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Yesterday I looked at the calendar and nearly fainted. Because yesterday marked the 3-week countdown to the Day-That-Must-Not-Be-Named.
Where the heck did the summer go?!
Suddenly, all my school prep and lesson-planning procrastination hit home.
So, I did what I have heard grown-ups do. I went back to work.

Thing is, at a certain point, my brain just shuts down. It says, “Right, time to start making rookie mistakes. Time to confuse computer files until you are not sure whether you are in the latest version or one from 5 years ago. Time to re-do  a whole section of crap you planned during a boring end-of-year meeting and forgot you did because you shoved it under some other random pile of useless boring meeting notes. Time to rip your hair out in chunks. Time to quit.”

I have a maximum and it’s about 6.5 hours of straight lesson-planning. Sometimes I can do 8, if I’ve really got the mojo working. Anything beyond that, and I am just a blithering mess of a human.

Today, I knew I also had to go and order new contact lenses (so that I will be able to SEE my students, the gripping PowerPoint presentations and calendars covered in very tiny print that will make up my first week back to school). So I knocked off after the requisite 6.5 hours. Trouble is, I was wearing some old schmatta of a sundress I put on after rolling out of bed early this morning and now I had to go out in public.
I turned to a little something I picked up while I was in Dallas at a conference in June.

Lately, I have really been into ikat dyed fabrics. In decor, in fashion. Wherever. Thus, when I saw this baby on sale at Loft for $25, I had to have it! It’s cuter than I make it look– it’s linen, so it’s cool and comfy, but it is not well-suited to my, er, figure. In other words, it is square and so am I. Not a good combo. But I don’t really care! 🙂 It has a cute ruffle at the neck (that you can’t see because my photos are so rubbish), it’s cool, it’s linen so it gives me the illusion that I look Hamptons-y. So sue me.

Dress/Tunic: Loft
Shoes: H&M
(they replace my terribly battered silver sandals from years past)
Bracelets: gifts from my mum and MIL from Mexico
Necklace: Sirens (!)

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Pop of candy-coloured brights, that is.

Gentle Reader, if you are saintly enough (i.e., you are related to us) to have been following this blog for its duration (is it 3 years, LHR?!), you may have noticed that I wear a LOT of black and grey. And black. And also grey. There is also grey….  And I do it for the same reason that most of us do it: those colours go with everything we already have and, in the absence of limitless bank accounts, it’s important to buy things that work into our existing wardrobes.

Here is the thing: if everything I own is already black or grey, wouldn’t it make sense that I could buy some COLOUR and it would STILL GO with the rest of my NEUTRAL wardrobe???! Yes, it would seem that way.

With that in mind, this past spring I started to buy  more colour. And pretty soon, I was buying ONLY colour. And now, child of the ’80s that I am, I am buying NEON and FLUORESCENT colour. And I love it.
I love, love, love wearing brights. I have precisely one black tank top that I wear regularly this summer and it is the only black item in the wardrobe. (Whoops! Not true– my awesome Cozmic Hep Cats sundress is also black.)

I have yet to wear this outfit out in public, but I fell in love with the neon raspberry shade of the trousers and the McQueen/Mary Katrantzou-inspired digital print on the top when I was popping in to H&M to pick up a necklace this week. (Oh, Interweb, the spirit is willing, but the flesh is so very, very weak: these trousers were $14.95!)

Top, Bracelets, Trousers: H&M
Shoes: Spring


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let me, let me, let me get what I want this time.

This dress caused quite a stir at work today, and not just because it was better suited to a day with a temperature a good 10-15 degrees warmer than today’s temperature!

People liked the colours, the cheeriness, the cut.  Several people liked the painterly quality. BMad liked it so well that he had me drop in to his Grade 12 Art class so that he could remind them of pointillism, Seurat, and this painting. Of course, that made me think of this.

How has less than a month of school ERASED any signs of being well-rested garnered via a YEAR away from work?! Blimey.

Dress: Suzy Shier
Blue Belt: Ardene
Orange Belt & Plum Bangles: H&M
Shoes: Globo 

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YYZ: Go Your Own Way

The final trip of the Most Wonderful Year On Record (well, for me, at least) was out to the Left Coast to see my beloved YVR and my wonderful baby bro.  YVR, trip planner extraordinaire, suggested a “Massive Road Trip” (hereafter, MRT) to see my brother and his lovely fiancée in Ross Vegas, then on to Whideby Island so that I could meet YVR’s fella. They’ve only been together for 8 years or so, so it’s not like we were overdue to meet, or anything….

In this post, named for one of the songs from the masterful MRT playlist extravaganza compiled by YVR in honour of our odyssey, I’ll show you some of the sights from the Canadian leg of the trip.

We started out by loading up Lane, YVR’s trusty steed, with snacks, YVR’s bike (she’s a fitster!) and my ten thousand pounds of luggage, and heading for Naramata, on Lake Okanagan, for some wine-tasting and some over-indulging in yummy foods.

