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YYZ: Chapel of Love

Since I was taking a lot of photos, I don’t have any photos of myself!
Luckily, my cousin took some so you can see what I wore to my brother & S’s wedding.

I ended up with three dresses, as I wrote about earlier in the summer. Naturally there is not a single photo of me in either of my lovely vintage frocks. 😦 But there are a few of me in the Karen Millen I wore to the wedding itself.

At the very last minute, I decided my existing turquoise shoes just didn’t look right– both colour and style were just a tad off. So I raced across to the good ol’ Dufferin Mall and snapped up a pair of darker turquoise shoes on sale at Le Chateau. Disaster averted– whew! I just know you share my sense of relief, Interwebs.

What I love about the photos below (besides how happy everyone looks) is the way that the bride’s side of the family are all in similar colours and so is the groom’s side!
(Full disclosure: I made sure M chose a shirt and tie that would look nice with my dress in photos! 🙂 )

I “designed” the outfits my mum and grandmother are wearing! In other words, I drew sketches and the brilliant Alex at Tessi here in Toronto made them reality. She is so talented!

Cutting a rug with my baby bro.

Once again, all photos by Lucas Jarvis.

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Here’s a bit more wedding wear for you.

The dress and the veil:

I made the veil, incorporating the birdcage style the bride wanted and the gorgeous vintage ivory comb my mum had bought her. It once belonged to a diplomat’s wife in 1940s Montevideo, Uruguay, which is where my mum found it at a market. Cool, no?

One of the bridesmaids had pretty fascinators made for herself and the matron of honour to wear. In keeping with the theme of “bright colours,” the flower girls were decked out in the cutest ever fluffy tutus, pink Chucks (the groom and his besties wore custom-designed Chucks) and sunny yellow blooms.
It’s just too bad the kids weren’t cute at all, eh?

All photos here were taken by Lucas Jarvis.

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You may remember that my baby brother (he’s 40, but he’ll always be my baby brother to me!) got married this summer.
To the most amazing girl– I cannot thank him enough for choosing me such an awesome sister-in-law!
(It’s all about me, right?)

This is a blog about fashion, so it may well be that you, Gentle Reader, are wondering where all the wedding finery posts are. Turns out, I’ve been pretty busy over here lately, where you can see some of the wedding-y goodness, if you like. But this quickie is my first post-wedding Fashion Is Danger post. It’s just a tease, really, but I promise to post more in the coming days.

Here’s a glimpse, to whet your appetite!

All photos here taken by my talented cousin, Lucas Jarvis, Wedding Photog Extraordinaire.

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Here is the other vintage frock. As you can see, it really IS “The Cat’s Meow!”
I love the 50s novelty print– I have a thing for all the groovy, “atomic” prints that were so in style for a while in the 50s. This one’s “cool cats” make me smile, Daddy-o — best of all, some of the ones on the bodice have rhinestone eyes and little beads for noses!
How could I possibly resist?

Once again, the Cardinal Rule of Vintage held true– this frock fits me completely perfectly. The straps can be worn in about 20 different ways– for these (terrible, dark, hurried*) photos, I just wrapped them around the bodice, Grecian-style.

I think I will wear the blue sandals you see here, and maybe the pink belt. I don’t have a belt in a closer shade to the shoes, so matchy-matchy is not an option. I also have gold shoes and a gold belt– may make the call at the 11th hour. (Meaning I will have to schlepp the other shoes out to BC with me…)

How do you feel about this option for Day #3, The Post-Wedding BBQ?  I’d love to wear a crinoline for dancing at the wedding itself, but I think this dress is more BBQ-y than wedding-y. What do you think, Interwebs?

Cool Cozmic Cats Frock: The Cat’s Meow
Shoes: 9 West
Belt: can’t remember…

*The angle of attack means that I cannot zip it up myself, so I had to get M to zip me in when he got home from work and I was in the middle of making dinner, so I snapped these babies while the oven timer was dinging it’s fool head off downstairs….)

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 Who else do you know who could, in one heart-stoppingly spendthrifty moment of unbridled insanity, go from having ZERO frock to wear to her brother’s wedding to having THREE frocks to wear???

The mind boggles, Gentle Reader.

Here’s how it went down.
I knew I wanted to wear vintage. (Don’t I always?)
Months ago, I took the plunge and bought a pretty 50s frock online.

Gorgeous in the photo, muddy in person. 😦

It arrived and the colours were a bit muddy in real life and it was too big and not easily alterable. I kept trying it on each week, hoping I’d like it better. I didn’t. Money down the drain.

I thought I’d wear my favourite dress ever, the 50s silk taffeta with the blue roses. I always feel good in it, but I worried it might be a bit too similar to the bride’s dress, as hers is also a tea-length, full-skirted number. Also, it is one HOT frock for a summer’s day. Also, I have to starve myself for weeks to be able to get into it (Weirdly, this only happens when I have a date set– at other times, it fits perfectly, but that is always when I have not been planning on wearing it…)

Life got busy. I had no time to shop. I was feeling pudgy and had no desire to shop. When I was out and about, I could see nothing I liked and everything looked and felt so cheaply made that I just got depressed.

I found a gorgeous Karen Millen in Dallas and bought it, but my heart was saying, “You’re not there yet….”

I DO love this one, but am afeared that the butt region will stretch out with sitting… It’s “stretch cotton” of a very high quality, but cotton is cotton, Gentle Reader. And I have the kind of back end that will cause some stretching! Don’t want to be Sister Baggy Ass in photos….

