Merry Christmas!


LHR: Wooly Winterland

I wondered to our little corner of the web and realised that neither YYZ nor I had posted in months. I saw the snow falling on a photo of me in shorts and I thought this can’t go on. I must post and be appropriately dressed for the weather. So, I’m doing a quickie all about hats.

Here’s my newest knit creation – the Wellington Hat – modelled by my man in his new Pea Coat from Reiss. I knit it in Shacklewell Grey.


J wearing his Wellington Hat

Here are some other hats that I think are rather cool made by the Gang Makers at Wool and the Gang.

Tartan Zion Lion

Tartan Zion Lion


Tartan Zion Lion in Space Black, Ivory White and Lipstick Red


Racing Stripes

Finally, here’s a hat that was NOT knitted that I picked up on my recent trip to Prague. It kind of reminds me of  Twiggy meets stewardess meets  I’m not sure what.

J wearing his Wellington Hat

Me and our wreath before it was STOLEN


My new hat from Prague

Anyway, I posted :)

LHR: Hold Tight

Clearly YYZ and I have been preoccupied of late. YYZ has been very busy creating loveliness as she has always done, but now she’s sharing it with the world over at her other blog.

I have also been preoccupied as I started a fantastic new woolly (and cotton too) adventure at WOOL AND THE GANG. I don’t think I have ever mentioned where I worked before on this blog but given the relevance of my new gig, I thought it made sense.

Today’s post is all about WOOL AND THE GANG. We recently launched this cool collaboration with knitters in Britain. They’re all cool, hip, stylish and amazing knitters. Our designers designed the bags and the knitters made and customised them in colours of their choice. Of course I bought one (and in case you are wondering, it was at full price), here is the one I bought. I LOVE IT!

But first, here is a shot of the personalised packaging. Nice touch eh?

GET YOUR KNIT ON, Rodwellian!

GET YOUR KNIT ON, Rodwellian!

As you can see below my maker was Hannah from Britain. You can browse the whole collection  as I noticed that Hannah’s clutch is sold out. I personally also love Emma’s Hold Tight Clutch which is not sold out.

My bag was #madeunique by Hannah in Britain.

Inside the box, I met my maker

Another super cool thing about this bag is the yarn.  WOOL AND THE GANG calls it Jersey Be Good yarn and it is made from the off-cuts of fabric in  traditional fashion production. Think the bits that usually fall on your sewing room floor that are destined for the rubbish. Not these, they were collected and cut in to strips and tied together to make this yarn. So, one for the environment and looking good. YAY!

Now here’s a few outfits with my clutch. It’s been hot, so loads of shorts were worn.

Hold Tight Clutch with black Tiger Tee

Hold Tight Clutch with black Tiger Tee

What I wore above:
T-shirt – Tiger Tee, better shown here.  Tee by Traffic People
Shorts –
Shoes -
Michael Kors  Ava Sandals bought with YYZ and Lisa Macri in NYC. (see photo below as they are cut off here)
HandbagHold Tight Clutch by Wool and the Gang

Michael Kors Ava Sandals

Michael Kors Ava Sandals

And, now for the second time I took my clutch.

Another hot day in London.

Another hot day in London.

What I wore above:
Shorts – Levi’s jean shorts from my youth – circa 1984
Shoes – Silver Office Oxfords – they are looking very loved these days
Socks – white nylon stripey sockettes from Wolford bought on Vente-Privee
Top – Grey and White little number worn 4 years ago here (wow, my shoes and jeans look dated… it was 4 years ago)
Necklace – White Vintage Number bought in NYC this year with YYZ at a market in Hell’s Kitchen

Of Bustles and Bombshells

Are you addicted to Instagram? I am. It leaves Twitter in the dust, as far as I’m concerned. Instagram is all about the pretty. I am sure there are people somewhere who are using it for great social good, but I am not one of them and, sadly, I do not follow any of them. No sirree, my IG feed is all about the fluff. Pictures of cats (LOTS of pictures of cats!), pictures of pretty things, of food, of decor, of outfits. Yes, Interweb, I am as deep as a petri dish and Instagram allows me –nay, encourages me– to embrace that fact.

So, one of the folks I follow on IG is the very sweet Timnah of Created and Collected. Lots of ladies who sell vintage post pics of their lovely wares on their feeds. And the other day, Timnah posted the cutest, 1950s, bustled, bombshell, cotton dress. I casually inquired what size it was. Gentle Reader, it was MY SIZE.
Now, you know my #1 Vintage Shopping Rule: if it is your size, it is your dress. Period. The end.
There can be no dilly-dallying– a vintage frock is truly one-of-a-kind. A girl has to strike while the iron is hot. So I did. About a week later, this sweet little item arrived in the mail.


It’s home-made and I will need to do a bit of work to get the bustle (heck, yeah– I said bustle!) to sit properly, but I love the tucks in the bust region and, since it is vintage, the bodice is short-waisted, just like me. I know it’s a bit risky and probably not very smart to wear a bustle– who needs more junk in the trunk? But I am gonna do it anyway. I love that some girl made herself a bombshell dress with a BUSTLE!
I bet she had a great time in this dress.
I bet she was a total dish.


Love Song

So, as you probably know, Pantone (they are the official, world-wide gods of colour trends) have declared the colour of the year to be Emerald Green. Congratulations, Emerald Green– you deserve the honour!
If you have been following this blog, then you may have guessed that I COULDN’T BE HAPPIER.
I love this colour. I wear it every chance I get. It is one of my favourites. EVER.

Which brings me to this blazer. I love love love love it.
I love the inside (black cats on the lining!) and I love the outside.
I love the fit, the fabric and the way it feels when I wear it.
I love that I can put it with pretty much anything (yes, I do think that bright green is a neutral– don’t you?)
and I do wear it with pretty much everything.

Last week, I had one of those days when you get up in the morning and have no idea what to wear. Sometimes, if we’re lucky, the best outfits are born that way.
I have to say, I am pretty smitten with this one. I want to wear it every day.
It’s comfy, it’s cute and it involves my green blazer!


Blazer & Trousers: H&M
One-Shouldered (you’ll have to trust me) Top : Jacob
Blue Suede Shoes: Globo

Did Somebody Say…



Okay, I was at the Dufferin Mall in search of paint chips for LHR’s cousin’s house (I’m helping her to do a bit of updating) and I ended up at H&M.
As you do.

And it is their mid-season sale.

And I am only human.

And these trousers were only $15!


And the adorable-but-impossible-to-see-in-my-lousy-photos black, Swiss-dot chiffon, PEPLUM-ed shirt was only $20. And the hot pink little fitted blazer was only $30.

That is all.

It’s March Break! (cue sound of angels singing) Which means a LOT of errands. Which means comfy shoes.

idareyouThe first time I wore these shoes, no one said a word about them. Not one person. Not one word. It freaked me out a bit. I mean, they sort of make a statement, don’t you think? I thought the statement they were making was along the lines of, “Holy crap! COOL.” But then, when no one had anything to say about them, I began to wonder whether what they were really saying was, “The woman wearing these is a certifiable fashion victim.”
In the end, I decided I didn’t care because what matters is what  think and I still think they rock.

I wear them all the time.

It was love at first sight for me when I saw these shoes. After all, they are an unholy marriage of all that I love: patent leather, Oxford brogues, black & white, STUDS! And I was not deterred at all to learn that the person behind them (okay, maybe it’s just her money is behind them) is none other than Madonna.


That’s right, Gentle Reader, my shoes are by Madge.
The line is called “Truth or Dare.”



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