILL GO with the rest of my NEUTRAL wardrobe???! Yes, it would seem that way.

With that in mind, this past spring I started to buy  more colour. And pretty soon, I was buying ONLY colour. And now, child of the ’80s that I am, I am buying NEON and FLUORESCENT colour. And I love it.
I love, love, love wearing brights. I have precisely one black tank top that I wear regularly this summer and it is the only black item in the wardrobe. (Whoops! Not true– my awesome Cozmic Hep Cats sundress is also black.)

I have yet to wear this outfit out in public, but I fell in love with the neon raspberry shade of the trousers and the McQueen/Mary Katrantzou-inspired digital print on the top when I was popping in to H&M to pick up a necklace this week. (Oh, Interweb, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is so very, very weak: these trousers were $14.95!)

Top, Bracelets, Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Spring


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