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LHR: Cuts Like a Knife

I was just polishing my over-the-knee boots as they were looking rather scruffy after yesterday’s trip to the Museum of Everything (which by the way is a hidden gem located in Primrose Hill) And, what should I notice? Horror of Horrors – a slice in the beautiful, soft leather of my boot leg. Where did it come from? I have no idea and I don’t care.

All I care about now is trying to fix it (as best I can) or reducing the risk of it slicing 100% through the leather. Is there any fix? Please help!!!

The Slice - Help?

The Boot - Just for Reference

PS I categorized this as “what I scored”  – silly me!

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So, I was going to run a poll to ask you guys to help me choose between these two pair of sha-booties (neither of which I need at all):

Pair A, Dollhouse, $50

Pair A

Pair B

Pair B, $40

But, when I got them home, it turns out that Pair B read a little bit too Kiss once I have them on. So, although I like the more obvious studs better and don’t love the way the tiny studs on the fronts of Pair A sorta remind me of 1970s clogs (and I am just plain too old to find that appealing/retro/kitschy/hip, thank you very much), Pair A wins. Sure, they are not as comfy as Pair B, but when has that ever been a concern of mine?

Tiny studs on heel; lovely detail on zipper. Also, I’m a sucker for a rear-zip on a boot.

Thus, no vote; I made up my own mind and Pair B goes back to Winners.

Also, Pair A has better-quality, nicer detailing, so they are actually a better investment.
In the way that shoe-boots that will be out of style before you finish reading this post are a good investment…

Look for them in an outfit coming soon to a trans-Atlantic blog near you!

In the meantime…

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There’s a fine fine line between looking cool and looking totally inappropriate.

I crossed it  when I wore this outfit to work. I MAYBE could get away with it on a Saturday evening out with friends. However,  at work I look like I’m trying too hard to dress like the cute-young-things hanging out in Hoxton. It probably would have been more acceptable with black or darker tights. However, the orange tights were screaming too loudly that I had on a very short shirt.

You live and learn and you MUST post it on www.fashionisdanger.com (the alternative name for our blog) to remind yourself NOT to make the same mistake twice.

Posing with my hand in the air.


What I wore:
Dress: Gray Sweater Dress, bought at Joelle‘s in Burlington and debuted on http://www.yyz-lhr.com here
Necklace: Black Plastic, given to me by J on my 40th B-day
Tights: ORANGE (obviously) from Uniqlo
Boots: Black Patent Leather bought in New York on 40th B-day trip
Bracelet: 2 black wooden cuffs, London

By the way, YYZ, do you ever look at the blog to remind yourself how you styled a look in the past? I do if I forget what shoes or tights I wore with something in the past. It’s a good reminder if nothing else. Hopefully, this post will remind me that there’s a fine fine line and I shouldn’t cross it.

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LHR: Goody Two-Shoes, Too

I’ve just discovered a new fashion clothing site quite by accident – Matches. I was quickly drawn to the pretty shiny lights on their gift guide. See, isn’t it pretty?

As it says: Give Good Gift. Now, that's advice.

As it is the season of giving, I thought I should check out the “Gifts for Him” section, rather than allow my usual self-centred shopping routine to take over.  I whizzed through the pages not seeing anything appropriate for J, but then stopped dead on the page with the Creative Recreation High Tops .

I’ll admit I like the concept. However, you are essentially buying a pair of topsiders. BAD NEWS! Despite the fact I do not advocate buying these shoes (I did say Topsiders),  I wanted to share the concept. Stay strong, men. Remember –  FASHION IS DANGER. Step away from the buy button!

Two Shoes in One

On a happy shoe note, yesterday I received an email with a 25% discount on Kurt Geiger’s website. Whoohoo! I realize I own 4 pairs of Kurt Geiger shoes. The first pair I bought (well acquired) is a pair of purple stilettos (thanks to Ms. Fiona who bought them on eBay and found out that they weren’t her size). The second are my trusty gold runners which I’ve been wearing ALL the time thanks  to my recent heel problem. My third pair were bought at Selfridges (thanks to a Gift Certificate from my Mum) to match a dress for Gina’s Wedding. The brand is actually Carvela (but they’re still Kurt Geiger) which I’ve also worn here and here. And my final pair I bought/received/adopted was the lovely green ones featured earlier in the summer.

Off to do some shopping, especially as you can get 25% off the sale prices too!   (By the way if you would like to take advantage of the discount, use this code before November 30th: KGLSTREATS09 )

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YYZ: Wuthering Heights

Not that the title has anything to do with the outfit. It stems from a conversation I had with a student today about the novel, which (given that I am locked in the 80s) made me think of the song.

These shoes are LOUD so I don’t wear them too often. Because the sole is not flexible, they sort of clonk/clomp with every step; it is impossible to mitigate the clonking or to adapt one’s walk to make for more elegant, less noisy progress.  I suppose they’d be fine on carpet, but we have none where I work. In any case, I love them, so I am happy to put up with the horse-like clomping they engender, but out of respect for everyone else, I do wear them only occasionally.

Dress & Bangles: H&M
Necklace: Le Chateau?
Tights: Joe Fresh
Shoes: 9 West

Here’s a vid to make you giggle on a Friday.

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YYZ: Wishin’ and Hopin’

Wish list idea.

I’m just sayin’.

Of course, if Santa does bring me this pattern, he will also need to bring me some of these
(though perhaps I’ll go easy on the old guy and let him skip having to deliver the headgear…):

To get a better sense (from one of my favourite resources/source of drool-worthy eye-candy!),
go herehere, here or here.


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M’s parents will be away for Christmas again this year. Thus, as we did last year, we are celebrating our family Christmas early this year. Over a month early, in fact. It seems a tad bizarre to be getting ready for “Christmas” at this point in the year– in the middle of writing report card comments. (Not exactly festive fare, I assure you!)

Add to that the sudden feeling of, “Merciful heavens! I have to buy Christmas presents! NOW!” that overcame me last weekend and it all makes for  a kind of surreal experience.
I am all for extending the festive season, however, so it works out fine for me.

It is also a great excuse to get together, to see our niece family and to get dressed up.
(And you know me: the latter is my very favourite sport!)

The event was lovely– yummy dinner, excellent company and presents galore, including fabulous vintage gear for me from my thoughtful MIL — more to come in a future post.

Here is one of the holiday permutations of the dress I bought last weekend. It’s a bit fancier than the work-week version I wore here and here.

Sorry; the shots are all a bit crap and this is the best of a bad lot.

Dress: Costa Blanca
Cami: Smart Set
Tights & Earrings: H&M
Sha-booties: Winners

I am getting a LOT of wear out of this bargain dress already!

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