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Are you addicted to Instagram? I am. It leaves Twitter in the dust, as far as I’m concerned. Instagram is all about the pretty. I am sure there are people somewhere who are using it for great social good, but I am not one of them and, sadly, I do not follow any of them. No sirree, my IG feed is all about the fluff. Pictures of cats (LOTS of pictures of cats!), pictures of pretty things, of food, of decor, of outfits. Yes, Interweb, I am as deep as a petri dish and Instagram allows me –nay, encourages me– to embrace that fact.

So, one of the folks I follow on IG is the very sweet Timnah of Created and Collected. Lots of ladies who sell vintage post pics of their lovely wares on their feeds. And the other day, Timnah posted the cutest, 1950s, bustled, bombshell, cotton dress. I casually inquired what size it was. Gentle Reader, it was MY SIZE.
Now, you know my #1 Vintage Shopping Rule: if it is your size, it is your dress. Period. The end.
There can be no dilly-dallying– a vintage frock is truly one-of-a-kind. A girl has to strike while the iron is hot. So I did. About a week later, this sweet little item arrived in the mail.


It’s home-made and I will need to do a bit of work to get the bustle (heck, yeah– I said bustle!) to sit properly, but I love the tucks in the bust region and, since it is vintage, the bodice is short-waisted, just like me. I know it’s a bit risky and probably not very smart to wear a bustle– who needs more junk in the trunk? But I am gonna do it anyway. I love that some girl made herself a bombshell dress with a BUSTLE!
I bet she had a great time in this dress.
I bet she was a total dish.



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Green Day

Hi! Remember me?


LHR reminded me of this little item when she posted this a while back.

The slip I bought at (the somewhat misnamed) Cheap Jack’s was a bit too big for me, so I put it in my “make do and mend” pile and then forgot it was there. I took the time to do a (very bad!) alteration intervention this weekend. I will have to re-do it, but it was good enough for me to wear out for dinner with M, my dad and my step-mum on Saturday.

I wore it with my favourite new boots (which my crappy photos make it hard for you to see) and my favourite purse.


Blazer: H&M
Vintage Slip (worn as a dress): Cheap Jack’s
Boots: Guess, via Winners
Granny Purse: gift from  my step-mum
Necklace: Joe Fresh

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Way back in September, J and I went to the first ever Vintage Fashion Show associated with London Fashion Week 2012. It was pulled together by  Bourne and Hollingsworth (these are the same people who put on the Blitz Party ).  The show itself featured a range of vintage/retro clothing worn in a contemporary manner. I had thought the show would be 100% vintage, but in fact it was more about looks that featured some elements of vintage/retro.  At first I was a bit disappointed as I was hoping for a MadMen extravaganza, however, in the end I embraced it as I embrace East London mish-mash style.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any decent photos of the show itself, but luckily a photographer, much better than I, took a few here .

Here are the few fuzzy photos I have from the night and what I decided to wear. Here’s the cover of the programme:


Below, is a pic of J and me. I decided a vintage fashion show was a great opportunity to wear one of the vintage dresses I bought in Brooklyn back in May. YYZ and the proprietor of the shop (where we spent WAY too much time and money) convinced me to buy this number and I really didn’t know when and where I would ever wear it. So, I was glad I had a chance in September.


The Retrospecitve turned out to be more of a party than a fashion show. The organizers spent a lot of time and effort transforming what was already a gorgeous venue (the Bloomsbury Ballroom) in to a temple to fashion over the years. In particular, I loved these massive projections of iconic fashion shoots from the last 50 years. J captured a few of the projetions and to give you a sense a scale I’m in the foreground – with drink in hand.

This is probably the best photo of what I wore. It was a black and champagne lace dress from the 60s (Is that right YYZ?). I paired it with my gold-bronze Kurt Geiger Mary Jane’s, vintage earrings and an Eiffel Tower charm (close up here) from my Nan .  As I wasn’t sure how many people would dress up, I wore my jean jacket and vintage gold brooch (bought at the Beaulieu Fete, remember?) to be sure I wasn’t too out of place. As it turned out, women love to dress up. So, I wasn’t alone.

LRH: London Fashion Week Vintage

PS: YYZ, it does not appear we have a post from that fun trip to Brooklyn. Why not? Get on that girl 😉  I did post the pleated shirt from Brooklyn flea back in June.

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LHR: What a Feeling!

Over the last 4 months, I have been snapping the odd outfit here and there. Usually, I use my phone in front of a mirror. This causes 2 major issues. It is usually too dark and grainy because if I use the flash, I get a flash flare off the mirror. So, you will have to imagine some of the pieces. Two: there is always a camera in the photo. Oh well… here you go.

I will start to post some of these outfits over the coming the weeks. Here is the first one from the way back machines. It was a Saturday throw-on in July 2012. Or perhaps inspired by Flashdance way back in 1983.

Jean Shorts & Flash Dance Inspired Shirt

Look at my gorgeous earrings from YYZ. I feel so special when I wear these.

What I wore?
Vintage 🙂 Jean Shorts: Well, they were my shorts from the 80’s … so that’s vintage
Shirt – Flash Dance Inspired Tank Top – Blue from Vente-Privee purchase
Belt: Braided Tan Leather Belt – bought at Boot Sale at Princess May School on Stoke Newington High Street
Shoes: Tan Leather Brogue-like shoes  from Office bought on this crazy day (better pics on crazy day link)
Earrings: Beautiful hand made (painted?) floral earrings from YYZ
Bra (you do see the strap): La Perla from Vente- Privee

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Here’s a bit more wedding wear for you.

The dress and the veil:

I made the veil, incorporating the birdcage style the bride wanted and the gorgeous vintage ivory comb my mum had bought her. It once belonged to a diplomat’s wife in 1940s Montevideo, Uruguay, which is where my mum found it at a market. Cool, no?

One of the bridesmaids had pretty fascinators made for herself and the matron of honour to wear. In keeping with the theme of “bright colours,” the flower girls were decked out in the cutest ever fluffy tutus, pink Chucks (the groom and his besties wore custom-designed Chucks) and sunny yellow blooms.
It’s just too bad the kids weren’t cute at all, eh?

All photos here were taken by Lucas Jarvis.

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This one cost me $40 in Kensington Market.

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Interwebs, sit down. No, really. SIT DOWN.

The unthinkable, yea, verily, the Dream Scenario has happened.
I was approached by……(are you sitting down?) a STREET STYLE PHOTOGRAPHER!
Yes! It’s true! Some people dream of being movie stars or basketball stars or winning Olympic medals, but I am a simpler sort, Gentle Reader. I dream of being recognized for my sartorial sensibilities. By Total Strangers. While Out and About.

Is it possible that Daniel Goodbaum chose me to photograph/film because he wants to put me in his website’s equivalent of Glamour’s “don’t” column? Yes. Yes, that is possible. But for now, I am going to just enjoy the fact that my 15 seconds of potential fame (Andy Warhol only said 15 minutes because he hadn’t met the the Internet…) might be imminent.

Here is a link to the site, in case you are interested in stalking it to see whether I make the cut or not.

Oh, also, he gave me his card and it was a Moo mini! Yay!

Also, I was wearing vintage.
I met more people today because of my vintage outfit than I normally meet in a month.
More on that later.

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