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Last weekend we had the fun and the pleasure of hanging out with our friends G, K and X, who have moved away. One of the things we did together while they were here was to meet up with a former co-worker of G’s. He had just come from meetings with a certain interweb empire and had some swag which he shared with us. After G, K and X had returned home, I found some of said swag, left behind in the chaos of packing up when you are travelling with a 13 month-old. 🙂

While my brother and his fiancée were here last week, I picked up my first ever Japanese masking tape (believe me, I have been longing for some for quite awhile now, but had been putting off actually acquiring any as I — accurately!– foresaw a big ol’ addiction on the horizon….!).

The perfect storm? I think it just might be.

Ghastly logo, prominently displayed on arm of sunnies.

No offense, Google, but I don’t really get into branded swag.
On the other hand,  I am fan of freebies and I am big into green these days. I also liked the silly, retro-80s shape of the frames.
So….Here is how I spent 10 minutes of my day today:



Fold & stick….


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YYZ: Easter Parade

Since I will be spending what promises to be a gloriously beautiful Easter weekend painting the laundry room and marking essays, I will not be celebrating with my family. Thus, no reason to get dressed up.  So, I decided to go a bit Easter-y on Thursday when I got dressed for work.

I even got to wear (on the way to work in the car, anyway) the insanely gorgeous gloves my  mum brought me from her trip to Italy in the fall. They are so pretty that I am terrified to wear them and put them right back in their special plastic envelope in my purse when I take them off!

Remember when Easter meant new clothes every year? Bright white knee socks, white GLOVES, patent leather shoes…. (AND chocolate! A truly great holiday, non?) Well, that is what this outfit reminds me of, with a nice, ladylike, Betty Draper-ish angle.

Dress & Corsages: H&M
Shrug: Jacob
Belt: Cannot remember…
Aqua Fishnet Stay-ups: Monoprix
Shoes: 9 West
Aqua Leather Gloves: gift from Mum
Cat-Eye Shades: Can’t remember…

I had some fun with the photos, even though the light is very bad in the ones I took in the afternoon.

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Hélas, I did not wear this to work today. But, boy, I sure do wish I had!

Except that I would likely have looked like a barnyard chicken/feather duster hybrid in it…
Best to leave high glamour to this lady, as we have seen before.

(Photo credit.)

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I am watching Top Gun— which, I must say, is fun to do with M, but would be even more fun if LHR were here. Who knew that there was more to Top Gun than beach volleyball and what I still believe is the sexiest love sex scene in any movie, bar none?  Turns out, kids, Charlie is a total style icon!

I am all over her skinny pencil skirt, white T-shirt and flight jacket combo. Seriously sexy and chic.

Hard to get any good photos of her costumes! Travesty.

I realize, watching this movie, that Kelly McGillis may be single-handedly responsible for the majority of mainstream fashion crimes perpetrated in the late 80s: she ROCKS the gargantuan shoulder pads and oversized tops. Thing is, the rest of us are not, nor will we ever be, Kelly McGillis. Thus, a generation of frizzy-haired women looking like little trolls, all dressed up in too-big men’s clothing… Still, how great does this woman look in this movie???!

I want to wear everything except her Shaker-knit sweater/high jeans combo from the bar scene. (Ouch.)
The rest of it? Absolutely.


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YYZ: Against All Odds…

… the shattered and shredded heart keeps beating.

Turns out daily life goes on, even in the face of loss, and there are still things like groceries to be bought.
Today is the first day I actually got dressed in something other than my grubby shorts and t-shirt and put on a bit of make-up, so I felt it was worthy of a return to the blog.
(To be fair, I did wear this outfit last Monday, but did not leave the house, just sat around with LHR, which was, of course, a balm for the soul.)
Today’s big event?
A trip to No Frills at the Sufferin’ Mall.

I found the missing shoes (in a spot where I’d looked about 20 times already… I maintain that the Borrowers were using them and only recently returned them. Thanks for bringing them back, Arietty— they are wardrobe staples!). It’s a bit cool here in YYZ Land, thus the jeans.


Headband:  gift from my friend K
Top & Cuff: H&M
Jeans: LTB 1948 at Macy’s, Boston (with K!)
Shoes: Report, from DSW in San Francisco (also with K!) 


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YYZ: Heart of Glass


I spent Friday morning making gulab jamin for my dinner guests tomorrow and some cookies for M and BMad. Then, I headed over to BMad’s place to hang with his sister L and our pal S. Laughter and Campari on a summer afternoon in August are a very nice combo, I must say.

I wanted to wear my silly sunnies, so I went with a sort of “primary colours” scheme. (My real desire was for a Woodstock tribute outfit, but my haircut is a bit more Roaring 20s than Summer of Love, so a hippy-dippy look would have looked just plain wrong. Also, been there, seen it, done it during my hippy phase in my 20s….)


Sunnies: Ardene
Top: Costa Blanca
Shorts and Bracelet: H&M
Shoes:  Wal-Mart


(Yes, I was too lazy to iron my shorts.) 

Re: Title of Post:
One day soon, I will have to do a post in tribute to the sartorial sublime-ness of Debbie Harry.
In the meantime…

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A few weeks back, I went to Brighton for a day at the beach (more about my day on my other blog). It was rather warm when we left the house and I knew that we would be out in the sun all day. Being a real whitey, I needed something to protect me from the sun. So, I grabbed my old cowboy hat that I bought years ago on College Street at Lilliput Hats. This was the starting point for the outfit.

There is nothing spectacular about this outfit, but it was recorded as we always record our days out and about. I thought I would share to help pump up my contribution to this blog. The one item to point out is the item I purchased in Brighton moments after I arrived in the Lanes. It was a beaded white necklace that I grabbed for a song and threw on in stark contrast to my entire black outfit.

Here goes:Brighton Garb

Bead Detail

What I wore:
Dress: Black dress with ribbon and lace edging, Paris
Hat: Black Cowboy style hat with pink tie, Lilliput, Toronto
Shoes: Comfy Hush Puppies sandals, Heel Boy, Toronto
Bag: Ana Kaszer , Paris
Necklace: White beaded beauty, as noted above, Brighton

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