Here is what I wore (it was CHILLY in Vangroovy!) for part I of the MRT:

Trying to cut down on camera movement and forgetting to look in the mirror. Or smile.

Scarf: Joe Fresh
Tunic: little shop in Haut de Cagnes, “Le Delax”
(if you say it with a Frenchified accent, it sounds like “Deluxe”! LOL! )
Jeans: Gap.
Sadly, this was the trip on which they gave up the proverbial ghost. I am so sad– these are my magic jeans: they make me look 10 pounds thinner and look great with every single top I own. The fabric just plain gave out. I mean, emergency measures in the form of a trip to Wal-Mart’s sewing section to buy patching materials was added to our itinerary! I plan to cut them up and use them in some sort of sewing project.
Shoes: Office

Yep, I suck at this "taking photos of my outfit" thing. But then, you already knew that!

Okanagan valley apricots!

 The store where we stopped to stock up on (Round #1 of) cherries had lots of signs.
And rules:

Feed your mind, too!

Gorgeous image on (of all things!) a public garbage bin in Penticton.

YVR plays tourist.

Vintage candy tin illustration in Penticton.

Downtown Penticton.

The mighty elk.

There was some wine on our trip. Try to contain your surprise, Gentle Reader.

And some food. Yum!

Farmer’s market goodies:
Some scenery in the Okanagan Valley:

Fashion notes from the humble quail: draw the eye up and away from rotundity by wearing a fancy fascinator!

Next stop, the Gold Rush town that time forgot.
A great weekend with my brother and his pals began with a deeelishus barbecue on the lawn, with the sun setting.


My beautiful dog nieces. Love, personified.

No, really-- aren't they gorgeous?

Oh, yeah... there was more food and wine. A veritable feast! (S & J await dinner.)

We went to the beach. Where dogs and alcohol are forbidden.
The whole town was there.
With their dogs and their booze.
As S wisely points out, “There are more dogs than people in Rossland,” so banning dogs is pretty much an exercise in futility.
Hey! Guess what? We went out for lunch so we could EAT MORE! 🙂

Ain't they cute?

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I’ve been going through the 1000’s (yes 1000’s) of photos my cousin scanned in from slides from my Uncle Ken. I shared one from their trip to London in what must have been the 60s. While most of the shots are of my Aunt Barb, Uncle Ken and their 3 boys, there are still a lot of ones that feature our larger family.

I personally loved the 100s of shots they had from summers past. They evoked a time of long summer hot days as a kid where you just swam from 9am -9pm in a neighbourhood pool or up north in a lake. Awwww, I miss those summers. I keep dreaming of the summer I’ll be able to throw caution to the wind and spend an entire summer at my beloved cottage on Crane Lake.

For now, I thought I would share some fashion from summers past. One theme I found is that my Mum and 2 Aunts all managed to find suits that adequately covered their tummies.  As YYZ, will point out these suits were nicely structured that most bikinis today just accentuate. Here’s a few fun ones to get us in the summer spirit and my recent purchases from Old Navy.

Great headwear to boot by Aunt B

Late 1950s swimwear = full piece

My Aunts and my Mom at the Cottage

My Aunt and me - circa 1970/71

Mom, Stace, me and random girl in early 70s Swimwear

Two weeks ago,  I found myself on a work trip to Providence, Rhode Island. The summer came early in Providence and the temperature was well in to the 90s F. And, my hotel had a pool, but I didn’t have a suit. So, I quickly ran out to  Old Navy and grabbed two suits for $20 each (yes, $20!) and relived some of the good times at my Aunt Barb’s pool in the 70s. Here are the suits (minus the model).

Stripey Bathing Suit from Old Navy - 2011

Close up on the top

Seersucker Plaid Number, Old Navy, 2011

Close up on the plaid top from 2011

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I know. I know. I’ve been rubbish at posting. It’s kind of like going to the gym. If you miss a few days, that turns in to a week, then a few weeks and then it gets hard to start again. Plus, it’s been freezing here for months.  There was YYZ wearing spring outfit after spring outfit and I was still dressed in wool jackets and hats (see! I’m not lying – Easter Weekend!).

Dressed for Warmth in Rye

This past weekend it all changed. London had their 3 day summer (it’s cold again).  That means on Monday I could wear a summer dress. This little number is from Full Circle who also made this green shirt and this purple shirt. As you can see, I’m stuck on this this brand. This dress is a bit OTT for work, but it was hot in the city (so a I’m allowed).

I have limited head shots as I’m looking old and drawn out — more makeup needed. However, you get the idea – it was finally hot (30C).

The booties were a bit hot, but I had nothing else.

I don't love the shirt I wore underneath it. Ideas?

LOL (not sure what made me laugh)

What was I wearing?
Dress: Full Circle, bought at Bread & Honey (around the corner from my office)
Shoes: Gray Booties (a bit too wintery, but all I could think of at the moment)
Jewellery: Rubber Bands bought at the Fashion and Textile Museum

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