Obviously, only vintage would do.  I knew of just the place to go and splurge for a special occasion. This past Tuesday, I went there. The woman who helped me was AMAZING. I love a vintage store with staff who know their stuff. And she was bang-on with sizing, too– always a plus when shopping for vintage, given the vagaries of sizing and fit in 50+ year-old garments. We had a ball! She brought me shoes (Valentinos!) and a crinoline. She pinned and tucked and zipped and accessorized. She was a total rock star.

Naturally, the Cardinal Rule of Vintage* was (as ever) my downfall. Despite their obscenely inflated price tags (the shop caters to the carriage trade), I fell hard for more than one dress. The first one needed to be taken in a mile or so and I am leaving for BC on Monday, thus it was out of the running before the starting pistol. There was a red one that fit perfectly and looked great, but was just not special enough for the occasion. Had it been 1/4 the asking price, I’d have bought it and worn it to work, but I did I mention the extortionate prices?

In the end, it came down to two. I made my decision. I was strong.

 And then I wasn’t.

And so, for more money than I care to contemplate, I came home with two lovely, summery dresses. One is very Betty Draper-1960s,

the other is more rockabilly-1950s. I feel lady-like and ready to dance in both of them.

Here is the Betty Draper version. (I can’t get into the other without a dresser– I cannot zip it up myself! But I will make M zip me in and then I will take some photos to post.)
Accessories are a trial run– I think I sort of like the unexpected pop of pink and it solves the “my shoes are not quite the right shade of green” problem.

Modern shoes and a vintage velvet ribbon at the waist, to keep it from being too costume-y. (Not that I mind being costume-y–au contraire!–, but I don’t want to be the Sister Who Came In Costume to my brother’s wedding…

60s Frock with Bell Skirt: The Cat’s Meow
Shoes: Suzy Shier
Velvet Ribbon: Mam’zelle Swing

Bra strap will not be visible once I put in some strap-holders. Sorry this one is blurry– it’s the only side-view I have.

My crinoline from Paris is TOO STIFF for either dress, so I had to head to Kensington Market today to snap up an appropriately-structured one. This one is perfect, but I don’t love the colour with this dress.

So I fulfilled my dream to own a green-edged crinoline with this baby for $25! It also works with the other dress, so I won’t need to try to fit TWO crinolines into my luggage. No wonder people used to travel with steamer trunks!

There are three events on Wedding Weekend: rehearsal dinner, wedding, day-after BBQ. So, I can wear my three frocks. The question, Gentle Reader, is which frock for which event? Watch this space to see the other two frocks and to add your 2 cents to the decision-making process. 🙂

*If it fits you, you must buy it. The Universe wills it.

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YYZ: Princess Bride

Over the weekend, in my old haunt of Monaco (LOL!), there was a(nother) royal wedding. I haven’t heard much about it in the press here, but the European press is ALL OVER the story of Charlene Wittstock‘s alleged bid for escape: apparently, she disappeared from the palace early last week and was caught at the Nice airport and “persuaded” to return…. Hmm.

At any rate, she did show up to marry Prince Albert on Saturday, though the civil service was on Friday, I believe– her suit-gown hybrid for that one was positively matronly…

This one is, apparently, Karl Lagerfeld's fault. A hideous Karl Lagerfeld creation? What a HUGE surprise. Not.

Hard at the best of times to live up to a mother-in-law who was a style icon, but a matronly suit on a 33-year-old bride is not an auspicious start, the poor dear.

Here is what she wore for the religious ceremony.

It’s Armani.
I kind of like it, though I think it is too much train for a dress of that silhouette.
What do I know, though? I’m no Giorgio Armani. 😉

And here is the dress she wore to the reception. It’s another Armani.

Oh! How darling are those flower girls?!

Hmm. That is no Kate-and-Wills kiss, is it?

A bit better...?

I feel like wedding shoes should be a tad more fabulous, don't you?

There were also hats. But they were sort of, um, how do I put this…? They were sort of…. disappointing, frankly. You be the judge, Gentle Reader.

Fantastic! Regal, simple, gorgeous.

Another groovy one.

A good idea, somewhat poorly-executed. Looks like paper plates from a wedding shower, glued to a hairband.

Hmm. Another good idea gone bad-- looks like she is wearing an open handbag on her head.

It looks better on Giorgio Armani's niece, Roberta.

This is the wicker paper-plate holder for that girl above's paper plates. I like this one, though!

Oh, dear. All KINDS of wrong, all in one outfit...

That is Louis de Bourbon-- yep, as in "The Bourbon Kings" of France. His wife looks lovely, I think.

Wedding photos: Reuters.
Hat photos from here.

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Design challenge: make a hat worthy of wearing to Kate & Wills’ wedding that can be [relatively] easily transported across the Pond in my suitcase. Okay, I’m not invited, per se, but LHR and I are attending a village fête in Swanage in celebration of the occasion.

Here is a sneak peek:
(I had not yet de-linted it– excuse the bits of fabric all over it!)

A briar rose-- raw silk and vintage hat felt.

Raw silk leaves and vintage hat felt.

The colours are those in my dress.  The hat is attached to a headband (or, as the Brits so-much-more-charmingly call it, an “Alice band“) and lies pretty much flat when it is not on attached. I figure that, with some careful tissue paper padding and some re-fluffing when I arrive, it should do okay in the travels.

There may be some tweaking of the design before it all gets finalized (even though that will mean undoing the entire thing….). I will post a shot of LHR and I in our wedding finery when the time comes!

In keeping with the My Fair Lady theme of yesterday’s post, I offer you this:


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